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Become Your Own Change

Peace Knows Me

Peace begins inside of me
starting over, finally I am breaking free.
Peace begins inside of me
while I am opening my eyes and beginning to see
Peace begins with me
wondering what I’m gonna be
I do know Peace begins with me.
And knowing I no longer have to flee
and that Peace begins with me
that having the self dignity
to know Peace begins with me.
taking on more responsibility
this is why peace begins with me .    ~ (2013)

                                                    Not the post at all I intended here at this time, yet this is an expression of my own that timing took care of for me. The thoughts and ideals I share here are also shared by many, and are not unique to me. Every once in a while even the most upbeat and positive mentality can receive a crack in its armor. Resealing the crack up is not difficult, but it takes perseverance of a principled mind-set, and being surrounded by loving & healing energy to move beyond it and NOT let it become the normal. The principles I hope to master so that my wish to thrive while striving for a life of peaceful easy feelings and bliss will be my norm. It is with a strong purpose and intent I strive to live daily with these principles, this ideal, practicing this faith that sustains me.

Assimilating to living a peaceful life takes practice of which I hold out hope for that I will continue to be successful in all things possible. I always have carried hope in my heart and always will, even if I back pedal for brief moments. Practicing is a way of processing through a period of learning and growing. On practicing I have become quite adept of late, with seeds of new beginnings planted and waiting for a warm summer days to see them come into full  bloom.  Using this time, this winter of my soul to find the path that allows for safe navigation and passage to master those  peaceful and easy feelings in my life.

Carpe diem

If You Really Want To..you can too can seize the day

Eleven (11) thoughts on achieving that Peaceful Easy Feeling for Your Self:

1. Reduce your use of rational thinking

2. Listen to your intuition

3. Listen to your heart

4. Get the stuff off your mind

5. Meditate & Pray

6. Limit your information intake 

7. Read or listen to spiritual texts (not saying religious here. Key word is spiritual )

8. Eliminate unessential stuff

9. Don’t think too much about yourself

10. Do something for others


11. Slow down

Honor Yourself!

~ Let everything about me breath  calm & peace to  my soul. ~

I will be the change within my journey

towards creating the peace which begins in  me~


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Let Peace Begin With Me


~ 2013~

Let Peace Begin With Me this very first day of 2013.

It is a concept I have long believed in and I want to practice more than any other in my multi- beliefs that incorporate my non traditional western faith.

 However, actually finding the courage, and lets face it folks, the strength to fight the robbers of all things positive and passive is not always one met with comrades of the same quest. Sometimes the going gets rough & tough, and sometimes  you will find yourself alone. Sometimes it may feel like your beliefs and passions are the ones  being suspect & questioned. Standing tall in what you believe has never come easy. Maybe it should not. Being convicted in your belief in should be serious business.

There is much talk, and much being written this time a year about world peace. Anyone that knows me knows that this has been my passionate pleas since I was 14 yrs old. A pacifist is what I am, and I am not ashamed of it.

This song by The Scorpions. ask why we cannot all live as one; if we all live under the same sun?  Good question.

With my belief and hope held out that we can achieve this world peace I am also cognizant that peace begins at home – in my heart first I am heading more and more to the quest of not tolerating anything less in my life. Regardless of the going fads it has always been my style & nature to ignore these, and stick with what is in my heart. A belief that we all can live under the same sun and be compassionate & unconditionally loving towards one another has always been mine. As a good & dear friend likes to remind me t often that, “All You Need Is Love.” Yes, it is the Beatles message too, maybe it was theirs first.  It is  a true and sincere sentiment. Mountains can be moved through the power of love.

It is with this peace within my very self and my energy that I will share the love and  smiles I’ve been given by you to all those I come in contract with.  Can you imagine if we all adopted this belief & changed our thinking in our heads & hearts? How beautiful this world could be. I am not asking you to adopt, and or to change your religious & spiritual sensibilities. In this you could combine the two if you will. Personally I think in terms of holding on to the hope that all is possible, and that my faith has been my saving grace. But I am so not perfect, I am still very much a student of this life still.

Carole King sings this tune “Beautiful” from her 1971 Tapestry album that echoes my belief that this world needs a little more love, and a LOT LESS fighting. I think it starts within our own hearts, Can you smile at yourself today? Can you be kind to yourself? A friend to someone in need? And those nearest & dearest to you,?  Or how about the elderly homeless who is hungry?  But he has dirty hands,. can you reach out and share a smile? Can you still feel the beauty?

  Smile from your heart and it will light up your whole face, it will lighten  the pressures of life.Its impossible to stay angry, bummed out or even resentful when you are smiling. It will go along way to send the message to those you love and like. To all those you come across in your day that may seem like strangers,  Those that are  blessed enough to be blogging member’s of this Word Press community we know this is not necessarily true anymore. We are no longer strangers in strange lands thanks to the Internet. Let us use these relationships with one another and create something really magical through the energy we together build.  Let us  go outside of our own hard drives and share what is  that is behind our smiles.

Take the  smiles (love) you are gifted from your blogging brothers and sister here, go and share them in your non-cyber world and Carry It On. This can be your clear message of peace without saying a word. Your smile says it all.  Sound too simple?

It is so simple it doesn’t even seem feasible. Very well it can be feasible though.  Smiles become infectious, Share  yours today.

As I have been on my soap box here about peace beginning at home let me say that I know it’s not easy when there are reasons to think anything but peace. I know,  My life is not seen through rose-colored glasses, only that I choose to not let it become what I don’t want it to be. I feel better about life when I smile, so how can that be anything but good for me?

It can change your whole perspective if you are open to peace within your own heart.  It has changed mine.

Not to be a curiosity yet starting a new life raises questions.  I am telling this because I would not like you all to think when I say find peace in your heart first that I believe it’s easy. Or that I am being flippant. 

I know the sacrifices it can take to become successful of living an authentic life in peace.It has taken years of not such peaceful feelings to get here, to find the strength to no longer live in direct opposition of what I believe. To find the courage to make the changes I speak of while there are those so resistant to any changes at all, even those of my own. A few are aware of what I speak of,  but suffice it to say that for me it has not been as daunting as it seemed even a year ago when I wrote about the same then also about the need to find the happy medium which would give me that clear authentic path to peace within.


I have chosen that path and am walking strongly today with my head up and shoulders back. I will openly make a point of discussing the peace movement in my everyday conversations, I will write even more about the need we have for world-wide peace, and letting it begin within our own hearts first. Because I am at peace within, because I can smile at myself again, I am able to look beyond with great passion and belief that if I have found this in myself I can find this within my world. I am trusting this and refuse to accept any other belief.

We need to all work on smiling together. A simple smile to all those you come in contact with, those who you live * work with. It is amazing bit of magic this thing called a smile is.

This thing we call a smile is a Peace Keeper my friends.

And it can start within each of us.

Have you smiled at, and loved someone today?  Go on, go ahead.. we just need  a Whole Lotta Love. which will bring on those smiles. Remember, we are all walking under the same moon.

Finally Jason Mraz’s  first ever composed song also tells of my wishes and feelings for all things that you bring to me and my world. This tune maybe more synthesized than I normally like but so love his lyrics in this tune. And I especially like Jason Mraz he is my one of my 2012 gifts from my most special & best friend  in my life. Thank you for turning me on to Jason. I am smitten with almost all his music.

Happy New Year & Thank you so very much for following my blogs; Barefoot Baroness, FullCirceledMe. And our BTH the blog for missing persons and educated to children being kept safe.

For those who have been following me on over to & my involvement with Gerry’s blog Cyklopps Rides Again I’d like also to give a warm thank you for your devotion and support It’s quite meaningful to see your smiling names there in comments.

 You all truly humble me that you keep coming back.Thank you so very much!


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For The World: Wish Listed 2012

Always In Our Thoughts, Prayers & Memories

You are thought of by your world.


peace banner

For This World   ~  My Christmas Wish List 2012

Dear Santa Please~

Happy Christmas Eve To Y’all

Sending visions of sugarplums and Christmas Fairies dancing upon the boughs of  your Christmas spirit. Please join my wish for Peace  &  Joy To All  Mankind. Wishing that the Christmas Spirit of Love remain in your heart’s all year-long.


“With gentleness overcome anger. With generosity overcome meanness.

With truth overcome deceit.” ~ Buddha

Let this season for a reason be the time you set aside to tell those you love what they mean to you. It can begin with you & I.

Think Peace ~Believe Peace~ Breathe Peace~ Be Peace


Peace Begins in The Heart

A Day Of International Peace

Must Begin In Our Hearts First

Today, I ask that the people of this world wear white and become a great Bridge., join hands just for today with your neighbor. Your community.

Be Peace, Bring it into your Hearts, then your homes. Let Peace ring in your heart.

Bridging the distance with Peace in our hearts between distant shores, bridging the indifference between people. Just for today let Peace ring in your heart, and let it shine  out through your hands. Bridge with joined hands your Heart & your Peace. If we practice one day at a time it could become a habit. It is said that it takes just two weeks to create a new habit.

Join me, hold my hand. Start today. We can Be Peace.

Imagine a World With Such a Wonderful Habit

Imagine Peace

“Nobody’s Right If Everybody’s Wrong”

There is a  song from a group of days gone by  that speaks very much of my day as a young rabble-rouser kind of rebel. I was an activist when that was a dirty word. I had so much hope, so many dreams as a community member of my this world. That was some 40 plus years ago when first. as a teen I found my political voice during the Viet Nam War. To say that I stood on just one side of the fence would be a great understatement since I both had friends that served multiple tours some never to return, and yet I also had strong convictions about where  we were as a country, and why. And I also do not still today understand all the pertinent details concerning the war and will not pretend to.

There were many musical artist’s of my time and their songs that would speak to my feelings and emotions concerning what our country was up to  back then. There is a reason I liked and to this day still find solace in folk music. I also find kindred thoughts with people who have a lot of similar beliefs. It was my music, it’s still very much part of who I am. If you were to peek into my music library you are going to find. Tom McLoughlin, Peter Paul & Mary, Artie and Arlo Guthrie, The Byrds, Crosby Stills & Nash, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot,  just to name a very few. I listened to and am  just as big  a fan of classic rock n roll too, but for different reasons I listened to and sang Folk Music

This song by Buffalo Springfield (no not Bruce Springfield!) “Something Is Happening Here was released in January 1967. I can remember where I was the first time I heard it on AM radio. Riding in the car with my older brother. We both looked at each other and just said; Farout!!  (fot those who are maybe too young to know this word = something like, “That’s Rad, or Oh Snap!”)

The lyrics which still today touch me and speak to my brain as well as my heart were written in 1966 by an incredible artist we know as Stephen Stills, who you may know as part of the Crosby Stills and Nash Trio.The song was first performed by the band Buffalo Springfield in 1966, then released as a single in ’67. and peaked number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

The timely message of Mr Still’s lyrics rang true then as they still do today which is may be why the song is currently ranked #63 on Rolling Stone‘s list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

I had this song in my head all day today. I cannot recall the last time I heard it but it played itself over and over again today on my brains Bose’. I finally dug the old vinyl out and played it on an old, ancient, vintage, kid record player. The kind that looks like a small square suitcase. Between the album, the needle, the record player their combined melodies  caused the music to be arranged a bit differently. But the words were still there. That’s what I wanted to hear again and I did. I heard them and I cried. I cried for my lost generation, I cried for the next, and today I cried some more for today’s generations.

I am crying  once again… pleading in my life,…. or maybe I never stopped pleading…

Please Children, We’ve got to beware!

There’s Something Happening Here

~ written by Stephen Stills,  ~ Performed by Buffalo Springfield.

There’s something happening here

What it is ain’t exactly clear

There’s a man with a gun over there

Telling me I got to beware


I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound

Everybody look what’s going down


There’s battle lines being drawn

Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong

Young people speaking their minds

Getting so much resistance from behind


I think it’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound

Everybody look what’s going down


What a field-day for the heat

A thousand people in the street

Singing songs and carrying signs

Mostly say, hooray for our side


It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound

Everybody look what’s going down


Paranoia strikes deep

Into your life it will creep

It starts when you’re always afraid

You step out of line, the man come and take you away


We better stop, hey, what’s that sound

Everybody look what’s going down

Stop, hey, what’s that sound

Everybody look what’s going down

Stop, now, what’s that sound

Everybody look what’s going down

Stop, children, what’s that sound

Everybody look what’s going around.






I’m Just So Angry!

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

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Just a few words because if I don’t vent I may explode.

I’m embarrassed, ashamed, and angrier than I know what to do with it.

What is wrong with the man who single handed wiped out 16 people in a rage?

I wish we knew.

Although there is not going to be an answer to that question that satisfies me. I have no heart left for someone who can walk in, look a child in their eyes, and shoot!  And again and again. 4 children dead. 12 adults gone. 16 innocent people wiped out in seconds!

It’s all too much, I’ve been hardly able to absorb.

There is no explanation. Nothing makes any sense. I cannot stop thinking about this. And, knowing I have a very good friend right now in this same country that  I am frightened for does not make it any easier to ignore. [Retalliation is sure to come]. I  continue to pray. God what is wrong with some people that makes them capable of such evil?  Is there something I as a sister in my community can do? I feel so helpless.

Writing about it may be even adding energy to something I so don’t want any part of, yet I am part of it. So are all of us in some way. It’s been eating away at me for a few days. My staying quiet has not served me well. And possibly not served Spirit’s intentions well.

This makes me question who in this man’s family stayed quiet as well. Was there really no clue that something was a miss? No one knew this man was pushing?

People are going to say, have mercy, this man who so violently and with zero shame took 16 livs has a family.

So what?!! What about the families and friends who were left to see the massacere this one person was able to commit?

I’m really so sorry for them all.

What is wrong with him? Do I even care? Does it matter to me in the end?


I am just so angry, so dosappointed, and so so embarrassed for this country. Shame on this person!

This rage that has no where to go, how does God do it? How does He take the souls of such humans and forgive? I’m not able to yet. It’s all to much.

When will we realize that power of just a few is not the way?

Is it not enough?

God helps us.