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A PSA That WILL Save Lives –


Do you do it? 
Do you text while driving? 
Just maybe to take a peek to see who it’s from? 
Couldn’t it wait? 
In the USA we are finally getting a handle on driving under the influence. The statistics say the number of those driving altered by some substance is down. 
What we gained, we’ve turned around and lost again due to the number of people texting while driving. The distraction point is the very same as driving under the influence. 
Learn. Live. And protect & save lives. Nothing, not one message ever is as important.
Warning. Prepare to have your heart-strings pulled hard.
September 19, 2013 Take the Pledge to Never Text and Drive. No matter where you live. No matter what country. Losing live’s to careless distractions knows no borders.
What your pledge means:
No text message, email, website, or video is worth the risk of endangering my life or the lives of others on the road. I pledge to never text and drive and will take action to educate others about the dangers of texting while driving. 
No Text Is Worth The Risk.
It Can Wait. 
For more information and resources please visit:

Sunflower; Good Morning!

The Brilliant; and The Oh So Humble Sunflower
Good morning brilliant sunflower
 blazed in crimson red 
in you who greets the day
red sunflower closeup_2013
Good evening shadowed sunflower
 my spirit that you fed
Hoping that you’ll stay.

red illuminated sunflowers

Sunflower by the Amazing Glenn Campbell

red sunflowersvase _2013

High Desert of Oregon Sunflowers- blazed  in crimson red.

Summer 2013

Did you know there are 52 shades of red?


What I Know About Everything Signifigant

Above all else it is about leaving a mark that I existed. I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a great purpose and that is why I make works of art.”~ Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Today I know now that life itself is a work of art, one in which we all have a great purpose in. We create art in our life on a daily basis. Do you know that You are your own masterpiece?

I have been conscientious of late for the need to try and remain mindful of today, of the “now” in my life. It is not a new belief concept for me, but it requires patience and focus. My patience is being tested lately.This has made me forgetful and has helped me to lose my focus of just the here and now. Staying mindful to enjoy just what I have now.

I am realizing that to also be grateful for the things I don’t think about as often would go a long ways to the gentle reminders I need to be able to remain in the now . Reminders to not to get caught up in the problems of yesterday or the worries of tomorrow. Instead, simply being mindful of all things significant in my life is far better than snapping a rubber band against ones wrist. Don’t ask. Just trust me on this.

I ask myself what about the little things? The things in my life I take for granted, What are those little things that serve to be reminders for me. And why are they significant if they are such little things?

There are things I take for granted that if my life was suddenly was spun to another world and was left without the things I am used to where would I be?

I am a grateful person usually by nature. I believe in gratitude and expressing thanks. I am often aware of feeling grateful for the obvious gifts in life. Gifts like my Faith, my Hopes, my Dreams, on being loving, on being loved, on peacefulness and contentment. These are the things happiness can be built on. I am thankful each morning and night for these gifts. And for those in my life who are my gifts.

Yet there are those small, seemingly unimportant things in my life I would not want to be without. They are significant to my style of home spun happiness.

There are a few others in my life I’d like to be more aware of how significant they are to me in a mindful way. Making a point of being grateful for the “small things” and not taking advantage of or assuming they will always be there.

A few honorable mentions I am grateful for from my world


For one immediate stand out I look no further than the very keyboard I type this on. And the magic of the Internet I do not even pretend to understand. Ironically for a lady who is m not a fan of technology it has become important form of communication for me. I know what it is like now to be without again even though even for just a couple of days. I’ll not take it for granted, instead I will be mindful of the gifts it brings to my life each day.


I am grateful I can journal, and feel good about the cathartic expression as well as the personal growth I gain from my introspective reflections. Journal writing started early for me but it was not until my 19th year of living did I take my cues from a philosopher of life.

Seneca, the Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman and dramatist, suggested the idea of “self observation” by making a daily self-inventory of ourselves, by asking as we bring our day and evening to a close the questions of yourself. His suggested questions work for me.

“What bad habit have you cured today?

What fault have you resisted?,

In what respect are you better?”

This ritual of asking and answering for that day’s behavior & actions helps me to be reminded of the times when I am not living as graciously as I could. I am able to sort out the day’s events and process any feelings through my journaling.

Cloth Napkins

I know, threw you for a loop there did I? Cloth napkins are an indulgence I feel good about. I rarely use paper products, specifically paper napkins or paper towells. I have both in my home but prefer cloth napkins and cloth hand towells. It feels like a luxury with every meal to use a cloth napkin that I adore. I’m an extremely texture oriented person and am not a fan of the feel of paper napkins. I am most grateful for being able to use cloth napkins.

My Neighborhood:

One of the things I know I take advantage of and am rarely mindful of is when my neighborhood is quiet. There are times when the I just want the solitude and false misconception that I am all alone in my ‘hood. That the absolute quiet means that everyone has left for the day. (weekends in the Summer) and I have this whole world to myself. This is my favorite time to walk about in the ‘Hood, and meet the neighbors pets, look at the gardens, yes even in winter most have some architectural designs that I admire and are only visable when the foliage has gene into hibernation.

Water & Music

I love a hot bath with music at the same time. Candles are optional.

There is a restorative calm that seeps into every muscles, tendons, and my body’s entire set collection of nerve endings. I am magically transformed from the moment of stepping into the hot & fragranced water and the first few chords of a tune such as  Snowy White singing his blues when both his guitar and his voice starts to fill the room.

I think I am in heaven on earth then, Yet I take it for granted and never give it a second  thought. I have this music that will melt away anything negative that is hanging about. I take for granted having the clean abundant water that can be easily heated, and assume  my stereo that I can move about the house at will is always be there for me. I have this gift of being sent  a new artist’s  name & music from a close friend that can take away the worst kind of day.  The musician is  Snowy White  and his song I speak of is called  “Midnight Blues” I will say you certainly do not only use this song for a bath at midnight. {It works any time of day or tonight I have discovered.} But a word of caution: If you are like me and like to watch the artist play the music, and are wanting to watch Snowy White play the blues,  Do Not Attempt this in your bath. It can be hazardous to you health.

It is a soul grabber, and I am grateful to and for my dearest friend who knows what kind of music it is that moves me.

I know that you can not create happiness out of nothing at all, and that it takes a “Whole Lotta Love” and everyday significance. I know that I have been remiss of being mind-fully appreciative of many of the small things in my world that hold great significance, I hope to now have reminders that will prompt me to stop, take a deep breath and realize where I am at this moment in time.

Lastly,  I know I am able to touch my happiness because of these small things in my life that are very significant to me. They help create my own masterpiece.

Signature 2013

Let Peace Begin With Me


~ 2013~

Let Peace Begin With Me this very first day of 2013.

It is a concept I have long believed in and I want to practice more than any other in my multi- beliefs that incorporate my non traditional western faith.

 However, actually finding the courage, and lets face it folks, the strength to fight the robbers of all things positive and passive is not always one met with comrades of the same quest. Sometimes the going gets rough & tough, and sometimes  you will find yourself alone. Sometimes it may feel like your beliefs and passions are the ones  being suspect & questioned. Standing tall in what you believe has never come easy. Maybe it should not. Being convicted in your belief in should be serious business.

There is much talk, and much being written this time a year about world peace. Anyone that knows me knows that this has been my passionate pleas since I was 14 yrs old. A pacifist is what I am, and I am not ashamed of it.

This song by The Scorpions. ask why we cannot all live as one; if we all live under the same sun?  Good question.

With my belief and hope held out that we can achieve this world peace I am also cognizant that peace begins at home – in my heart first I am heading more and more to the quest of not tolerating anything less in my life. Regardless of the going fads it has always been my style & nature to ignore these, and stick with what is in my heart. A belief that we all can live under the same sun and be compassionate & unconditionally loving towards one another has always been mine. As a good & dear friend likes to remind me t often that, “All You Need Is Love.” Yes, it is the Beatles message too, maybe it was theirs first.  It is  a true and sincere sentiment. Mountains can be moved through the power of love.

It is with this peace within my very self and my energy that I will share the love and  smiles I’ve been given by you to all those I come in contract with.  Can you imagine if we all adopted this belief & changed our thinking in our heads & hearts? How beautiful this world could be. I am not asking you to adopt, and or to change your religious & spiritual sensibilities. In this you could combine the two if you will. Personally I think in terms of holding on to the hope that all is possible, and that my faith has been my saving grace. But I am so not perfect, I am still very much a student of this life still.

Carole King sings this tune “Beautiful” from her 1971 Tapestry album that echoes my belief that this world needs a little more love, and a LOT LESS fighting. I think it starts within our own hearts, Can you smile at yourself today? Can you be kind to yourself? A friend to someone in need? And those nearest & dearest to you,?  Or how about the elderly homeless who is hungry?  But he has dirty hands,. can you reach out and share a smile? Can you still feel the beauty?

  Smile from your heart and it will light up your whole face, it will lighten  the pressures of life.Its impossible to stay angry, bummed out or even resentful when you are smiling. It will go along way to send the message to those you love and like. To all those you come across in your day that may seem like strangers,  Those that are  blessed enough to be blogging member’s of this Word Press community we know this is not necessarily true anymore. We are no longer strangers in strange lands thanks to the Internet. Let us use these relationships with one another and create something really magical through the energy we together build.  Let us  go outside of our own hard drives and share what is  that is behind our smiles.

Take the  smiles (love) you are gifted from your blogging brothers and sister here, go and share them in your non-cyber world and Carry It On. This can be your clear message of peace without saying a word. Your smile says it all.  Sound too simple?

It is so simple it doesn’t even seem feasible. Very well it can be feasible though.  Smiles become infectious, Share  yours today.

As I have been on my soap box here about peace beginning at home let me say that I know it’s not easy when there are reasons to think anything but peace. I know,  My life is not seen through rose-colored glasses, only that I choose to not let it become what I don’t want it to be. I feel better about life when I smile, so how can that be anything but good for me?

It can change your whole perspective if you are open to peace within your own heart.  It has changed mine.

Not to be a curiosity yet starting a new life raises questions.  I am telling this because I would not like you all to think when I say find peace in your heart first that I believe it’s easy. Or that I am being flippant. 

I know the sacrifices it can take to become successful of living an authentic life in peace.It has taken years of not such peaceful feelings to get here, to find the strength to no longer live in direct opposition of what I believe. To find the courage to make the changes I speak of while there are those so resistant to any changes at all, even those of my own. A few are aware of what I speak of,  but suffice it to say that for me it has not been as daunting as it seemed even a year ago when I wrote about the same then also about the need to find the happy medium which would give me that clear authentic path to peace within.


I have chosen that path and am walking strongly today with my head up and shoulders back. I will openly make a point of discussing the peace movement in my everyday conversations, I will write even more about the need we have for world-wide peace, and letting it begin within our own hearts first. Because I am at peace within, because I can smile at myself again, I am able to look beyond with great passion and belief that if I have found this in myself I can find this within my world. I am trusting this and refuse to accept any other belief.

We need to all work on smiling together. A simple smile to all those you come in contact with, those who you live * work with. It is amazing bit of magic this thing called a smile is.

This thing we call a smile is a Peace Keeper my friends.

And it can start within each of us.

Have you smiled at, and loved someone today?  Go on, go ahead.. we just need  a Whole Lotta Love. which will bring on those smiles. Remember, we are all walking under the same moon.

Finally Jason Mraz’s  first ever composed song also tells of my wishes and feelings for all things that you bring to me and my world. This tune maybe more synthesized than I normally like but so love his lyrics in this tune. And I especially like Jason Mraz he is my one of my 2012 gifts from my most special & best friend  in my life. Thank you for turning me on to Jason. I am smitten with almost all his music.

Happy New Year & Thank you so very much for following my blogs; Barefoot Baroness, FullCirceledMe. And our BTH the blog for missing persons and educated to children being kept safe.

For those who have been following me on over to & my involvement with Gerry’s blog Cyklopps Rides Again I’d like also to give a warm thank you for your devotion and support It’s quite meaningful to see your smiling names there in comments.

 You all truly humble me that you keep coming back.Thank you so very much!


©tjhelser December31, 2012 Last Post

The “Dear” Liebster Award 2012 ~ 1st Part

I know and trust that the beautiful Pastor jellillie will not mind me sharing my award page with the victims of Newton & our entire community.

God’s Blessing to  You All!

Pastor jelillie

This is the season for giving to each other, for telling one an other how you feel about them, or how they are a positive influence in your life. All the things you keep meaning to say please take the time today to say so.. I have been been blessed by both from this amazing woman, writer, WP Blogger friend.


Pastor jelillie has blessed me with the special  meaning behind, the  shape of,  and the color of The Liebster Award, for which I understand from a German friend Liebster can have many endearments associated with it but the one she shared that she uses often is with the meaning  “Dear” one. I like that.

If you have not been to Pj”s blog you are missing God’s messages through this empowering blog and its author.


The conditions of accepting this award are pretty intense so I will do as much as  I am able to do considering it is the week of Christmas. I feel the need to accept this before the end of 2012 as it was given in December 2012. I am deeply grateful because who the award came from. I am thankful and humbled by this.

The acceptance requirements as they are below and are  in pristine form as they came to me. Y’all all know I have to be difficult and  I don’t like things too perfect, makes me a mite uncomfortable. With perfection where is the room for improvement? I like to think I am always working on improving myself. So I will rearrange a bit of my acceptance to suit the timing of posting.

A) You paste the award picture into your blog.- This picture is at the top of the blog

B) Name 11 random things about yourself

C)  Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

D) You write-up 11 NEW questions directed towards your nominee,

My 11 Random Facts.

(1)  Born in March 1955 – 2nd generation native Oregonian, USA

(2) Became an avid reader at age 5 yrs old ~ compliments of big brother who taught me how. Think he was tired of me asking him; “Read to me please?”

(3) Read the entire Bible my sophomore year of High (secondary) School in one semester as a class assignment. We were asked to pick a book, any book. Think any teacher in The USA could get away with allowing a student to even bring a Bible into a classroom setting as curriculum?  I have readers who are teachers, let me ask them what do they think?

(4 ) I collect elephants, anything elephant motif. Have since a girl and have over 100 elephants sharing my personal space.

(5) I love to cook large meals – but I really, really love the science of baking

(6) I rarely watch Television. Typically have music on usually 24/7.  I even sleep to music.

(7) My Nativity Set is The Fontanini Heirloom collection. It is my Christmas decoration of my Pride and Joy.  The collection pieces which has been exclusively distributed by Roman for many years has become world-famous in Italian craftsmanship. I have been collecting the pieces since 1981 when I first purchased Baby Jesus & his manger,  along of course with Joseph & Mary.


(8) I am one of 4 Dirty Mothers.

(9) I wear my gold cross full-time, sometimes gold earnings and maybe once in a moon a watch. I do not fancy other jewelry. Never have, yet I have a jewelry tower full of different necklaces that I never wear. Why I wonder when I see them hanging and never worn.

(10) I know the feeling of being loved and cherished. I know the freedom this gives the soul to love unconditionally.

(11) I believe  the power of love and positivity can move mountains and cross shores. I believe in Hopes and dreams. Mine and Yours.

This is where my alteration of the requirements starts. In the interest of the Holidays, & time  I will return after the first of the year and finish Pastor jelillies questions and with my nominations. I realize I am a novel size poster, but this is an extensive process,

Thank you again Pj I am honored and always humbled by your presence on my blog

God bless and keep you.~ BB



Send Your Cards & Thoughts to School Children~

If anyone wants to mail sympathy cards or letters of support and solidarity to the school, the school address is:

Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12 Dickenson Drive, Sandy Hook, CT 06482.

Sending a card is something small but at least it’s something we can do….and prayers… always prayers.”


One More Shot Today

Let me open my eyes to the new sunrise I pray..” by Alabama


Considering we all come to the table to give thanks on this 3rd Thursday of the month of November in these United States, and that we all come with different backgrounds it is not surprising to me that we are able most often to meet each other half way. On this day it appears that most are able to set aside their indifference and break bread together. Truthfully there are also the family & friends who are not able to gather even for a day. It is neither right nor wrong, is just what it is. 

My Thanks comes with great gratitude just for being. I am sheltered by the season’s sense of all that Mother Earth brings to us is enough on its own to rejoice. This season of windy rainy days allows myself the gift of reflections regarding time and personal choices.

Reflections of past Thanksgivings has been realized of late  that rarely did i go through the motions with any convictions. Seasons changing much like the season of my birth, the birth of living this authentic soul with the greatest of gratitude has not always felt so natural as it is feeling today. I may have reconciled with the past. Now I can let go.

I see now that for me even creating a meal, whether it be of foods with calories, or food for the soul with zero calories it all became an act of my ego, not one of spiritual growth. No longer conscious that this food had once been planted for a reason. – I was starting to take for grated the earth’s abundance.

More than to nourish our bodies, this seasons harvest is also food for the heart & spirit. If I just look outside myself., raise myself up to see what is beyond the window of my soul, I am able to  look far beyond my own reasons of my life lessons and what I see every morning is that One More Shot that I am being allowed. I shall not waste it. Not one of them.

Family & friends gather to share, with hopes of casting away stones. Embracing all that this harvest season can bring. In my reflections I have finally come to a place where I know its time to shed a tear, and time to embrace the lessons of new. Today I take this time of silence for reflecting and know that tomorrow it is time to let it all go.

A time for peace and gratitude to fill my heart so that when I reach my hand out there are no questions. There is no longer any doubts that this be the perfect season for my purpose and dreams. That I am only as content & peaceful as I create my own possibilities to be. Possibilities  built on my hopes and  dreams.

My possibilities are feeling full of much hope and I am in a state of great peace.

Self-acceptance is powerful thing, and today it fills my heart with gratitude for yet more life lessons.

For those who gather today I pray that you all have One More Shot every morning of your life. That you also find your peace and contentment in the seasons of your own possibilities, in all that this Universe, God & Mother Nature gifts to us.

Thanksgiving is every day in my heart~

May Happy Days of Gratitude be yours today and all of tomorrows.

We need time to dream, time to remember, and time to reach the infinite.
Time to be. 
   Be Intentional~