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He’s Gonna Be 13?

How can this Be?

Really, 13? Where did the years go? How can it have gone so fast? He was just a tiny thing all brown-eyed and snuggly when he was born almost 13 yrs ago. I received my first speeding ticket on my way to his mommy who was in labor for the first time. MY baby having her first baby.

Thirteen year ago, really?

Today at age 12, the day before he turns thirteen he stands over Six Feet Tall. Taller than his grandfather who he’s always looked up to. Now what? Tomorrow he turns thirteen and the baby boy I have been honored to closely watch grow feels just like the young man I always knew he was destined to be.

My grandson is sensitive and tender, and he’s also the funniest kid I know. He’s protective of me in ways I had no idea a child could be. Having the honor of watching him grow has also shown me what a great mom my daughter is. That she has allowed me to be such an integral part of his childhood,  not just as his Nana, but also a co-parent means more to me than they’ll ever know. My daughter is a single parent and has raised him alone since he was 3. She has received little to no financial help from my grandson’s dad and the best thing I can say about that situation is he at least has been in my grand son’s life.

We raised our two girls, and had three foster girls. Our house was always full of girls and of boys and was also the meeting-house on the block. I could not keep enough juice and snacks around, they ate us out of house and home. I would not have had it any other way, having the kids underfoot always meant I knew what was going on and where they were. Our house was always noisy and busy, the kids all felt at home and when it first became empty years later I was lost. I even would get to know many of them closely and found that often there would be somebody knocking on our door just wanting  to talk.

As the kids all got older the boys becoming young men I found I knew nothing about what makes a boy tick. I had never missed not having a boy of our own. I never went through anything like the fact that not having a boy causing me to feel like I had missed out. I still don’t. But what I do feel now, and know within my heart is that I had been missing out on knowing how a baby boy becomes a young man. A young man who may become a husband and father someday.

How does this happen?

Having had these 12 years with my grandSON growing right beside me I now know. Through my daughter I now have had my little boy. I have watched him grow from infant through his toddler days The best! I have been privy to know him as he grows from toddler to a grade school chum. Seeing this young boy learn how to navigate with others his own age, and teachers who are really his first bosses has been fun and exciting. Then onto middle school and the beginning of his jock years. He’s an athlete and loves his sports. And in this family it’s encouraged it at all costs, except him. He’s not a happy camper the semester he has to take off. His mom is smart, she knows that a growing body should not play competitive sports year round at his age.  Watching him develop his own persona is a gift from him, and his mom and dad. One that I had no idea would mean so much. But it does.

It means so much to have the gift of being part of his life, and having him so near. This little boy who seemed like over night he suddenly became a young man, who is a protective entity in my life. I have never known this feeling from such a young man and am in awe of it and him. He’s a wonderful student who gets A’s and B’s, has played sports since he was 4 yrs old when he started playing T-Ball. Only because he was too young to play basketball. He’s played baseball, football, and his passion basketball. He looks the part of a basketball player by being so tall and lanky, yet has become as graceful as a swan (Do Not Tell Him I Just Said that please) He’s a kind kid who looks out for best of others. He’s not too old yet to tell us he loves us, and to give us hugs. Maybe someday, but not yet. When he hugs me his Nana, he has to bend his tall body almost in half while telling me that I don’t have to stand on my tip toes to hug him back.

My grandson turns 13 today. He has been a very polite kid all his life being raised with rules and boundaries in place. As he gets older and becomes a teenager I am so proud of the young man is continuing to be. He is the young man who is much taller than me, who you might see me out having lunch with, or maybe shopping. He’s the kind of young man who I will proudly show off any chance I get

He’s the young man in my life who is turning 13;  and I still cannot believe sometimes that he’s the same little infant my daughter brought home from the hospital that day. Where did those years go so quickly that I watched pass by?

Happy Birthday T-Man!

You know I am your Number Two(2) Fan!!

Never forget just how much your Nana loves you!