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A Triple !!! Amazing

A Triple.. no Wait… Make that a Double Triple !!!

Triple Awards that is. You know when you’re riding a bit of a writing high? You’re just trying to get the words that are forming in your mind out just as fast, and often errors happen. Just like in baseball (USA Baseball, it’s all i know).  Happens to the best of us.

I digress.

I have a record broken at  Lady Barefoot Baroness.this week. Last week a record was set here  in the tine of 3 awards in less than 2 weeks time. That’s amazing. Then as I was skipping along during my week another amazing thing happens. A TRIPLE !!!

From my friend Tracy in the form of a Sisterhood , Sunshine & Beautiful AWARDS. A triple, Amazing!

If you are not getting a daily dose from Tracy then you all have no idea what you’re missing. I suggest checking her out. http://ohwhatapain.wordpress.com/


I am just slightly overwhelmed and humbled. why or how I don;t ask. I just believe that Tracy did has done this out of love & friendship.. The protocol again is that I choose 7 & 7 . 7 stunning things about myself. and 7 bloggers to award these same award to. I can do neither.First. I just do not have that many stunning 7’s in me. And I am a bit spent in that department this week. Although I certainly feel very beautiful thank you.And the 7 bloggers. can I beg all ou wonderful beautiful people’s tolerance just one more time. If I was to have to choose even 21 of you: 3x 7=21 I’d still be exclusive. I’m unable to do that this week, I am too flooded with love.

You all are deserving of each one of these award. Therefore my gift to each of you is this.

I offer up this fabulous quote of friendship by a very amazing and brilliant man to each of you my friends. . Aristotle would know a little something about human nature I suspect.

Tracy, Thanks again friend. You broke a record on Barefoot Baroness. That’s also amazing!Thank you!!!