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One More Shot Today

Let me open my eyes to the new sunrise I pray..” by Alabama


Considering we all come to the table to give thanks on this 3rd Thursday of the month of November in these United States, and that we all come with different backgrounds it is not surprising to me that we are able most often to meet each other half way. On this day it appears that most are able to set aside their indifference and break bread together. Truthfully there are also the family & friends who are not able to gather even for a day. It is neither right nor wrong, is just what it is. 

My Thanks comes with great gratitude just for being. I am sheltered by the season’s sense of all that Mother Earth brings to us is enough on its own to rejoice. This season of windy rainy days allows myself the gift of reflections regarding time and personal choices.

Reflections of past Thanksgivings has been realized of late  that rarely did i go through the motions with any convictions. Seasons changing much like the season of my birth, the birth of living this authentic soul with the greatest of gratitude has not always felt so natural as it is feeling today. I may have reconciled with the past. Now I can let go.

I see now that for me even creating a meal, whether it be of foods with calories, or food for the soul with zero calories it all became an act of my ego, not one of spiritual growth. No longer conscious that this food had once been planted for a reason. – I was starting to take for grated the earth’s abundance.

More than to nourish our bodies, this seasons harvest is also food for the heart & spirit. If I just look outside myself., raise myself up to see what is beyond the window of my soul, I am able to  look far beyond my own reasons of my life lessons and what I see every morning is that One More Shot that I am being allowed. I shall not waste it. Not one of them.

Family & friends gather to share, with hopes of casting away stones. Embracing all that this harvest season can bring. In my reflections I have finally come to a place where I know its time to shed a tear, and time to embrace the lessons of new. Today I take this time of silence for reflecting and know that tomorrow it is time to let it all go.

A time for peace and gratitude to fill my heart so that when I reach my hand out there are no questions. There is no longer any doubts that this be the perfect season for my purpose and dreams. That I am only as content & peaceful as I create my own possibilities to be. Possibilities  built on my hopes and  dreams.

My possibilities are feeling full of much hope and I am in a state of great peace.

Self-acceptance is powerful thing, and today it fills my heart with gratitude for yet more life lessons.

For those who gather today I pray that you all have One More Shot every morning of your life. That you also find your peace and contentment in the seasons of your own possibilities, in all that this Universe, God & Mother Nature gifts to us.

Thanksgiving is every day in my heart~

May Happy Days of Gratitude be yours today and all of tomorrows.

We need time to dream, time to remember, and time to reach the infinite.
Time to be. 
   Be Intentional~