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New Blog- Heart Beats Live by Josephine Appelbaum Ludwig


2016 has begun with all the hope for possibilities that only inspires the creative streak in many of us, me included.  For the second time in just the new year I have the greatest joy of being in an honorable position as a WordPress blogger to welcome new Bloggers to our community. It’s a particularly joyous thing when I am personally connected to these writers as they are part of my writing tribe. I am both proud and honored to witness them embracing the writers they are.

Please allow me introduce you to Josephine Appelbaum Ludwig and her new blog “Heart Beats Live” blog here.  My connection with new Blogger Josephine Appelbaum Ludwig is a perfect example of what I mean by personal connections in my writing tribe. We have a deep and soul to soul connection as women and as writers.

Josephine has incredible stories to tell that began the moment of her life conception and continued throughout her life journey. (not an exaggeration on my part) I won’t say anything more on this front as it’s her story to tell but I am privy to the fact that she tells them so well she’ll completely capture not only your attention, but your heart too.

Josephine is an eloquent writer who’s heart and soul is shared throughout with her readers in everything she writes and I’m really personally excited to see Josephine going public with her writing. She will be sharing her experiences and wisdom on a vast array of topics that I have no doubt will speak to her readers so I suggest regularly checking back. But better yet would be to follow her blog and receive new postings notifications.

Please do drop by her Heat Beats Live blog. Say hello, make a new friend and tell her Barefoot sent you.

Again, Josephine’s blog can be found  right here.