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New Blog- Heart Beats Live by Josephine Appelbaum Ludwig


2016 has begun with all the hope for possibilities that only inspires the creative streak in many of us, me included.  For the second time in just the new year I have the greatest joy of being in an honorable position as a WordPress blogger to welcome new Bloggers to our community. It’s a particularly joyous thing when I am personally connected to these writers as they are part of my writing tribe. I am both proud and honored to witness them embracing the writers they are.

Please allow me introduce you to Josephine Appelbaum Ludwig and her new blog “Heart Beats Live” blog here.  My connection with new Blogger Josephine Appelbaum Ludwig is a perfect example of what I mean by personal connections in my writing tribe. We have a deep and soul to soul connection as women and as writers.

Josephine has incredible stories to tell that began the moment of her life conception and continued throughout her life journey. (not an exaggeration on my part) I won’t say anything more on this front as it’s her story to tell but I am privy to the fact that she tells them so well she’ll completely capture not only your attention, but your heart too.

Josephine is an eloquent writer who’s heart and soul is shared throughout with her readers in everything she writes and I’m really personally excited to see Josephine going public with her writing. She will be sharing her experiences and wisdom on a vast array of topics that I have no doubt will speak to her readers so I suggest regularly checking back. But better yet would be to follow her blog and receive new postings notifications.

Please do drop by her Heat Beats Live blog. Say hello, make a new friend and tell her Barefoot sent you.

Again, Josephine’s blog can be found  right here.





How observant are you?

Do you keep a keen eye, ear, nose and touch on alert throughout your day?

Or are you more passive when it comes to seeing the world through your senses? Do you let it kind of just roll by and only the splendid grabs your attention?


I tend to be quite intensely observant, noticing abstract things in life. This often get me into most bizarre of interactions with people. It is a trait I think you either have or not. Some people are just very inquisitive and because of it see things that others completely miss.

 Sometimes the things not observed can be silly, some though are quite serious, and to somehow miss the observation can even be dangerous when it comes to certain information around us.
Being observant can save our lives. 
I have a bit of a puzzle right here on Lady Barefoot Baroness (LBB) it has been here since 2011.. the beginning. 
Have you ever noticed it?
 Where is it?
Hint: If you leave a comment any time here for LBB you see the puzzle each time. It’s subtle but it is there. My friend Louann is the only person in almost 3 years who has ever noticed the ‘puzzle’ and said something. This lady is observant in all aspects of her life. you can read this is so on her blog: http://onthehomefrontandbeyond.wordpress.com/
She & I have wondered if some of you have maybe noticed it too but have not said anything.  
 We learn by observing and by watching our parents and the way they were with one another, and the way they treated one another. We also learn by watching those who live in the community we grew up in, and around.
 I really think that it has been the observations that we make in life that guide our way the most. It is this ability to sift through the words and see the action behind them that clears the forest. I think sometimes we rely too much on words in our lives. And not enough on observations and actions 
 There’s something that you’ll have trouble doing when you are being observant.
It’s difficult to focus too much on yourself when you are in a state of observation. The art of being observant is that you will be watching others and considering their patterns and looking at the way they process the most important parts of their lives. Hopefully, you then take the best of what you see and translate it your own life, but while you’re observing, you are focusing your attention outward. I think that’s a good thing. 
Then there is the treasured gift of being observed. People who are observant of ourselves can help us in life in ways we may have never expected, Such as being warned of impending danger. 
Or being told that you have a lot of life to live, a lot of love to give.
 One of thing about noticing others is that it does take effort, and sometimes it takes more effort than at other times. When I would go on road trips as a child I played a game that my brothers & I created that we dubbed the title “Speculation” 
I was constantly pointing out a uniquely shaped tree, rock color & texture,, a critter, automobile license plates that seem to be acronyms for something silly & fun. 
And a personal favorite was creating fantastic fictional stories about the people who drove by us on the highway. 
Whatever was within my line of sight was fair game for observing,
 Later in life this would translate into a keen intuition that makes it possible for me to see beneath the layers of the hard shell that most people feel the need to wear.
 I don’t think I (or my friend Louann) was necessarily wired any differently from anyone else, but rather I grew up in way that made it possible for me to notice what some might often miss. 
My intuition is as strong as the wind on a stormy, blustery kind of day. 
 What we do with our observations of course is the action part. 
When we observe it is only natural to react. 
We can choose to mentally ridicule, laugh at, or dismiss others we observe. Or…we can seek to better understand them and that which we observed. Observe that they have a history that brought them to today, as you have.
Obviously, we are going to benefit more from doing the latter. 
It would be easy in many ways to not see beyond our noses, to not notice anyone or anything at all. at all. But if we never see anyone else we unconsciously build a wall around ourselves and keep doing what human beings do best– thinking about ourselves first.
  Maybe if we honed our intuition a little more by practicing, and by rehearsing the art of being observant we could have that kind of intuition. It’s worth living up to. 
So now tell me, did you find a puzzle on my post? I am not going to tell you if not. It’s here and if you’re observant you will see it as plain as the day. 
If you did find it, lets hook up on Tuesday and chat about it. 
Signature 2013

Work in Progress- 6 Word Saturday

My Granddaughter Is Mini-Mini Me.

She was eccentric at age 4 yrs old. And old soul by age 10, child of the earth by age 13,

My granddaughter – a work in progress. Having a problem committing (nothing is adhered yet) to anything on this page.  Both, my granddaughter (19) and this page layout……..still very much a works in progress.


Lovely Friends (& awards)

Receiving a blog Award is a kin to receiving a basket of fresh-baked cookies from a neighbor. The whole point of the gift is the feeling in the giving, not the calories, Right? So it is with awards.  Each one is as important as the next because of the sweet nuggets of goodness that they represent. And the blogging friend that sent them.

This One Lovely Blogger Award comes to me from Ruth at retiredruth @ http://retiredruth.wordpress.com/?p=739&preview=true Ruth is a farmer.  People like Ruth who dedicate themselves to our Mother Earth by growing soy, wheat and other Godgiven nutrients so that we may live should be honored more. Mother Earth gives back and Ruth gives of herself. We reap the benefits. It is a lovely arrangement, I am a Farmers Market Girl and was one before it was cool & chic to be one. Although Ruth would not be at a Farmers Market hawking her harvest she is still my local farmer. And yours. Go pay her a visit, she’ll make you feel right at home. Or as is her case you will be all right on the farm~

I am sticking with Ruth’s format here with 7 random things about myself. However since I am now in a position to choose 7 awards to pass on I am veering off left here. I am not choosing one or seven because I cannot. Those in my own Barefoot Baroness world are so many that I treasure and adore. How can I pick just 7 of you?  I can not choose…..so know this please:

If you are reading this and are a follower of these barefoot prints in the sand then by all means grab that award badge and dance yourself right back on over to your own blog. Accept, Post. & Celebrate/  Then link it back here. I want to know you are accepting this award. Not that I am just saying..

Seven  Random Things About The Baroness You May Not Know ~ They will be random to be sure:

  • I don’t attend fairs or go on fair rides. Even the Ferris Wheel terrifies me
  • I have  a personal aversion to guns that goes deeper than just that I am a pacifist. which I am. Does this count as two now? …
  • I am not a gambler. I see no entertainment value it for myself.
  • I have severe insomnia. Often up in the middle of the night with my blogging friends from around the world. Always music. It’s what keeps me from going postal some nights while the rest of the world feels asleep. I am grateful for those who are not.  (I see you smiling )
  • I love the feeling of early dawn, cold & wet dew in the grass, on my bare feet. Sending Mothers Nature life force up and into me. Its Amazing!
  • I do not chew gum.  Have never which for me turned out to be a good thing.
  • I love many things about Eastern philosophies concerning man, spirit & the universe. Often communication with the universe make me smile.

Now grab that badge, post your award…. link back here.. & Celebrate you! I can name names if I have to.

Dane away my lovely blogging friend..


She Was Quite The Lady This Irish Lass


This woman who I am so much alike. All my life I heard; “You look just like your Mother” Like my daughters today I would roll my eyes. When my mothers aunt developed dementia in her late years  and she kept calling me Wilma, I would hide. My mom’s birth name was Wilma only my mom had never really been called Wilma in my childhood, or hers. Her father nicknamed her Penny and it stuck. But my mom’s aunt kept confusing the little girl I then was, with the little girl she knew my mom to be some thirty years earlier. Even at the age of 7 I understood how surreal this was.

It has been 12 years this month since my mother was taken from this earth and therefore leaving both my brothers & I. She was someone I always looked up to, having the persistence and will of any man I knew. Only she was a lady. Things like manners, kindness and lady like behavior were important to my mom.  And she made certain they were also important to me. As I sat for a couple of days creating this scrapbook layout of my mom I was reminded by looking at her just how much I really do like her. It apparently takes years for that to be able to be seen in your own face, the face of your own parent. But there she is, looking back at me. When I look at her photo when she was just 18 yrs old in Lake Oswego Oregon, (USA) I see myself.  When I look in a mirror I am seeing my mom’s face looking back again. It may have taken me years to see her, but I wear my mother’s face  everywhere I go quite comfortable. I wear her face with great pride today.

Thanks Mom, I love & miss you.


Technology Frustration Station

Yep, that would be me. In a station of frustration with technology.

We have all been there. Glitches with technology that wipe out posts, files not downloading that you know are good. Then we have all lost computers. I have been pretty blessed with computers in my 18-20 yrs of having a computer in my home. I have to share with you that I was one of the camp that was not going to ever have one in my home. I was all about going back to Mother Nature, basis as best as we could achieve them. I know, silly girl. Idealists come in many different personalities,

I’m here to tell you all that I have been through technology hell in the week. Starting out with this last weeks oh so fun WP glitch where email alerts from WP were being dumped into my spam folder. So once that was discovered I realized I was behind crazy in new posts from my bloggers I love to follow to comments to respond. You all know.  Been there too. Some of you even had been affected before with similar glitches and also this last one.

So that was a week of sorting spam and suddenly Monday might while working on a guest post I have been privileged to be part of here at WP I lost the post. I actually thought that night when it happened that I had first just accidentally clicked on the wrong prompt. I thought it was either going to post or save itself in the draft folder. It apparently saved some it, but I lost all the revisions that I had been working on just previously which was nearing my conclusion. I was not a happy camper. Everything that evening was lost. I chalked it up to a WP wrong. I was wrong.  My Bad. I apologize WordPress.

What it was …My six – month old new computer!!

So the issue I had was not WP.  It was new computer, Now you all know where I have been. It is a bad hard drive. I am being sent a new one and thankfully I am still under warranty. In the mean time the tech repair shop loaned me an old heavy wonderful laptop and I want to thank those guys. They are the best, when I bought the computer and a 2 yr warranty they promised they would take care of me. They in fact have,

Thank you Todd & Austin at Staples in Oregon!!

Six Word Saturday August 11,2012

Brothers Visit * Sister Laughs * Sister Cries.

Caveat to my Six Words this week:

I had intended these photos of myself below for another post. But since then a couple of things have happened that have put me another mind-set at this time. I have decided that these photos and scrapbook page layouts from some my family’s heritage story books I create will do okay here.

I loved that my brothers together found time for me, they make me laugh until I almost need to change my pants, they sing and play music with me, and they make me cry at the end of it all. Their timing this time I have to say has been their very best. I happened to need this visit and they had no real idea. Although I am thinking they may have needed it as well. You see this is the month of our beloved mother’s birth. It also the month of her passingg.

These photos below are of her only daughter. I’m who I am as a woman in many ways because of my mom. I have been working on a page layout of her graduation photo from highschool, it is when she was just 18 yrs old. I grew up at every turn hearing to my chagrin that I looked just like her. I had not seen myself as a kid and only wanted to look like myself. How foolish I see now.

I am my mother’s daughter, I am her face.

                                                  The Cemetary Club  (circa 1995)
{FYI I am the one in front in Tye Dye]
There is a kind of morbid but sweet reason we have been dubbed The Cemetary Club. These are the three ladies I have known and grown up with, one since birth, one since we were 5yrs old, and the other met in Jr High School. The naming of the club was done by a mutual friend. WE had all begun losing our parents, and when we entered all four together as we did, we apparently made quite a statement. The Four of us powerful women entering a room together caused first a hush to come over the gathering, then little whispers. A dear friend who also caused us to gather again at his graveside had dubbed years prior the Cemetary Club. Thanks David, it has followed.
The following images are taken from our scrapbooks. I was taught in a story telling class that it is important when telling your family story to include yourself. This is hard for me for reasons that have to do with photos. I can find the words just fine. Below are my pale attempt at fulfilling class requirements, not much more. But the idea that even the author should include herself in the stories that are of their life is now one I am accepting and coming to even like.
I hope you include Photos of Yourself in Your own stories. It matters none if they are perfect portraits, obviously. Or if they have been edited and have been enhanced by a photoshop editing program. It’s you, it’s who you are on paper. Just like your stories you write are you on paper.
I challenge you to add your photos too.

Scrapbook layout. (Photos circa 1997)

Scrapbook Layout “Free To Be Me”. (Circa 2010)

My hair is still long in this photo just pulled back because we had below freezing weather that day. It was the day of Red Hat Christmas Party. Seeing the progression in my scrapbooking layouts is kind of fun.