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A Gypsy Wanderer ~ Vacation Anticipation 

A Gypsy Wanderer & her Random Thoughts……

5 more wakeups and Florida bound. To the place where I fell in love.

It’s true. You really can fall in love on a vacation. I did.

St Pete Beach Florida was the scene of all the emotion. St Pete Beach is the object of my desire and love affair. I fell in love with a place. A home away from my Oregon home. Something that has taken me quite by surprise.

I am going back.

In 5 more days I board a plane for Tampa Bay from Portland Oregon. I will spend most of 3 weeks with my love, in St Pete, and even though as I sit and write this while coping with a cold virus those 5 days to paradise seem endless. Tropical sunshine is just what is needed, it’s been a long dark cold winter on my high desert of Oregon.

Last year my bestie “T” and I spent two glorious weeks on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, and I fell in love. I felt like I had come home.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am a definite native Oregonian, I am devoted to my Oregon. I have a deep love for the Pacific Ocean that lines my state on its western border…..but I have to tell you, the moment I stepped onto that white sand and dipped my bare feet into the balmy waters of the Gulf I was a goner.

The difference between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf Coast of Mexico is night and day. The magic love I found such an affinity for on the Gulf Coast of Mexico was the most surprising and significant souvenir I brought home to Oregon with me. How can a person be homesick for a place they’d only spent two weeks at?

But I was. I am.  I have been for almost 11 months.  Since I serendipitously found a song by a native Floridian who’s music expresses my feelings perfectly. I have been a fan of  JJ’s for a few years but this song’s significance didn’t hit me until I came back from Florida last year.

I go back in my day dreams, I revisit with my bestie, I watch the video of our last sunset in St Pete, I listen to JJ.


So although my head is heavy with a cold virus, my throat sore and my voice is sketchy I am SO ready to return. So ready with my Bestie “T “and our St Pete Host Mikie to explore more of the Sunshine state. This year we will also road trip to places east of St Pete; going to Gainesville, Daytona Beach & St Augustine…..I will get to dip my bare feet in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.

Packing now!

Going “home.”



Vacation Romance & Lust

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When we travel to someplace and leave to return home we leave a part of ourselves behind.

 Finding romance when you are traveling almost 2000 miles from home and everything that you know is an empowering sense of self adventure.

Leaving behind a part of my heart and soul in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico recently was inevitable. Trying to find that same part of me once back home has left me feeling a wee bit lost and beach sick for a place I have never even called home. Albeit my reference here is regarding the love affair I have now going on with the Gulf Coast of Mexico and Florida there are people who I spent two short weeks with who I fell madly in love with too, and I miss them.

The thing about a romance with the Gulf waters of Mexico and the white sandy beach is it is without hesitation reciprocal, no need to wonder or feel any unrequited or ambiguous feelings in return. The romantic entanglement between my spirit and heart is a lustful honesty that I find hard to deny.


Image result for heart drawn in the sand and barefeet

From the moment I smelled the tropical salt air and spied the gentle roll of the tide to the shore I was in love. I lusted every day I was there for the incredibly warm salt water that left my body buoyant and relaxed me more than I ever remember feeling.

Reminding me of the post glow of love-making to be honest.

Maybe the tropical environment might be a catalyst for an immediate attraction discovered in someone else when the pleasure of a happen chance meeting takes place. I wonder if it is the magic of the Gulf soft evening breezes that might inspire an unexpected sense of wonder that leaves one in a kind of awed daze. Maybe it’s the combination of many factors….including being smitten with that southern charm. It’s a lovely feeling and no need to deny enjoying some innocent flirting. This is the vacation romance I imagined.

However; my vacation romance has nothing to do with just one person, nor does it have anything to do with just people. It encompasses something I never imagined.



Discerning for myself that the magnetic pull of romance from the Gulf itself came without typical feelings of vulnerability was enlightening. There was no doubt that feeling this lust for the sexy white sandy beach and the sultry blue splendor of the gulf had everything to do with why I felt an odd sense of belonging there. It was right feeling, it is an affinity I have.

On the shores of the Gulf of Mexico I was at home away from home.

Feeling like I was home has never been something I had ever experienced anywhere outside of my native Oregon. The spiritual connection with the gulf I can’t explain, yet I cannot minimize it either. Associating my feelings regarding the relationship to the two weeks I spent in the Gulf of Mexico in Florida to a romantic entanglement perfectly helps express my feelings. I fell in love/lust with the lifestyle, the climate, the energy, and the people there. And….. the healing salt water of the Gulf.

St Pete Beach Florida is my kind of community—-and I am in love……only I never knew it until June 2016.