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Oregon’s Thelma & Louise

She’s the best friend I wish I’d grown up with.

She’s the friend I found, lost, and reunited with again.

She’s the friend who had the grace to tell me the truth that I fought her on.

She’s the friend who waited in the background while I figured out the truth.

She’s the friend who when I told her erroneously that she was in the wrong…. she forgave me.

I missed my best friend for a few years because of what I let myself be convinced of.

I missed how we could hang out doing everything, and doing nothing. I missed how there was never awkward silences from the first road trip we were on together. I missed those road trips, the hometown adventures we’d make. I missed the visits we made to one of our local old cemetery’s and neglected grave sites from the 1800’s- we imagined we were the most recent visitors.

I missed the natural connection with her that I’ve not known quite in the same way. Cosmically feeling like she could be the older sister I didn’t ever get to know because she died before I was born.

I missed the woman who was born and raised on the other side of the country from me.

I missed my best friend who is my sister without the biological ties, instead there is a cosmic connection.

Thankfully things, circumstances, and people change with time.

While every emotion takes a turn and often can distance us a true best friend remains forever, even when there is a distance. The concern, the wondering if they’re well and happy, the missing of what had been and what could be remains.

Best friends share the good and the bad, they also have this intuitive trust in their friendship that despite distancing their spirits continues to scream to close the gap.

Gratitude is a small word to use to describe the enormous feelings when the distance is closed again finally and the two friends reunite and resume as if not missing a beat.

My best friend, my sister, she is my Louise to my Thelma.