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Share Your World Week 26 ~ Whoopee!!

My dear Family, Friends, & last, but certainly not the least; Blogging family & Readers,

With great joy in more heart from relief that this week finally came and has now passed without any drama I am still into sharing with you all how much I am grateful for. This has been a trying month in the baroness’s castle, and through the support and love from family and friends we made it through. Much more in my life than my own personal health issues were going on behind the scenes of which I write. Because this is MY Blog; and as you all know I rarely speak of my family, and if I do it is in subtle discussion. My family and close friends are private people and I have no intentions of breaking into their space no matter how much I care about what is happening in their lives and would love to write about it because that is what I do, Write. No matter what it could be about. This is just about the personal code of conduct I placed on myself for writing so publicly. I have become quite adept at this as my book holds no names or apparent connections to what I am writing about, even though it is a very autobiographic kind of story. NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT. AND  SOMETIMES EVEN THE NOT SO INNOCENT!

I have been focused so much of late on myself when writing here. I am grateful to have such a platform to write and get feedback from. I cannot say again in any more of a sincere expression just how much YOUR  support and love I have found here means to me. I need to say that although my fingers seem to have been focused selfishly on just what is happening to me I do have people I live with, and live close by in proximity and in heart. These people whom I love all have things going in their lives as well. I will not detail any of it because of privacy but let me say this:

While I was seeming to be alone engrossed in “My Stuff” I want and need you to know I am aware, will never forget what it is that you are living. God has a plan for each of us, and part of that plan for me is to be part of your life in any way I can. Part of that plan is to stand beside you no matter when or what it is you are dealing with that life throws at you. Or what you threw back at life. You have illness, disease, emotional health. finances, parenting issues, chores, life,  all to contend with and my prayers are always full of thanks and grace for that  which is brought to you in your need. I also keep you in my prayers and thoughts, asking that you be lifted from that which holds you back,  and I ask that you be free so that you can be the empowerment of love to all that you see and come near. Although my focus may have outwardly seemed only on myself,  please know that not an hour goes by that at least  one of you does not flood my thoughts and my heart. I love you and hold you close to my heart  always. Nothing you can do, or not do, will ever change that. Nothing CAN ever change that. It’s the one thing in life I HAVE to do beside pay taxes and die. And that only one thing may seem so daunting, but it truly is not. My job to bring you love and a safe place to fall, it is as easy as pie. Because you make it so. You make loving you a celebration. A celebrayion of you and of God’s love and mercy. It’s not so daunting at all.

Thank you once again my Huge Wide World of Family. Inclusive is a good thing, and I am so grateful to have been included in your thoughts and prayers. What a very blessed Baroness I am.

Bare feet and all!

Now on to Share Your World – Week 26!  Oh Yeah!

If you like what you are reading in as far as the questions go, and the challenge seems to inspires you I would like to suggest that you join us. It’s a great thing to look forward to each week. It is one of the best ways I have come across to get to know a room full of people. It’s just fun!

So let us pretend for a while that we are all sitting around a room,… No!! Wait!!  It’s spring or summer all over this world, almost anyway…so lets get together this week in a lovely park. Water is trickling down a stream nearby. Kids in the distance playing tag, frisbee, hackeysac or whatever it is kids play today. We will sit around  in a circle feeling the green grass underneath our feet. Take your shoes and socks off  if you have not done so all ready and wiggle those toes in to that earthy green turf.  One by one we will share, going around the circle, looking into one another’s faces.. sharing…smiling, loving….. ….OOPS!!! 

I’m up…..

  • 1. What made you smile today?

My first thoughts when I see these words that question me is to say, ” Why, You of course!” And it is true. For it is those of you who have been taking the time out of your wicked busy lives to read my humble words. How important in your world does that leave me to feel?  Quite a lot actually and I am most grateful for the reassurance that your loving support gives me. For which without I may have split a long time ago.

My answer than shall be a simple word that makes me smile today. That word is Grace. The grace I find in your friendship, The grace I find in knowing that you find my words worthy of a read today, grace that I find in simple gratitude for support of the likes I have never known before this. Grace in medical procedures that help a person find there place again in the world. Grace for family that stands together no matter how thick it may become.Grace for the simple things in life that help bring a smile to the heart and to the lips. Grace. I even love the way it sounds and feels when spoken. Grace. A perfect word.

The very word; Grace helps me smile today!

  •   2. Have any hidden talents?

Hidden? Hmm.. this is a tough one Cee!  I am going to go with that I used to sing lead and back up vocals in a band before meeting my husband. My hidden talent today would be that I can sing. Or, I used to be able to sing quite nicely even if I say so. I grew up with both parents being musically inclined. My dad sang, he even performed on a local radio show before I was born, in the late 1940’s. I heard stories about it that I just ate up like it was dessert. He also played several instruments. My mom also could play anything string, and she sang like a songbird,  She could also she whistle a lovely melody which I coveted and could never learn. Both my brothers, one older, and one younger are musicians. My little one being the one who has gone on from our childhood dreams and which has kept music as his main passion in life. He has a band to this day, one for which at one time in my life I managed and even produced a CD of all their original music. They recorded no copy tunes. My Baby Bro being the song master authoring most of their playlist. It was a way to let me keep my foot in the door of a musicians life, and have a family which came first. It was fun…. It was exhausting. It reminded me how much my disease has affected my life once again.  Only to share details do I share this; I could sing well until I had the TMJ jaw surgery. Prior and even after the implant surgery my range of motion for opening and closing my mouth was limited. To this day it still is, some days my jaws are locked opened. Some days it is locked closed, Mostly every day I just cannot open it wide enough to even yawn. This means hitting some notes, or octaves, and then holding them is next to impossible for me. Or at least impossible to create the sound I once knew as mine. To stay in the world of music and to keep my family was important to my life, as they are today. So when our girls were young in order to still sing I auditioned for and was accepted to study and perform with the University of Oregon’s Women’s Chorale Society. It was after some time with them that I had to admit that even with specific exercises  I could not get those notes out .No matter how I trained and worked those muscles in my mouth, face, and jaws would not unlock to reach the notes I needed to reach. I resigned the choir. Then I was offered a management position to keep one foot in the door of the world I loved. Thanks to my Baby Bro.  I have to add hear that living the life of a musician is not always so family oriented. For those reasons my Baby Bro and his Band Mates knew that I had an in with the business in town and that promoting is what I do well.  Shhh.. Local Artists promotion is a secret passion of mine. But it was several months later that the late night performances for which it was necessary to attend caught up with me and my disease. The not getting in until sometimes 5am because a gig would run till the venue closed was cool by my husband, but not by my body. It resisted and kicked back leaving me feel much like a hangover had descended upon me only without  the benefit of the drunk the night before. Since I do not drink this began to trouble me. I had to be there at the gigs; the unpacking & packing up gear, winding down time as a band together, all these things and more go into a one night performance. I would do the sound checks, the lighting checks, advocating for my band with the house management, making sure the band had what they all needed, making sure they were paid at the end of the night which always meant waiting until the door count was made. Being there early & late were required. It all caught up with me telling me in no uncertain terms that music other than listening to was gone from my would. That light went out. 

  •    3.  Are you usually late, early, or right on time?

On time, or a bit early. I have a pet peeve and that is people in my life running on their time. We have a very good friend. Very special friend. He will know that I am speaking of him by this tale as will everyone else in the tribe he knows. I am detracting from the very policy I expressed above about privacy, but in this case I know I will be forgiven with a touch to inspire me for much more  He is a rebel. Our good friend has his own set of rules when it comes to time. So much so that we have nick named it  ******- Time. In any event or circumstance where this person’s presence is required or expected we inform him of the time, but we always give him a time which is at least an hour earlier than everyone else. If not we can count on him being late. It infuriates me if I let it. but we have been friends for over 42 years and this is so not a deal breaker. Just an annoyance. So long ago this in my attempt to fix how I view having someone show up late, this is how his own time zone came to be. I could either think of it as being a statement that I am not important enough to be on time, or I could see it as I believe it is. Our friend sees this as his right to live by his own rules concerning time. And who am I to deny him that right? Yeah he could complicate things, and does for many. But we love him and since there was not going to be any fixing on his part what choice do we have?  He after all had nothing to change, it is the rest of the world who is EARLY. The rest of the world that is not on ***** – Time. 

It is all about perceptions after all, don’t you agree?

  • 3. What is the difference between being alive and truly living?

I am much like Cee in my belief here about the BIG difference between being alive and truly living. I have had the gift of doing both, so that I am able today to realize what the difference is. And simply that there is a big difference. I think back so long ago – prior to the fact that “DISEASE” entered my life. It was a lifetime ago. While thinking about the differences in truly living and that of being alive I think back to almost 29 years ago when I was a well person. How much energy I had, nothing could get in my way and keep me from doing as I pleased. Although I was alive then was I truly living?  I’d like to think so, but how mindful of the fact was I?  Not much at all of that I am certain.

Being prayerful and mindful of the fact that although I am living with disease I am also thriving to my very best capabilities and then some. I get to where I know I am headed, towards a day of  living a life with some meaning, some grace, so gratitude and some sense of wonder. To go into a new day with my feet being planted squarely on the floor, having my eyes wide open for new lessons of wisdom, new colors to ignite my soul, and interactions with those I love brings me a day filled with intentions and love.

Who could ask for anything more?  Fo me, the real difference between being alive and truly living is being mindful that my intentions are to thrive. Not just exist, or live, but to actually thrive…to live with purpose and intent.

Disease be damned! Mountain move outta my way…. I got me some thriving to do!!

Now it is your turn. Next!

Come on, don’t be shy. To find the park where we sit and answer the questions that our fabulous and brilliant facilitator creates each week for us. You can find us on Cee’s blog at:  http://ceeslifephotographyblog.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/share-your-world-week-26/#comment-6151

We would love for you to join the circle. Please Don’t Wait Until Next Week. Come on in, the water is just perfect!


Share Your (a little bit about you) World Sunday Week # 23

Cee says on this weeks Share Your World Sunday; “It sure was fun learning about all of us”

I am definitely in agreement here with her. This is a fabulous experiment in human nature and I find it quite fascinating. The variant responses are always creative, honest and fun. I am enjoying this exercise in ways I normally would not. I find this utterly intriguing.

I’d like to say to Cee how grateful I am for her  in ways that are more personal than is appropriate here. But let it be known that if you are need of an alternative treatment modality Cee may very well be the practitioner you are looking for. Even long distance.. Thank you Cee for all your exhaustive but rewarding and oddly enough energizing work you do. ~ Hugs Girl!

To my fellow and sister weekly Share Your World Sunday participants; Thank you for sharing with me/us, it’s not always easy to speak of things that may make us feel vulnerable. I am appreciating so much the trust I am building with each participant here and off on our own blogs. I look forward to this week, next week and into the year. Just Imagine!

If You would like to jin in the fun you may find this information,  other participants answers, and past weeks questions and answers here at Cee’s blog: http://ceeslifephotographyblog.wordpress.com/2012/05/12/share-your-world-week-23/

This Weeks questions and answers~

You are comfortable doing nothing? For long stretches of time?

Oh… Yes, sadly & happily at the same time I have become quite adept at doing nothing for long stretches of time. Like Cee I too have been forced by medical issues into not having the freedom of activity with no time limits. The body says no before the mind. However there is an awesome aspect of this that has taught me to become comfortable with my own company, doing nothing but being alone with my own thoughts. I recall a time when our daughters were young that I would have given almost anything for even enough quiet time to go to the bathroom alone. It’s best you be careful what you wish for?

To read about a very interesting experiment  about Doing Nothing:


  •   If you could inherit a vacation home anywhere in the world in which you could spend two months a year, where would it be?

I would like a vacation home on the Oregon Coast. I’ll not state exactly where because I am hoping that our lovely little coastal towns will remain just that. Little & Lovely. I’d be crushed if our little cove’s of beach towns all soon began to run into one another; being annexed to one larger town, after another, just like the coast of California. I’ll keep this beauty as a secret as long as I can.

      • If you were instantly able to play one musical instrument perfectly that you never have played before, what would it be?.

I have always sort of picked at the guitar, know some very basic chords. However it is on my bucket list to actually learn to play it, refresh the skill of reading music. I would love to be able to express myself through the strings on an old well used acoustic guitar. I also would like to learn how to play the Pan Flute, I am calmed instantly by its willowy instrumental song. It soothes my soul.

  • Would you rather be given $10,000 for your own use or $100,000 to give anonymously to strangers

I’d have great issue with myself if there was a clause saying the money was meant for my own use. I would be selfish enough though to want a bit to help our two daughter’s buy homes. Not the entire purchase, just some help with a down. The rest I would rush to turn over to many different children’s charities. Charities that help support children who have been victims of abuse, neglect, and/or abandonment. If possible I’d rather prefer to also keep the monies local. It’s much easier keeping an eye on the management of donations when the receiver’s are local. I take great issue with charities that use the largest percentage (some up to 87 %) of donations for administrative expenditures. That’s not what my donations are intended for. Gosh, thanks for also listening to me up on my soapbox.

Until next week, have a good one~

©tjhelser 2012


Share Your World Sunday Week #21

 Alas; It’s Sunday Once Again My Darlings. Do you dare look out your door this morning? Oh Do! You will be kindly rewarded with many riches…..

……..like the Sunday Paper For Instance~

“Here of a Sunday morning

 My love and I would lie,

 And see the coloured counties,

 And hear the larks so high,

 About us in the sky.”

Sunday Morning In My World.

This weeks questions from my hero Cee. If you by the way have not found her new blog, her other blog. please do.


It’s a great day to be reading a new blog, and a fantastic day to follow Cee’s challenge here and answer this weeks probes.


  • If you were having difficulty on an important test and could safely cheat by looking at someone else’s paper, would you do so?

Nope. Who would I be really cheating?  Me. Who would lose out on the purpose of the lesson? Yep, that would again be me. So no way.

  • Since adolescence, in what three-year period do you feel you experienced the most personal growth and change?

The three years between our oldest daughter being a toddler and our baby daughter an infant. I went from young wife to wise woman.  I never knew how brilliant my mom was until then, or how much I had yet to learn. My girls have taught me so much about life, and continue to do so to this day. Now I have lived to see the day my girls have found me to be so brilliant. My grand children teach me much as well. They all have taught me to see how Blessed I am.

  • If you could change one thing about your home, what would you like to change?

I’d love to have new screens put in on the windows, my kitchen slider door removed and French doors instead. I’d like to put a deck off the Master bedroom and put a hot tub there. And I’d as long as I am dreaming, I’d like to have a water feature put in that I could hear from my bed. Not much. Maybe $35,000 or so would do.

  • If you were given a yacht today, what would you name it?

  mes baronnes expédier ~



 Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon ~

©tjhelser 2012



1. Who was your favorite Teacher – what grade and why?

Mr Tingen, my 7th grade home room teacher in Jr High School. I love this man to this day for the world of education he encouraged me to open my mind to. The fact my Education could come from other sources than from just text books was a fabulous thing to learn as a tween.. The world of science beyond mesmerizing the elements table, this was news to me. And the world of mathematics? Fantastic. That equations can make actual musical sounds was welcome and this is the kind of world he opened up for me.

   2.  What do you like most about your home?

My art room.  Although this room has yet to become my dream in terms of design and function ut was one of the attractive things I fell in love with. In our prior home I had a room, but it was up 14 stairs, alone and separate from the going ons of my family and home. I soon found I had dragged most of my entire stash of supplies and tools, one by one down to first the dining room table, then spread to behind the sofa, and before my husband knew it they had multiplied into the living room coffee table.

My new room is cute, has incredible natural light and has a pair of sweet French doors that closes it off as it sits just outside my dining room.

  3. If you were forced to change the name of your blog what would you change it to?

  Tj’s World? (shoulders shrug)  I just don’t know.

 4.      If a movie was made based on your life, what actor/actress would play you?

Barbara Streisand. Is that just too cheeky of me?


Share Your World Sunda 20012


MARCH 4, 2012

Good March to you all good people, and for those of you experiencing Spring, Then I say; “Lucky You!” I’d love to see those purple tiny heads of little crocus’ peeking out from the ground about now.

Here where I live, and garden.. the ground is sill not accepting of being tilled, and the night temperatures are still quite often so frozen that to put any new kind of starts  in the iced ground is a sure demise of those plantings. We have snow on the ground right now.

Happily, since I am unable to garden I am able to answer Cee’s “Share Your World Sunday’ 2012” questions of this weekend. It’s a very doable trade in my mind.

Thanks so much Cee!


  1. What is your favorite month of the year?

March. Not just because it’s a birth month for someone I know pretty well, and it’s also the gateway to Spring!

2 What is something you learned in the last week?

My Epiphany.  I even blogged about it this last week.

I learned that when I ignore the warning signs that are not subtle, but ones that I actually know well; that Spirit has a perfect way of getting the message to me;

“` Missy, you’re not listening. There for let me help you slow yourself down, let me show the way to take better care, let me show you exactly how to; “Whoa It Up Girl!”

(Finding a sprained ankle was not enough. Nope! Instead I was to keep pushing the shoe until I learn from the Orthopedic Doc. that an MRI resulted in pulled tendons and ligaments from the ankle to the Achilles only to be literally grounded for weeks has me listening.)

3. What color looks best on you?

Definitely blues. With blue eyes and being a natural brunette that was a natural blonde I like blue on me.

4. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Easy. The Superpower of an Empath.


See below for Cee’s answers & her link to this fun weekly challenge. below.


If you are interested in joining us and being part of this great way to get to know a fellow blogger or three, four, or you name it, than join us. See the Blog for Cee just above~ And Enjoy!




Share Your World Sunday 2012~

If you have been following my Blog recently you may have noticed that I was invited to participate in this fun way to help your followers find fun and random things out about you. Its been an interesting read for me of many of the blogs I follow on Sunday’s.  This fun challenge was created and facilitated by an amazing photographer by the name of Cee. I want her to know I think this is a great fun way to get to know others. I don’t usually get involved with challenges like this, only because committment is not something I have favored giving. before. So, thank you Cee, for this. It’s nice to know even old baroness’s can learn new tricks too.

If this is something that peaks your interest please join Cee & the other bloggers that are playing along. The only thing that is required is to answer a few simple questions each Sunday, and post your link back to your Sunday blog to Cee. You’ll even be sent a nice gentle reminder when Sunday has rolled around again. And it does you know, about the end of every weekend.

Cee’s blog can be found at:   http://ceeslifephotographyblog.wordpress.com/

The questions, and my answers, for this Sunday are:

1. What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?  Automobile for sure. I think there is no better way to see this world and its glorious people in it. I dislike flying immensely, but train travel is another delight.

2.Are you a cat, dog, goat or prefer the zoo person?  hmmmm..a cat person. They are wonderfully mysterious creatures. Usually. With the exception of my cat Truman. Someone forgot to tell him that he is a cat.

3. What really makes my heart sing?  Creating anything with my hands. From crafts arts, folk art, even creating something in the kitchen.

4. What word or words are fun for you to say?  Argentina! Love the way it feels in the mouth.

Hope to see you all next Sunday!


©tjhelser 2012