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Share Your World Week #42

Many thanks to Cee at Cee;s Life Photography for her fun and diverse questions that get us thinking with each week she has done it again this week.

Thank you Cee!

Cee welcomes new participants anytime, so don’t feel because you were not in on this fun writing challenge from the beginning that you should miss out. Not the case. Just visit Cee’s blog, she’ll hook you up with the how to.  It’s so ea


  1. It’s a very hot and muggy day. You desperately want something very cool and refreshing to quench your thirst and revitalize your body. What would you drink?

Home made lemonade with a lot of crushed ice.  I love lemons when its warm and dry. Nothing seems to quench my thirst better. I do not drink soda at all so in the summer  I try to keep large baskets of fresh lemons around at all times. I also cook with a  lot of fresh lemon juice and the zest.

2. What do you keep in the trunk of your car?

Spare tire, all that goes with changing a tire. Jumper cables, flares a blanket, spare water jug. Also because for about 3 months out of the year we are snow country, so in addition would be: ice melt, sand, tarp, blocks of wood to use for traction if needed, and  a shovel with fold down handle. Extra dry clothes and coats.

3. What is your favorite TV show that is currently on TV?

Okay he is not a show in of himself, but for 40 weeks out of the year he is on my television every Sunday for about 4 hours Kevin Harvick #29  & about 41 other drivers are racing close to 200mph on oval tracks. Kevin Harvick has been the driver follow and cheer for. Its been 12 yrs now, since the tragic death of Dale Earnhardt Sr

I wish I was watching Downton Abbey like my friends across the pond are. I am not much of a television watcher unless it is our PBS (which is where Downton Abbey will be broadcast from in the states)  I have become an avid DA fan and am waiting impatiently to see what is happening at the manor now

Thank you to those watching the series now and not saying a word. I am humbly grateful!

         4. Is it more important to love or be loved?

I’ll say both of course. It’s a treasure to love deeply and abundantly. It’s also something to be cherished by being loved. Rewarding is when both happen at the same timeSo let me ask you this; have you loved someone today?


Share Your world # 41

From Cee’s Share Your World  (SYW)

I have been MIA the last couple weeks for SYW – It us a comfortable feeling to come back and be dong something so familiar.  Cee, our creative founder and producer of  the weekly SYW has amassed for this lively writing challenge an eclectic group. We, these friends Cee’s  who gather each week have become almost like an extended blogging family. I kind of like that. 

If you are interested in joining this awesome blogging family for one week or always all you have to do is follow this link to Cee’s blog:  http://ceeslifephotographyblog.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/share-your-world-week-41/

The Rest is a walk in the park ~ 

From Cee’s blog

“Here are the four Share Your World questions for this week.    I hope you have some fun playing along.  It sure is fun learning about all of us.”

  • 1. If you could be any animal, what would you be?

I hope birds count. I know technically they don’t but I’ll pretend I am in denial. I would be a Hummingbird. Why? I’d love to be able to move at that speed and yet seem so wonderfully graceful in all that I’d do. And who could object to free flying? Free Falling

  • 2 What makes you feel the most secure?

Simply my faith. Faith in something more powerful than myself, or my insecurities. That is not to say that I don’t have thoughts of human emotions & feelings. But they are based on what my beliefs say to me. I see this as the perfect chance to address beliefs that are in error or askew; and or can be turned around to a more positive belief based on new information. New beliefs.

  • 3. Have you ever jumped out of a plane?  If you haven’t, would you want to?

Are you kidding me? uh.. that would-be no.. and no… I am not even okay being on an airplane! I do it but I hate flying ..well that is a misnomer, because what I hate is the take off and the landing. Now if I had my set of wings…

  • 4. Are you a listener or talker?

I’m both. confidently she says both!

I am a natural listener. I  enjoy & like people to talk about themselves, and what is going in with themselves, or around them. I enjoy hearing stores of life & adventures If you sharing something about yourself I am likely wanting to listen. And probably after ask some questions.

I am also a talker. just ask anyone who has had a conversation or two with me. OR who have received one of infamous emails or snail mail novels. I combine writing and talking… resulting in novel proportion letters. If you are still reading one hurry up… there is another on its way. Please. ~ 😉


Share Tour World Week # 38

Participating again this week for Cee’s Share You World is one of my favorite ways to spend blogging, This week Cee has once again out done herself in creating interesting questions which offer a peak into the individual bloggers world’s who participate.

Cee would love to have you join her and the rest of that participate. just visit her blog and she’ll tell you the rest:  http://ceeslifephotographyblog.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/share-your-world-week-37/

  •  What is most memorable about your high school years?

The time spent with others that were more into the music scene than sports, or any other social activity. From high school dance bands, garage bands, to the band I performed with “Soma” this was where I found a sense of belonging. The opening of the first coffee-house opened in my semi –rural area as well, where I became a part of.  It just occurred to me that today in 2012 a coffee-house is no doubt a very different thing than in the mid to late 60’s. This is where I performed with my band Soma, booked other bands, worked the door, swept the floors, anything to help keep the doors opened. This is all meaningful because it’s when I separated myself from my family’s music.

  • What was the last URL that you bookmarked?


Albert Lee is a guitarist, played in Heads Hands and Feet and other….(Thank you Gerry!)

  • Name one thing not many people know about you.

I am extremely sentimental and nostalgic moments make me cry easily. A newborn baby will make cry, and the smell of a new puppy make me giggle.

  • What physical attribute do you like about yourself?  Can be anywhere from beauty to heart to physical strength

Wow! You’re tough Cee!  🙂  My skin. Or maybe I should say my mom;s skin.  I inherited my mother’s skin, her mothers’. All the way back  to my Great and Great – Great Grandmother.


” Coffee shops in the United States arose from the espresso– and pastry-centered Italian coffeehouses of the Italian American immigrant communities in the major U.S. cities, notably New York City‘s Little Italy and Greenwich Village, Boston‘s North End, and San Francisco‘s North Beach. From the late 1950s onward, coffeehouses also served as a venue for entertainment, most commonly folk performers during the American folk music revival. This was likely due to the ease at accommodating in a small space a lone performer accompanying himself or herself only with a guitar. Both Greenwich Village and North Beach became major haunts of the Beats, who were highly identified with these coffeehouses.

As the youth culture of the 1960s evolved, non-Italians consciously copied these coffeehouses. The political nature of much of 1960s folk music made the music a natural tie-in with coffeehouses with their association with political action. A number of well-known performers like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan began their careers performing in coffeehouses. Blues singer Lightnin’ Hopkins bemoaned his woman’s inattentiveness to her domestic situation due to her overindulgence in coffeehouse socializing in his 1969 song “Coffeehouse Blues.”     ~ excerpt from wikipedia,org



Share Your World Week # 36

We know it’s another week when Cee posts a new weeks Share Your World. Think it looks fun, you’re right. And no tickets, no invite needed. Just show up on Cee’s blog  http://ceeslifephotographyblog.wordpress.com/2012/08/27/share-your-world-week-36/  She’d love to see you, and have you join us.


What calms you down?

Easy. Music.  Depending on the mood, depends on the tune.

 Right now a little  CSN ~ Crosby Stills & Nash.

  • Whats your favorite fantasy sandwich?

Roasted Turkey, fresh spinach, bean sprouts, avocado,, & cranberry on artesian bread.

  • What was your nickname growing up either as a kid or now?

Not Telling ~ Nah.. you already know it. Compliments of my own Grandmother & Mother. Lady barefoot Baroness. I really never wear shoes.

  • If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

I’d have to be blue.  Although being tickled pink is kind of nice too.


Share Your World Week #33

Although I am later in publishing this post than I had meant to  Cee’s questions are just in time to add back a bit of normalcy to our lives. For those of us who participate in SYW, and all of us who are mourning the deaths of those who lost their lives to a senseless massacre in Auroro Colorado let us begin the healing today with brightness and hope. 

In memory of these people; in the spirit of life and our need to be together through this tragedy I bring the names of those who lost their lives to our SYW and this week of mourning so that we may all be together here, if just for one moment of silence.

God Speed! We must believe your loss will not be in vain.

Jonathon T Blunk (26)

Alexander J Boik (18)

Jesse E Childress (29)

Gordon W Cowden (51)

Jessica Ghawi (24)

John Thomas Larimer (27)

Mathew R McQuinn (27)

Micayla C Medek (23)

Veronica Moser-Sullivan (6)

Alex M Sullivan (27)

Alexander C Teves (24)

Rebecca Ann Wingo (32)

moment of silence here:

In their memory

SHARE your world questions and my answers

  • (1) What type of pets do you have or want?

We have an orange tabby whose name is Truman. He looks like a cat but it all stops there. Truman actually has an identity crisis thinking he’s part person, part puppy, and lately part guinea pig. . He is also extremely verbal and the little fella makes the best nap buddy. He cannot stand being cold although he is just 8 yrs old. In the summertime when we have the A/C on you’ll find Truman asleep in the garage. Truman has been an inside cat all his life and will continue to be so. Although an indoor kitty he does travel, in 2010 he spent 7 hours on a road trip one way with us and spent a week on the Oregon coast being the “Beau of the Ball” at the resort.

  • (2)  Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures?

Take one look in our photo albums and scrapbooks and you’ll see that I prefer to take the photographs. Never feeling like I was very photogenic and rarely liking photos of myself I have to say I’ll stay behind the lens.

  • (3) What household chore do you absolutely hate doing?

Easy! Bathrooms. I detest doing bathrooms maybe because as the only girl child in our home growing up the bathroom chores always fell on me. I have two brothers, one older, one younger in my family. Need I say anything more? Thankfully I had two girls.  🙂

  • (4) What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?

I Love such great questions that for me I don’t have to really struggle to find that right answer as I so often do. I always enjoy having to reach down deep for good answers but to be honest I don’t have it in me this weekend.

The answer to my last question “wha’s your favorite least mode of transportation: is flying. I am not a good flyer and would rather take ground transportation when I can, Saying that it is my least favorite is a bit of an understatement as getting on an airplane terrifies me. It has cost me from doing the traveling my heart wants to take me on, but that  my mind plays tricks on me, and the thought strikes fear all through me. I have flown several times, and although I don’t like it I have come to a point in my life where the desire to travel and see new people, new things out weighs my fear.



Share Your World Week #30

This weeks SYW (Share Your World) entry was posted late with my blessings. Although Cee had no way of knowing that by being behind (per Cee) she was giving me the great gift of time. Our 13-year-old grand son T* arrived this weekend for a month’s visit and as I was rather taken with this handsome young man, he ended up being our entire weekend!

“And happily so!”, says his Nana!

As soon as he walked in the door I saw the change, and it was not just that he is taller than his 6 ‘2″ tall Papa. At just 13 years old T* very well could reach his great uncle’s 7 foot height, T* also has had a slow grace finally come into his actions. He no longer moves about like the colt who is just trying to find his legs. He also has a much deeper voice that now matches how tall  he has always been. People mistakes T*”s age because he’s so tall, and complete strangers have been doing so since he was about 10 years old. He holds up his end of a conversation so well that I would let him be included in almost any adult conversation that a group of people were discussing today. O am so proud of him I could bust.

So much changes happen with children in just such a few months. T* was here in March for a week of his spring break. In just 3 short months talks on the phone never spoke of the changes that were happening to him, that he was growing to be such a fine young man does not surprise me. That it happens in such a short time has blown me completely away. It shouldn’t, I have spent time away from my grandchildren enough to know that they grow without me being there with them.  How dare them, eh? I cannot stop them and God knows how  I have tried. 🙂  But that T* has grown so much – so fast  – was a surprise. So many changes all at once (it feels like to me) are remarkable &  extraordinary. He’s my only boy in our family of all girls and he’s my light. Watching him grow and being part of his life has meant that I have been able to be privy to what makes a good man in this world happen.

My busy weekend would never have allowed me the time to write and enjoy SYW questions as I do when I can take my time to answer. I dislike feeling rushed. So from my heart to your’s Cee thank you for this, and I do hope you were able to enjoy our lovely weather and that is why you were felling behind.

Lots on my mind this post, maybe I should turn in to two posts…… But I won’t.

Colorado Fires have been breaking my heart~

I have been thinking about Cee & Chris so much when I watch the news about their beloved Colorado, and now the fires. I do hope that no one they know and love are being affected by the fires. I also pray and hope that my bestie’s children and grand children are safe. Just returning home to the states after a tour in Peru they do not need this either in their lives. But who does? It’s just that this family is dear to me. I was listening to some of the victims who lost their homes and thanked God it was not them. I’ve lit my prayer candle yesterday for all the homeowner’s, their children, and the entire state.. If you can send thoughts, prayers & energy to these people who all seem to know that it was just things they lost.I admire their humbleness.  That they have their lives and the lives of their family members is all that counts.

President Obama has declared the areas as disastrous zones so help from our government is finally coming. If anyone would like to send help to these families who have lost everything you may do so through the link below. It is a link sponsored by CBS News so you should have some sense of credibility if sending monetary donations. These people need everything, especially personal items such as clothing, toiletries, etc..

Here is the CBS link:


I do hope I have not lost you!

Now onto this weeks fun questions.

  • You are invited to a party that will be attended by many fascinating people you never met.  Would you attend this party if you were to go by yourself?

Me? No way! It’s not my style First I am not much of a party attendee. I’d only go to something like this if it was work related and I had no choice. Never mind for social reasons. 

  • If you were the original designer of one existing corporate logo, which one would you select?

Oh Gosh, something else I find hard to choose. Logo and brand names I really don’t do. I’m not even sure I know of any. That being said; I actually have a pair of prescription eye glasses that the frames are Calvin Klein. Not because of the name were they chosen, but because I love the frames was the reason. I hid the case which  came with them but bears the brand name. I;m not doing anyone’s advertising for them, Thank you…

So my answer will be ….Let’s see…..this is stretching for me.. I’ll say… Levi Strauss Jeans. Nah.. not Calvin!

  • If you could be a student of any university in the world right now, where would you enroll?  irregardless of which university assume they teach what you want to study.

Oxford. I’d love the old vintage ambiance of the campus. I love the history. It would be my fantasy. I’m giggling at irregardless too ( I know you are having a wonderful belly giggle, my bestie.  [private joke so please forgive me] ), must have been written by a Oregonian, eh?

  • If you had to spend one weekend alone in a single public building or institution, which building would you choose?

Yeah!! One I have not had to think one second about! The answer for me would be a Library without a doubt. Bring me food, water, and my pillow  I could exist the rest of my life there. And Happily So!

I hope you enjoyed the Share Your World questions and if you are up for the challenge please join us all each week. We have a blast sharing with one another the questions our author and founder Cee sets out for us each week. The Share Your World (SYW) link is at Cee’s blog: Cee’s Life Photography @ http://ceeslifephotographyblog.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/share-your-world-week-30/

Thanks so much Cee for another weeks amazingingly fun questions. I was really stumped by a couple questions this week.. Good job on that~

Please, come join the fun!


Share Your World Week # 27

It’s true that I am late this week with my entry to Share Your World and its also true that I have been lax and neglectful of my blog and my blogging buddies of late. For this I am not offering up some lame excuse. Not today. I might some other time, but today I am able to just shake it off. This is what it is. I have not intentionally ignored anyone, but I have intently stayed off-line. I needed to.

I’ve been writing though. And I finished a whole chapter in less than a weeks time. That is unheard of for me. So whatever happened I am thankful for. It’s was a strange week in many ways. Not bad, and in many ways good.But where my mojo came from I have no clue. Like it or love it IT just came.

This chatter is meant only as a way of saying where I’ve been. I know I am losing readership because of it and for that I am sorry. But as I said in the beginning of this blog and need to gently nudge myself in reminder:”I started this blog to write”. The readership and followers is a bonus I never expected. I’m not sure if I lost sight of what was meant to be, or just found a path less traveled on by me.

Cee who I have found a unique friendship with, and who for so many reasons has enriched my world in ways I never knew and who is the creator of this charming ritual of what we now as SYW. And the plus that she lives in my home state is pretty cool. Cee & her partner in life Chris are on embarking on a journey of long-awaited dreams. Can I ask that if you are reading this post today that you say a small prayer. along with positive thoughts and energy.

In spite of getting this week;s post out late I am dedicating this week of # 27 Share Your World to Cee & Chris in celebration of life.

Dear Cee & Chris, This week we here at WP Worldwide, and people you don’t even know but who know you are celebrating both of you!!

Come and join in the fun each week of sharing parts of your world with us. All you need to know can be found at here on Cee’s blog: http://ceeslifephotographyblog.wordpress.com/2012/06/09/share-your-world-week-27/#comments

She is both founder and creator of Share Your World (SYW) Week, and I know she’d love you to join us.

And here is this weeks questions:

  • 1. If 100 people your age were chosen at random, how many do you think you’d find leading a more satisfying and joyful life than yours?


More Than Mine?  Not many. I am not sure that there are those whose life is more satisfying. Or joyful. This is a tough one. I just don’t know how to answer this one.

[Note: This is why I don’t read your answer’s first. I know that when I find myself stumped I could get something conjured up in my mind if I read others responses. But I want my answers, even though they may be lame, to be authentically mine.]
  • 2.  Which would you rather have, 100 million dollars or true love?

No question. True love! I’d rather be stone broke, not a penny to my name as long as my the love of my life was my asset. I have been having a blessing of my life by having My True Love in my life for 42 years now. Working towards 43. I have to say that there is not a dollar sign in this Universe that could persuade me to trade-off my True Love. No Way!!

  • 3. If you had to cancel one month of the year forevermore, so that period of time no longer existed, which month would go? And Why?

The month would be March. The reason is it is my birth date month. I’d much rather not have to count those months as they go by as my age. Not because I am bothered by age or age bias, but because I really have no sense of age. My sense of my self age wise feels no different from I did at the age of 30, or 35. I would rather not be bothered by these monthly reminders that this specific number matters to some.

  • 4. You’re given one million dollars, what do you spend it on?

The first expenditures would be homes for our two daughters and one for our granddaughter. Then in trust monies for grandson’s home when he becomes age appropriate. I would also want to ensure all their education as well as any that our daughters wanted was taken care of. Then dependable cars for each of them. I’d like a medium size motor home for my husband & I  to tour the US of A. Our homeland which I have seen little of. The balance then would be split between a local children’s foundation for Child Abuse named The Kids Center, and for Autism Awareness.