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Share Your World Week # 37

One of the things I most look forward to is Cee’s weekly challenge Share Your World, http://ceeslifephotographyblog.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/share-your-world-week-37/

Cee would love to have you all jump on board. Starting any where is a perfectly acceptable. Don’t let that stop you. Go on.. give it a try. If you find it’s not your thing what have you lost?


Cee’s Share Your World question’s this week.

  • 1. Do you believe in the afterlife?  Reincarnation?

Really? In how many pages I should have to share?  Yes. I believe in all things possible.

  • 2. For your computer Mac or Windows-based computer?  Desktop, laptop or other?

Windows, Laptop Gave my desk top to kids last year and have not regretted it,I’ve never even used a MAC operating system..hmm…maybe I am missing something?…….Nah!

  • 3 If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

My grandchildren’s births again.Historic for me.

  • 4. What are you reading fiction or non-fiction or studying and would you recommend it?


Patricia Cornwell:  “Black Notice Richmond VA Chief Medical Officer’s nightmares begin when a cargo shop arrives at  the shipyard’s water terminal from Belgium – holding a deceased stowaway.   Always a good read.

Sarah’s Key: Like Sophia’s Choice , it’s a story so far that is touches both the heart and to the soul. by Tatiana de Rosnay

Writing Life Stories by Bill Roorbach – pretty self-explanatory. The first writing exercise Bill has you attempt is writing about the first home you lived in as a chid,   & your neighborhood. He suggests you start with a sketch. I was blown over, time and time again ss I drew. Memories would flood over me. By the time I moved to the narration I had so much material I then had to sort. pretty cool.

Thanks Cee! It’s always a party! ~no one should listen to Cream do “I Feel Free” At 2:30 in the morning unless it’s a party Right?

Thanks Friend!


Share Your World Sunday #15

Sharing Your World Sunday is a fun and wonderful way for fellow and sister bloggers to get to know one another. Cee, the creator and publisher of this cool weekly challenge comes up with thoughtful and provoking questions each week for those of us who are participating to share.

I’m so late in sending this out, here it is almost another Sunday. My mind was not and has not been on blogging or writing if any kind in the past week as I have been having the greatest joy of vacationing with my bestie. Leaving home last Saturday for the Oregon coast was as distracting as I wanted it to be. I’ve thought and done little else but the beach, creating hand crafted greeting cards and being with the one person outside my family who I’d trust with my life. And do.

 So here is hoping you enjoy reading my answers as well as the others who are having great fun each week by drawing from their own histories to find their own answers.


  1. If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?

I’d hope to only have to change city or town because moving away from Oregon would be too painful. I’ve done it to move to Washington state which for many would believe it to be not much different. I as a native Oregonian am saying there is much difference between Oregon & Washington. Therefor the case being I’d not leave my beloved Oregon (hey, it’s my fantasy right?) I’d move towns. I would move from the high desert to the north coast. There is a small coastal town and community I have been enamored with since childhood days and continues today as an adult. I’m not citing the town’s name only because it is a gem and I’d rather not share it so publicly for fear of the town’s beauty being swarmed up by visiting tourists. I’ll share privately if you are that interested. But if you are looking for all the bells and whistles of a touristy small town you no doubt will have to look further.

             2. If your were car or truck what make, model, year and color would you be?

I’d without any hesitation be a baby blue 1955 chevy. I’ll leave you all to figure out why.

  • 3. What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?

Travel around my own country and the world. I am an armchair tourist quite often living vicariously through my dear family, friend’s and bloggers. Many destinations are a part of my bucket list.

  • 4. Where do you eat breakfast?

I have my coffee, fruit & toast at the breakfast nook or bar that borders my kitchen and my dining room. The large dining table affords me room to spread the daily paper out to be read, and also puts me in the vicinity of my kitchen as I start to prepare our daily calories into something pretty and palatable.


~ Share Your World Sunday ~

Sunday February 12, 2012

I found a most interesting and creative way to get to know your followers better. And for them t get to know you. On diabeticredemption’s blog she has shared a very inventive weekly questionnaire that asks us to share bizarre answers about ourselves.

Thanks to a creative and talented photographer, Cee’s creation, we have this chance to know one another better. If you play along. I say bizarre only in that it would take me forever and a few years to think of the things she asks. I like that.

Despite that I came in  this late Sunday I am honored even more that I was asked to be included. So although it is technically Monday, early Monday morning I am still up partying from the Grammy Awards (don’t I wish that is why I am up still?) I am considering it still Sunday night in my reality.

Below is her link to the Share Your World Sunday post. I think it’s a fun and distracting way to break up the hard work of writing. I am honored that I have been included. The directions are included below the link here on my post above my own answers.

I hope you enjoy the game, getting to know just a few more things about myself. Now….Tag!   Its your turn.


Today is Share Your World Sunday, a challenge created by Cee. I’m including her paragraph of instructions with the questions. Thanks, Cee, as always, this was a lot of fun.  Here’s Cee:

For this week, I’ve added a 5th question since I think they are easier questions to answer. I hope you have some fun playing along. I’m so thrilled some of you participated {the} last…few weeks. It sure was fun learning about all of us.

Can you change a car tire?

Are you a collector of anything?

If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to?

What are you  wearing right now?

If you could be a tree or plant, what would you be?

My answers:

#1 I can change a tire but honestly would use every feminine wiles I have to not have to. Just saying.
#2 I’ve collected elephants since I was a young child. They must not be representative of elephants being enslaved to circuses.
#3 Padraigin [pad-riash-in]  My Irish heritage.
#4 Betty Boop Night Gown. What?
#5  A Trillium. And if you happen by me; please just look, touch softly, and do not pick. For I am one of very few and if I am picked from this spot I am not coming back. Ever!

Tag! You’re it!

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