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Share Your World Sunday Week # 25

This is the day of the week I look forward to the most in regards to my blog life.  This weeks were fun, thought-provoking, and inspiring. I’d completely forgotten about that I used to be a picky eater. Thanks to Cee this memory has surfaced and now I am making plans for a layout about this in an altered mixed media memory book. This is exactly one of the reasons why I like this writing challenge each week. It draws up memories in the strangest ways,

  1. What’s my favorite holiday and why?

This would be the Holy Season of Christmas. It was always my mom’s favorite holiday although she really went nuts for all holidays Christmas time she became a little girl again. I think I adopted my moms love for this time of year and then I had lids. There is nothing better in my heart than seeing the children at Christmas time. I love the bling of the decorations, the goodies that get baked, the time spent with family and friends over a hot chocolate with mint. This is a time of year when I believe stresses of all kinds should be set aside until the new year, letting the spirit of the season shine on all things with peace and jo

        2. Do you prefer your food separated or mixed together?

This is a funny question for me and only Cee would know why. Thanks for this Cee.  I was at one time extremely picky about how I ate my meal, but also how it was laid out on my plate. I visualized the plate being divided into pir wedges, each part of the meal had its own wedge, or in the case of protein – two wedges. {This was when I was a child so the plate was divided far different from it is today,} I would then eat each wedge’s food supply one by one. Not mixing the potatoes into my corn. Then I got married and had children. Two things happened. The first was my husband’s D’s fried potatoes and eggs. D makes the most scrumptious fried potatoes. I have had him try to teach me so that I could duplicate his technique letting him off the hook some weekend mornings.To no avail.  After frying the spuds he then adds the whole eggs, one at a time onto to the top of the spuds and gently finishes the egg. The 1st time he made this family recipe of his mom’s for me I was certain I not would not like it because the eggs and spuds were mixed. I was really worried about being able to politely try them without gagging. The very first bite was not polite. I could hardly get it to my mouth. I added a piece of crispy bacon bite to the spoonful, smelling only the bacon which I could eat day or night as I raised it to my mouth with eyes shut tight. I was prepared to get sick and to be embarrassed. Instead I was so delightfully surprised to find that I liked the salty crispy crunchy on the outside, meaty, fluffy, potato that has bits of scrambled eggs mixed throughout.(the bacon bite was my addition) I had completely forgotten than I was eating mixed foods. Today this dish is my all the time go to comfort foo and there are now some foods that I will mix on my plate as I am eating..

      3.Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say?

No, I am strictly an Ab liber. There have been times when I was younger for particular business phone calls I would create a script. But I would get on the phone and my personality could not be reined in so it blew my script out the window and I would wing it. So my answer would be I wing it.

     4. When you are with your friends. Do your interactions include much touching—for example, hugging, kissing, rough housing, rubbing backs?   Would you like to have more of this?

I am a touchy feely kind of person. I am of the belief that humans need that touch from one another. I believe it is healing and something that we should be doing and feeling from others every day, at least. That being said I also have come to respect people’s space, not everyone I meet is comfortable with my touchy feely way. I try to get a feel if the person is into being touched by their interactions with others, and if ever in doubt I just don’t hug or touch. When I talk I have a tendency to reach out and touch a hand, a shoulder or an arm. I am by nature a deeply affectionate person and I’d be lost without affection being reciprocated.

I would always like more affection and more hugging. As long as it is sincere and not being done because it feels expected.


©tjhelser 2012

Story Telling ~ Paper Art Style

Thinking that having all my story pages, scrapbook layouts in one place would be a brilliant idea as a back up. All these layouts and more are in albums. It will take me years to upload them here at WP but as another gallery online its a perfect idea in my mind.

Along with hand crafted cards, collages,paper sculptures & carvings, home decor projects,multi=medium altered journals, and hand crafted mini albums, & story books are all  just part of what I see my Paper Art Gallery containing.

I also will be taking a bit of a risk. But a very tiny,  small one.

I hope that anyone stopping by enjoys something a bit different for my blog. Another side of me… if you will.

Hoping you all enjoy, or even better yet become inspired.


"Talking About My Guy ~ 2011


"I Will Always Love you' 2011


" Original Daughter"


Rockaway Oregon ~ 2009





These page layouts are all of my family. From my BFF, my husband of going on 42 years, YES! I said 42 years, to our two daughter’s who are our finest works, and our two grandchildren. Our granddaughter is 19 yrs old a freshman at The university of Oregon, and our grandson who is 12 years old and is going to be an NBS player & star.

Also included is our beloved Rockaway Oregon’s spectacular sunsets and my best galpal here where I live.

I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into my small world.

Thanks for visiting and taking the time. ~


<©tjhelser 2012

Oh Baby…….

My sweet first and only bio-granddaughter. My sweet angel who is now 18 years old. I cannot quite believe it let alone accept it. My sweet little model who every photographer wanted a shot of. My gift from God literally. I discovered her little life was beginning the very same week I learned my mother’s was ending. My merciful God knew that to send me this angel would help lessen the pain. And she did. I lost my mom in August and my Sweetpea was born in early Spring.

She’s just a beautiful baby. She’s my heart, she’s my love. She’s my baby even at eighteen years of age, just as she was at eighteen months.

My Little Lady ~

Some Story Telling

These are a few of the scrapbooking layouts I created in 2009. I’d love to eventually move all my images of my mixed works here in one place. we’ll see. That’s a large chore and I’d rather be writing or actually creating new pieces. So no promises to myself. I am challenged by seeing the progression I’ve made as time goes on. But then maybe I should not be so ready to see what I may be war of.

Hmmm… whose your own worst critic?

  My son and daughter-in-law’s wedding photo in the apple orchard of B. C. ~ 2009

Family Joy ~ 2009 ~ My youngest daughter and her baby. He’s 12 yrs old and over 6′!  His goal?  To be an NBA star of course.

My Bestie in the best place on earth. ~ 2009

Two Sister’s Strike a look a like pose ~ 2009 ~ This is my youngest daughter and step daughter hamming it up.

Name something you’d like a lifetime supply of.

These paper petals will make great paper 3D flowers some day

Easy answer for me.  Paper! Any paper would do but I am partial to pattern papers, hand-made papers, papers with some weight such as card stock, velum, onion paper… I’d do just fine for the rest of my life with paper. I could even do without scissors or a trimmer of some sort, and could do without scissors.
I can tear the papers, and even make glue with flour. Not exactly archival but whose looking when it’s using your life time supply?

5 Random Facts About Me


5 Random Facts

This layout is about me.  The story teller, the mom, the grandparent, the sister and the wife.  Scrapbookers, story tellsers, photographers, family historians are all fabulous story tellers about other people.

Can you imagine what your future generations in your family is going to think about th person who wrote  documents all the dates, told all the story’s and knew who all the rpeople were in the photo graphs. But who was that person?

This layout was a challenge for me, by  a well know scrapbook design team member and an artist;   Miss Stacy Julian.

Stacy challened the story teller in me to tell a short story about myself. There are obvious missing links in my memory, scrap and altered  books about our family.  ME!   This was the whole point behind the challenge.  Do you all know how hard it is to write something, somewhat meaningfu,l about yourself?   Even with a prompt I still struggled.

This is 5 Random Facts about myself. 

Now my turn to challenge you. Tag, you’re it!