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5 Random Facts About Me


5 Random Facts

This layout is about me.  The story teller, the mom, the grandparent, the sister and the wife.  Scrapbookers, story tellsers, photographers, family historians are all fabulous story tellers about other people.

Can you imagine what your future generations in your family is going to think about th person who wrote  documents all the dates, told all the story’s and knew who all the rpeople were in the photo graphs. But who was that person?

This layout was a challenge for me, by  a well know scrapbook design team member and an artist;   Miss Stacy Julian.

Stacy challened the story teller in me to tell a short story about myself. There are obvious missing links in my memory, scrap and altered  books about our family.  ME!   This was the whole point behind the challenge.  Do you all know how hard it is to write something, somewhat meaningfu,l about yourself?   Even with a prompt I still struggled.

This is 5 Random Facts about myself. 

Now my turn to challenge you. Tag, you’re it!