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Winter’s Wild Wonderland

Finding delight during the height of the Christmas season brings a special sparkle. I love the classic (might I say vintage?) Christmas songs we all have grown up with, Hearing them year after year brings with them attached memories. I have this my first Christmas being single been especially remembering Christmas with my brothers, and with that has brought the soft feeling of being a bit homesick.

So this year I am going home!

The week after Christmas my daughter & I will be with my brothers & their families. I have a grand-niece who I will be meeting for the first, I am so looking forward to the trip. My brothers don’t know we are coming. My sister in-laws’ and I decided to make a surprise out of it for both my brothers who think they will not see me at all this holiday.

This means a road trip with my daughter as we will be making the trek across the Cascade Mountain range from our small home town on the high desert to the big city of Portland Oregon, Affectionately known as P-town.

All of this is very weather dependent of course. because of the temperamental climate of the wild winter wonderland of the Oregon mountains. Makes me think of the Christmas son Winter Wonderland.

The trip over the mountain pass this time of year can be quite a wild adventure if caught up at 6000-7000 feet above sea level in white out conditions.  (Think good thoughts for us please)

It can also be the most Zenful trip of the year  bringing an incredible sense of peace over your whole being. This stunning winter wonderland drive over the pass very soon begins to creates a calm and quiet that gently blankets the energy inside the car. No one speaks. Everyone feels it. Our breath is literally taken by the crisp and pure beauty that lies in every direction our eyes can scan.

And the silence. the blissful silence of snow. Only the subtle tapping cadence from the studded snow tires needed for traction keep time for the orchestrated quiet.  There is no radio reception, no cell/mobile service, and there is a sense for great reverence for that kind of wild winter wonderland silence. So we honor that for a bit of time and just drive.

We are in the middle of a national forest

 A deep humble sigh escape while softly smiling. Gratitude for the gift of living amongst such spectacular grace of nature is a shared thought. Day dreams about the little cabin nestled under the shelter of the great pines, tall sentry’s guarding at its sides. Then the narratives begin. As we wind through the mountains with the back drop of the sun glancing brilliant light off the snow we begin to spin tales. The stories we tell and build with one another;  the songs we make up on the fly singing together, and the silly laughter.

All part of the magic.

….and then once again the silence will come.

Oregon’s Wild Winter Wonderland.

Merry Christmas Y’all!


Thank you Terri @ Daily Sweet Peas

An Incredible surprise and gift today from my blogger friend Terri @ DAILY SWEET PEAS WAS AN ABSOLUTE SHOCK!!


Thank You Kind and Thoughtful Terri!  You made my day more than I’ll ever be able to express with words no matter how long I may try. Just cannot happen. I wish that a real physical hug was possible but in lieu of hat I am sending you a virtual hug that I hope squeezes your heart tight. Hope you’re able to feel it being sent.

Terri’s marvelously amazing blog can be found at:  http://dailysweetpeas.com/

If you have not visited Terri’s blog you are missing out on her Sweet Peas of life that she shares with her readers. Terri’s Sweet Peas regarding her loving father are some of my personal favorites. Every girl should have the kind of relationship with her father that Terri had with her beloved Dad. For those of who did not have that kind of blessing reading Terri’s Sweet Peas helps show us another kind of life a daughter & father could have. If they put as much love into as these two did.

Terri has a keen interests in, and writes about;  music, art, and nature, and of course her Sweet Peas also includes just everyday kind of stories too. I just enjoy finding an email alert on the mornings Terri has posted. They are a great accompaniment with  my morning coffee and hearing the birds having breakfast in the back yard.

Again Terri, you made my day on a day I needed just a word of encouragement. That it came in this form brought tears to my eyes. (until I read your food list which sent me into a fit of giggles) Suffice it to say that a doctor’s appointment yesterday left me feeling at times in the last 24 hours to question once again the medical community I live in. So as not o come across as dramatic and not to deflect of my sincere message please know that I am not intimating anything life  threatening. I needed to say that. You helped turn my upside down smile right side up today. Thanks ever so much!

On to the Award “requisites”  of the Awarded:

As the history goes with this award  that the “newly” or the “re-awarded again” Awarded (me) should first list 15 bloggers that they find deserving of this award. This award is given to Bloggers who have Versatile posts, subjects and topics on their blogs. I kind of like that requisite for this award.

My list of 15 is just that a list of 15 that fulfills this “requisite”. It is a hard 15 to choose. I do not follow hundreds of blogs, not even a 100 actually. I am apparently choosy and select as I have under 50 Blogs I follow. So I am either a lazy blog follower or I am select. As I said I choose to be select.

If you have received this award before and are receiving it again it because I am hoping  no one misses your Blog. You must not feel the need to do any part of the ‘”requisites” again unless you want to. If this is the first time you are receiving this award please include the award badge on your blog and it would be awesome of you to play along and pass the awards forward, but hey, there are no award police that I know of.

Here we go…

My list of 15:
















7 things you may not know about me~

1. I really am a Barefoot Baroness. Really! My Husband is a German Baron. We live in the states, and he is removed a” few” generations  from His Great Grandfather. His family name was changed when his family immigrated to the United States. This and the fact that I rarely wear shoes or socks unless I have to all of my life. And ironically in a wonderful twist as a young child my own grandmother nick named  me Barefoot Baroness because of it.

2. I am the granddaughter of one of the founding grandmothers for the US Foster Grandparent Program. My late Grandmother, Opal Greaby Sr. was invited to the White House by 3 different US Presidents for award dinners of which she was warded each time.

3. I love chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate brownies.

4.I create roses out of paper.

5. I am the granddaughter of the 1923 Rose Festival Queen of the annual Portland Oregon Rose Festival.

6 I bake the best Banana Bread

7. I have managed a country rock band. My little brothers local band.

Thanks again so much for taking the time to visit my blog. I am grateful for each one of you who stops by.

About those who I have nominated; make yourself a gift tonight/today and visit one of their blogs. I know you are going to really delightfully surprised.!