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Sculpting With Paper

Paper Sculpting

My next coveted paper adventure  in extreme. As the video shows you. This is what I am aspiring next to do with simply paper and an Exact -o-Knife™ with a single sheet of glass underneath for my cutting surface. That’s it!

I want to venture into a new phase by taking what I do with molding, sculpting, and folding so that I can to alter paper from flat sheet to something  2D next. I believe my love of architecture plays a role in my desire to sculpt and build with paper. I have been gearing up for this by creating 2d flowers out of just paper and  a spot of adhesive.

This is a whole new concept on sculpting,

I have done some 2D work. I love to create paper flowers such as these paper roses I do. Being able to be whimsical in the color schemes that Mother Nature just does not grow herself is empowering. I decide.

I have lately been working on creating a hydrangea and a daffodil (narcissus) but have nothing that qualifies for a photo shoot just yet.

My ambition to do paper sculpture is a progression of what I do, I like how life works that way adding new lessons when we are open to them. The flowers, mini-fans, mini-handbags, mini canvases that I am able to spatially see is what I will need for creating the different effects I want. I am fascinated by the nature of the pulp fibers in paper and how they interact with different paper weights and different mediums. It is baffling just how they can be manipulated.

Paper sculpting of the Floral Kind

bl rse paper rose2

bluepaper rose1

While on the subject of what the lowly, but ever so lovely sheet of paper can do  I’ll share some Spring Vibes with the  Easter cards I created for the little egg hunters in my life. I believe the kids will enjoy the cards, and the adults will simply smile.

Enjoy ~

easter crack up

easter dino

easter wish

easter bunny w ballon

Signature 2013

Making Paper Garden?

My friend  & sister of the the heart had asked about my paper roses.http://itsarealpain.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/day-114-help/ This is for her  I have a close-up of a couple that were made  ( 20 ) for a Red Hat High Tea in 2011. Although I do create them just out of paper and adhesive they are not my original technique; they can be found in plenty in the paper art world. Making them especially in the evening with music relaxes me.  Works out great for a lowly old piece of paper. These paper roses were used to decorate individual tea boxes that sat on each table. They have nothing else embellished to them. There a few other ways to dress them up and one is using micro=glitter so it looks like fine drops of dew. Fun.~

Paper Roses: materials: pattern scrapbook paper & Aileen’s Tacky adhesive


Story Telling ~ Paper Art Style

Thinking that having all my story pages, scrapbook layouts in one place would be a brilliant idea as a back up. All these layouts and more are in albums. It will take me years to upload them here at WP but as another gallery online its a perfect idea in my mind.

Along with hand crafted cards, collages,paper sculptures & carvings, home decor projects,multi=medium altered journals, and hand crafted mini albums, & story books are all  just part of what I see my Paper Art Gallery containing.

I also will be taking a bit of a risk. But a very tiny,  small one.

I hope that anyone stopping by enjoys something a bit different for my blog. Another side of me… if you will.

Hoping you all enjoy, or even better yet become inspired.


"Talking About My Guy ~ 2011


"I Will Always Love you' 2011


" Original Daughter"


Rockaway Oregon ~ 2009





These page layouts are all of my family. From my BFF, my husband of going on 42 years, YES! I said 42 years, to our two daughter’s who are our finest works, and our two grandchildren. Our granddaughter is 19 yrs old a freshman at The university of Oregon, and our grandson who is 12 years old and is going to be an NBS player & star.

Also included is our beloved Rockaway Oregon’s spectacular sunsets and my best galpal here where I live.

I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into my small world.

Thanks for visiting and taking the time. ~


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Name something you’d like a lifetime supply of.

These paper petals will make great paper 3D flowers some day

Easy answer for me.  Paper! Any paper would do but I am partial to pattern papers, hand-made papers, papers with some weight such as card stock, velum, onion paper… I’d do just fine for the rest of my life with paper. I could even do without scissors or a trimmer of some sort, and could do without scissors.
I can tear the papers, and even make glue with flour. Not exactly archival but whose looking when it’s using your life time supply?