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Living Proud * Living Loud

{Inspired by the project for September’s Chronic Pain Awareness Month 2012}


I am a person of deep faith. My faith runs proud and it runs loud and brings to my life a constant sense of Hope and Dreams. Having hope allows the possibility of my dreams to sustains me. I have finally found a way to own that.

To Live It Proud,  To Live It Loud. (in my heart)

I believe in the spiritual power of Hopes and Dreams. I believe that keeping Hope alive is as essential to my life as is breathing. The times without hoping for dreams are as dark as they are bleak. Time’s of my past, I know My faith needs to include hope for dreams, and now shines lightness and brilliance.

I am not so naive or such an overly positive person that I do not know things, events, life can get in the way and dampen the lightness & sparkle. There was a time when I believed chronic illness had wiped all those dreams and my hopes away. It was like a light had been switched off suddenly, and life became smothered in darkness.

Without HOPE dreams are useless.

Yet dreams are persistent in some magical way. maybe they never  really do leave you alone. Instead, possibly when the light went out it only shadowed all my dreams, I believe in all possibilities.

With light being what light is, it spilled glancing glows despite myself, showing me that it is I that has been completely unaware, and had turned away; reminding my soul that it is up to me to see and to feel the castings of the small glimmers of hope. “They are there” a reminder from the universe. A reminder glimmering in the shadows.

Possibilities?  Dreams? Hope?

Was it possible that I was not seeing that dreams were still there in the shadowed light? Could it be all along that they have always been right there under my own nose? Just because I was not seeing? Or refusing to admit what I was seeing was real.  Hope & Dreams” as I thought they should be, meaning = I was not seeing them at all. The Should have’s, the could have’s, the what if’s  all got in the way, they have no place in Hope & Dreams,  that is where I became confused.

Listening to my soul is an option. There are no should haves or would haves, there are no what if’s or could be’s.. It just is. That is what my faith is. It’s all, or it’s nothing with soul talk, no more second guessing, the light shines brightly through and I see it.

My eyes are opened wide today. Soul talk is a powerful thing. It takes a leap of great faith to listen to the soul sometimes when it feels frightening. I’d quite rather be frightened with a deep faith in something more powerful than I than to be without. This spirit feeds me, why would  I ever question it?

Today I Live Proud.  I Live Loud.  I Live again with my Hope for Dreams.


Am I Still Who I was? Reposted from FullCircledMe


The above link is to my latest post on my other blog FullCircledMe. I am not going to try to pull some sheep over your eyes by saying that I am posting the link here for altruistic reason.

The truth is that I am just trying to build up readership on FullCircledMe. I thought maybe you dear readers who come here on the baroness’s blog may be interested in the newest post on FullCircledMe. It would be my hope.

And please know and trust that if it is not your thing I understand, and would never hold it against you or our blogging friendship. Some people find these kind of topics unsettling for many reasons which is why I created FullCircledMe in the first place.

What every your choice may be, please enjoy today and know that I always come to your blog with peace and love. I trust that you are here in that same spirit.

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

What would you do if I sang out of tune,

Would you stand up and walk out on me.

Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song,

And I’ll try not to sing out of key.

Oh I get by with a little help from my friends,

Mmm,I get high with a little help from my friends,

Mmm, I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends.

Do you need anybody?

I need somebody to love.

Could it be anybody?

I want somebody to love.

By The Beatles

Note To Readers: Yeah, I struck through the word “high” in the lyrics. It is not so much of a moral statement as it is more of a way for me to note with seriouss and with great respect for anesthesia while appreciating the aspects of being given good drugs and have them monitored safely by a credible doctor or registered nurse when  appropriate.

Yesterday while having the nerves in my neck, C3,4, C 4, 5, “Fried” I was never more grateful for the great gains in anesthesiology than I was during the RAF Ablation I had done yesterday. Help for both:  help with the light sedation that I found was necessary in more ways than I just assumed by what  my own need would be necessary during the procedure, and help with pain reliever which had actually never occurred to me that would be needed dduring the process. But it was. The general local I was given was never going to be enough. Despite the fact that Dr Swift had never had the procedure done himself it became obvious in a number of ways that he was concerned with his patients comfort. This is unusual in my experience. Typically the surgeon has no clue, wants none beyond the logistics of his or her role on the procedure, which I can appreciate. I am grateful that for the assurance that the process no matter what it is they are able to compartmentalize what is happening in front of them. That being said though there is a big difference between the doctors who are also able to be compassionate. I consider it a blessing to have a doctor who can do both.

For the sedation they used Versaid. [sic] The usual medicine used for surgery. It helps us relax, even in terms of receiving a General Anesthesia where the patient is put completely asleep it’s used to help the not remember a thing should they become aware of anything that was going on. It is the medicine most adults over 50 are familiar with, is used for colonoscopy’s.

The registered Nurse who was administering the meds intravenous was extremely conscientious with every step of the way. She was the only one who had told me about the fact that being burned on the skin from the radio-frequency at the procedure sight was a possibility. And that I being fair-skinned especially had a good chance. Its like being sunburned, which I get easily. The trick was going to be to ice it, ice and more ice.

Another aspect of the nurse whose name is Rene is that she was really good about explaining the procedure. I was wondering at the start of her explaining why Dr Swift or someone had not explained before arriving for the procedure. There are some elements that may have freaked me out, I may have gave in knowning about this, and then talked myself out of doing it. Once there and in her hands I felt safe. She explained to me that once the actual burning started that Dr Swift is excellent about staying in touch with the patient and asking how she is feeling. Rene said at any time I needed more of any of the medicines or the numbing agent to say something. DR Swift she said was really good about stopping, waiting for more meds to be administered. That I should not for any reasons hesitate. This information was platinum!

The pain medicine used, which I frankly had not though about needing except for post the procedure is another typical pain medicine used to keep a patient comfortable during a painful procedure if being conscious is the mandate. For an ablation it is necessary the patient be awake so that the doctor may talk with her during the process. I recognized that post the Ablation there may be points where stronger pain medicines might be valuable, the nerves are dying off after all and that cannot feel too good until they are in fact dead. And I have been warned that it can get worse before it does get better because of the nerves dying.

Without the help from these two medications I would never have been able to get through the procedure. Maybe not even the very first instruction given to me. Unlike the two test injections prior to this actual; Ablation they had me lie on my right side. The injections going in the left side of my neck as it is the left side that is being affected. The acual Ablation though required me to lie on my stomach, the actual Burning would need to go through the back of my neck. For anyone who has neck (cervical) issues, who has cervical surgery, and like me who  also has had a cervical fusion where I have a Titanium Plate graphed to my spine lying on my stomach is almost impossible. The positioning of my spine now I suppose because of the plate makes it impossible to bend my neck the small fractions it takes to move it into some sense of comfort. It helped that there was a massage pillow on the gurney table where I was able to put my nose, mouth, and chin. I could not though have been able to hold that pose for no 30 minutes without the pain medications and the sedative which helped relax my muscles.

Hence my above note regarding the lyrics I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends.

My Personal  Sidenote: Cause I just happen to think its so cool.

Speaking of friends and small towns (well somewhere we were) I have to share a sweet piece of private trivia. My nurse Rene was mentioning that she was keeping an eye on the 10 day local forecast. I wondered why and asked,. She said she was getting married in 10 days and it was an outside wedding. I was not surprised, June weddings and all.  I had no real personal interest over her wedding but wished her well and promised to do the sunshine dance for nice weather. My husband had been sitting quietly beside us,  I assumed pretty bored at three women (our daughter #2 was there as well) discussing wedding plans.  Oh Ho Hum….But he perked up and asked her is she would not by any chance be marrying Dr S. My husband D sees Dr S at the same clinic that I see Dr Swift at, and the surgical center I was having the procedure at is connected to. Swift. So, Dr Swift, Dr S and the nurse that stayed with me the entire time all work for the same clinic. And the nurse Rene and Dr S are getting married. What a small world it is. As soon as she knew D is a patient of Dr S it was like we were family. In fact when Rene walked me out tp our car pin being released she hugged me! So cool that we live in such a small town, and sometimes I complain about being small and the medical community being so tied together. I am so happy tp see the good side of that. And I am seeing it more and more if I am jsut patient and wait.

The procedure went really well.We listened to Journey, Steve Perry doing the lead vocals. One of my absolute fave of a bands os all time. But it has to be Steve Perry doing the leads. I was kind of touched that someone in that OR room had remembered a conversation about music we had during one of my test injections. Small town, you gotta love it.I ended up having to have more of the sedation medicine and the numbing agent Lidocaine.administered fairly soon after the first catheter was put in place. I could feel it. True to the word the process stopped as soon as I said something. None of thise, “oh we’re almost there, if you vcan just hand on a lttle longer.” The meds received, the procedure went on. I was good again not neding more meds until the thrd burn. I could feel even the heat of the tip which I now cannot rmember how many degrees he told us. The things we block .The action once again stopped at my rewiest fpr what  dd not know. I did know it hurt and I was not able to handle it. They answer of course was more pain medicine. I am so glad they have done a few times ir so.

I was doing so well after they let me leaving earlier than the norm. The particulars now that are important are taking it easy for a couple of days, icing the area for both interanl inflammation but also for a possible topical burn from the radio-frequency.I am burned a bit not what I expected because I am fair and the site is on the back of my neck under my haor when the light rarely sees.  This is something I would have not known about had my nurse (Rene  who prepped me and stayed with me the entire procedure. All the way to the car as I expained.

I’ll see Dr Swift again in 6 weeks.

I’m feeling really sore, my neck is sensitve. But even though its a different kind f pain its doable with light pain meds. What is really interesting to me is that I feel sun stroked. Its the only thing I can relate it to. The surgical center as habit phones the patient the day after their procedure to check on them. When I was phoned I told her everything different I was feeling, I do have the all the typical reactions, nothing out of the norm although the feeling  have of beng sunstroked. I am hot from the inside out. I know hot. I have an issue already with not being able to control my body temerature that is not hot flashes of typical hormone related. It has to do wuth the Hypo-Thymus. gland she had only heard of it in a patient who also has MS. I do have Fibromyalgia, Connective Tissue Disease, and Giant Cell Response, and wondered if either of those could make the matter, Apparently the Fobro was the tcket. Because its thought (now) to be a central nervous system disorder they suspect that because I am hyper sensitive to such things. I am not surprised, I am hyper sensitive to a lot of things, things that Id never think of and then it pops up. For instance I cannot wear anything with nylon in it. And that tends to be a problem. 100% Cotton is the all over answer. This reaction then is not a surprise and not anything I need to be concerned with. Just hand out in all air condtined room.

I feel like I am doing really well. Sleeping alot which is really cool since I have svere insomnia. I am taking advantage of the sleep I seem to be craving, and listening to my body. It is nice that already I am feeling some improvement in my left shoulder and arm pain wise. And this is just the beginning. I have faith in this procedure for me, that it is going to be my ticket back to normalcy.

I so cannot wait.

Goals in my life…. look out…… Here I come!


{ edited for spelling corrections.}

Wonders Never Cease.

That call came through!

After a good week of pure frustration I heard from the doctor’s office finally late yesterday afternoon. Seems there was a cancellation on the doctors Emergency Room schedule and it was offered to me. I gladly jumped on this offer with both feet before the elusive scheduler could even tell me at what UnGodly hour we would have to be at the surgical center in the morning. It didn’t matter. We were going to be there with bells on. I am at least.

The bells will be only temporary of course; as all jewelry must be removed, sans my wedding ring which I make them tape up every time. It’s been off my finger three times in our 42 years of marriage to date. I am extremely sentimental and believe strongly in symbology; meaning in this case that the ring staying on our fingers represents to me the unbroken circle of our vows. Of our marriage. I was not into taking my rings off any time I chose, willy nill.  I recall seeing aunts and cousins take their rings off for a number of reasons. Sometimes that reasons being out of anger. Seems like arguments were worth removing their rings, or leaving them beside the sink to wash their hands or dishes, often rings ending up down the drain getting knocked in accident. Sometimes not. My rings have come off once on our 20th anniversary when we renewed our vows, we had our rings cleaned and an engraved inside. Then on our 35th anniversary my husband D. took his grandmother’s ring, which she left me, and had the diamond removed from its center stage. My original wedding band was split in two, (I know the engraving is still there albeit altered now) and a third band added to it so there would then be a wide enough base to hold 6 prongs. The third time I have had the ring off was to have a prong fixed that I had somehow bent. I cherish this ring even more. Now because of its added financial value which is huge (now I know what they mean when they say a diamond is girl’s best friend) but the sentimental value is priceless. My band alone which we bought as a matching set back in 1970 held its own unique value, now with D’s grandmother’s diamond (which I never owned before) makes it a family heirloom. That to me makes it the most valuable materialistic thing I own. There is so much love in that small circle that it’s value lies out of this world. 

I digress. I’m sorry.

Obviously some nervous energy shining through the story about my rings.

I am to arrive at the surgical center at 9am this morning Pacific USA time. I am a tad nervous and am feeling grateful that I am set up for  light sedation this time. No arguments from me. The first test injection I thought despite being nervous I’d be tough and not need the offered sedation. By the time they were actually ready to take me back to the OR room I was not doing so well. Despite using mediation and prayer which usually is enough for me I had worked myself up so that even my blood pressure and heart rate were both racing up the scale. Dr Swift popped in again to se how I was doing and talked to me about the sedation. Told me it meant nothing if I needed it. It did not make me less than because I used what was obviously going to help in this situation. I told him it honestly had nothing to do with trying to be tough, not really. Just that if there was no need for more chemicals why automatically accept taking them just because. But in my own anxiety I had lost sight of my own rationale.

I accepted the mediation which after a very short time entered my blood stream. I could immediately feel the warm blanket of its chemical effect and immediately relaxed. I realized then that they had bumped another [patient ahead of me to allow time for the medication to work that it was not just about me. That I was affecting the running of the operation rooms systems. I will not make that mistake again.

Checking in, putting their gown of the latest fashion on, Tied in back please. Thankfully D will be with me to help tie my gown, to hold my hand, to talk with me and side track my focus of attention. I am no way as nervous as I get when I am being given a general anesthesia, being given just a local, light sedation means that post procedure the recovery time required before being allowed to go home with my driver D. They make sure you have a driver, know their name, and make eye contact with them. I was recently in that role for my husband D,  he had his arthritic thumb operated on.  And is doing well thank you.

Shall I just bring my sleeping bag and teddy bear?

The nurses at the surgical center were laughing with us last time we were there,.Teasing me. Between D and I we will have been there at the surgical center 5 times in less than a month’s times, so the nurses were teasing me by laughing and offering us a Family Rate; and why did I not just bring my sleeping bag and stay. Thy all are beginning to feel like friends. I’m not sure what that means.

Ring of Fire.

This morning as I enter the actual cold sterile operation room where will be the two nurses I know now, and an anesthesiologist,  And Dr Swift.  All dressed in matching attire, Dr Swift wearing his rad looking glasses that are magnifying glasses at what strength I have no clue. The music in the background has already been requested. Not by me. But by my Johnny Cash loving doctor. Today the entrance song has been promised to be Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.


I fell into a burning ring of fire

I went down, down, down and the flames went higher

And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire

The ring of fire

~lyrics: Johnny Cash

Gotta love his sense of humour!

Thanks again for all your support everyone. Know that I will use it in medication and prayer. Between the power of both those very meaningful showers of love and the use of chemistry I am going to be better than fine. I am in Good Hands by being in God’s Hands the entire time. This is what I have been needing to have done and from here on out my life that has felt in limbo comes out of that cocoon to life full force again.

I can hardly wait.



Share Your World Sunday Week # 24


It’s that time of the week I look forward to. (although late this week brought to you by Headache) Share Your world Sunday. I will not be boring and repetitive by sharing why I happen to find it a cool time of the week, but suffice it to say that your postings of your own Share Your World Sunday (SYWS from here on out) is all part of what I look forward to.

 I have recognized that like most things in life I have developed a bit of a routine for myself when it comes to SYWS. I just realized that I have almost a compulsive way of doing my part of SYWS. I wonder if any of you who participate by adding your own SYWS to the mix have structure for how you go about it, or do you ad lib, doing what and how the mood may strike you? And you commenter’s too, how about you?  A certain routine to reading and commenting on the posts for SYWS?

 I’m really curious. I find it fascinating how we are such creatures of habits and how soon we build those habits.

 Sharing with you my routine:

 It took me a couple of weeks to find my own groove when joining the rest of the bloggers who had been participating in SYWS for many weeks ahead of me.  I came into it somewhere in week 14 or 15 I believe. The really nice thing that I think should be pointed out is that never did I feel like the newbie, or the new kid on the block from Cee, or any of the participants in this great weekly challenge. Joining anytime will be met  by a welcoming force.

 Finding that before I dare read any other participants answers, even Cee’s, I need to do the challenge of answering for myself first. I found oddly enough that if I wait to create my own responses to the weekly questions after reading all your answers first I was not feeling my own answers were genuine and authentic. I found myself editing and censoring myself because of how someone else  might respond. Or how I thought my answer might affect someone else. I am certain this would damage the point to all this. Right? At least it does so for me. Knowing your answers ahead of responding with my own somehow feels a bit cheeky. Nah.. I am not saying there is cheating going on, how could there be? There are no right or wrong answers. This is no test. However; words from others can influence anyone, over anything, even unknowingly. And it’s for this reason that I have noticed my own second guessing is causing my responses to be less genuine and less authentically me. I cannot have that.

 For what ever reasons, I am letting myself continue on with this routine I have created for SYWS and myself. It works for me.

 It goes something like this:

 I first receive the questions from Cee’s blog email alert.

In a word program I create my answers and my shared narrative.

Once posted I then post my link to Cee’s SYWS Post on her blog.

Now I read Cee’s answers first – hers comes first always, because I believe we all read Cee’s first.

Now that I have posted my responses and linked them to Cee’s blog, read Cee’s answers I now enjoy each and every one of your answers. Thank you for sharing

 It may sound a bit obsessive for a weekly challenge, but I like very much how I find it work so well for me.~

There is one more benefit I have found in reading all of your & Cee’s responses last. I usually find that almost all of the participants, if not all, have finished their responses by then as well. It helps keep me from leap frogging back and forth to Cee’s blog and then yours all week long. Once you’ve all posted I go directly to Cee’s post, find your links their, visit each persons blog for their response. Then I back track to back to Cee’s blog for the next persons in que. I do this ovet and over until I am done.

Speaking of being just the absolute opposite of feeling like the new kid in school, or that no one was welcoming, this was not how I felt by Cce, or any of  her party of weekly SYWS participants. Because of all of you, & Cee, you helped me feel so very welcome right out of the gate. And I know that you did as well. Just as I know anyone new will also feel welcome. With all the steam and vigor I can muster up today I encourage you to join us in this weekly challenge of Cee’s. It really is about learning something new about one another every week, and nurturing friendships that may have some significance. If you only would put the walls down.

And I happen to think that is pretty special~

 Cee’s blog and details regarding the weekly Share Your World Sunday can be found here:


 Here we go my darling blogging family~ My genuine and authentic sharing with you.

 Are you left or right-handed?

 I am a strictly right-handed Barefoot Baroness. Strictly and only. There is not a possibility that I can be anything else. I have tried. Last time was while in a cast after having Carpel Tunnel surgery on my right wrist. I was in a position of needing to run a 10-Key Machine daily with my left hand. I was trying to count money from the tills, run a 10-Key, type to do the daily books… all this when I could barely brush my own hair with my left hand. I’m not sure there was anyone else having more fun than me I’m still not the least bit adept.

 What is one thing you love about being an adult?

 I enjoy being taken serious. This may sound strange to some, but if you were a very small girl, short, and kind of a quiet person as a child than it’s quite possible that you as well did not feel take very serious. Even as a 21-year-old I was most often not believed when my age came into question. It was not until I reached my mid 30’s with my two children under my belt that I was taken half way serious, and not treated like a kid. This despite that I was still asked for identification when attempting to purchase alcohol.

 What do I need to unlearn?

 This is an easy answer for me this time. I need to unlearn carrying my shoulders shrugged up to my ears. I am serious. Shoulder shrugging has its place. Doing shrugs as art of relaxation exercises, as part of stretching for yoga, even to convey a thought to someone else: ” I don’t know what to think about that.” [shrugs shoulders]

In my case though chronically carrying myself with perpetual shrugged shoulders has its detriment to my body. And no doubt to my mind as well; as the body language of shoulder shrugging speaks volumes about stress.

 What is success for me?

 Thriving. Thriving and walking the talk. These two aspects would spell out success for me.

Thriving: I work daily at Thriving with chronic illnesses that seem in their own ways to want to blast my body on a daily basis with fatigue and pain. It’s on my agenda daily to get through the day with a smile for all I meet. I rarely allow myself the selfish indulgence of pity or feeling sorry for myself. I have no intention of changing that. I have found that if you allow a spec of it in it multiplies into a full-blown pity party for on. So Borrrring,,,

Walking The Talk:  I am woman of deep and strong faith, I do not wear it on my shoulders although it is my way to Praise God and The Universe. I believe that there is a reason for every season in our lives, and that staying true to one’s self and God helps guide through the trials and tribulations this earthly world lies in front our doorsteps. Lessons can be gained through the trials of your life if you look at them as opportunities for gaining the wisdom needed for walking the talk. It’s not enough to just walk, or to just talk. I need to have the gentle guidance of learning how to walk the talk authentically and with genuineness.

That would spell S. U. C. E. S. S. for me.

©tjhelser 2012

Six Word Saturday May 12, 2012

Wordle: fibro aware

Today I dedicate my Six Word Saturday to a cause that touches my world deeply. There is a lot to learn, to be learned, and answers  still to be sought out. The best thing we as laypersons can do to help is just keep the conversation going. Keeping the awareness alive and on the fore front of research monies being spent a cure will one day be a reality. Right now we don’t even have a definitive diagnostic test.

For more information and so you too can speak about this disease with some authority please go to:


Thank you so much for even coming this far!


©tjhelser 2012

Doctors Must Have The Say. Is NY House & Senate trying too Hard?

Below is a letter from the president and founder of the US Pain Foundation. As you can see his message for call to action is very urgent as the deadline for this piece of legislation that is trying to be passed. The deadline is 5pm eastern time. Then it’s too late. As you read this please keep in mind that this important bill must be knocked down.

For more please read below.


To all of our friends, patients, advocates, organizations and caregivers,

I am writing to each one of you today to ask for help in NY. Today we can make a huge difference for all patients in NY. Please read below and get involved, make calls and send e mails. Lets prove that we all can and will work together for the greater good of all patients.

Thank You

 Below is an urgent message from the President and founder of The American Pain Asociation.

Paul Gileno

President and Founder

US Pain Foundation inc.

Your help is needed now more than ever.

Patients Are Being Adversely Affected.

Health & Safety Are At Risk.

Prescriber Prevails” protections for Medicaid has a major turning point TODAY at 5pm at the NYS Assembly & Senate Health Budget Conference Committee.

The Health Budget Conference Committee will be conferencing and discussing “prescriber prevails” today at 5 p.m.

We MUST contact legislative offices TODAY to demand protection for patients and support for “prescriber prevails” in the NYS Budget.

We are hearing that your advocacy efforts are being noticed. Let’s keep up the pressurePatients have been forced off their medications by managed care insurance companies. This is WRONG! Doctors should have the final say in medications to ensure individualized care and safety! Too many patients have already suffered. “Prescriber prevails” must be restored.

Please share this Action Alert with your membership via Email, Facebook, and Twitter. The more calls we make, the closer we get to winning this battle.

Your help is greatly appreciated. We are almost there! Thank you.Please CALL ALL Members Below and Tell Them:

Restore Prescriber Prevails for Medicaid Patients in the NYS Budget!”

Assemblyman Sheldon Silver, Assembly Speaker

Albany Office Phone: 518-455-3791

Assemblyman Richard Gottfried

Albany Office Phone: 518-455-4941

Assemblyman Joseph Morelle

Albany Office Phone: 518-455-5373

Assemblywoman Crystal People-Stokes

Albany Office Phone: 518-455-5005

Assemblywoman Joan Millman

Albany Office Phone: 518-455-5426

Assemblyman Charles Lavine:

Albany Office Phone: 518-455-5456

Assemblyman Lou Tobacco

Albany Office Phone: 518-455-4495

Assemblyman Andrew Raia

Albany Office Phone: 518-455-5952

Senator Kemp Hannon

Albany Office Phone: 518-455-2200

Senator William Larkin

Albany Office Phone: (518) 455-2770

Senator Catherine Young

Albany Office Phone: (518) 455-3563

Senator Martin Golden

Albany Office Phone: (518) 455-2730

Senator David Valesky

Albany Office Phone: (518)-455-2838

Senator Jose Peralta

Albany Office Phone: (518) 455-2529

Senator Liz Kruger

Albany Office Phone: (518) 455-2297


US PAIN FOUNDATION inc. | 670 Newield Street | Suite B | Middletown | CT | 06457