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God Speed & God Rest Powell Boys

God Speed & God Rest to two little boys in Pierce County Washington.

I don’t know their names. Their mother Susan became a missing person two years ago when she was allegedly said to have left her two young boys & her husband Josh Powell.  In Utah Her husband Josh Powell is the one who said his wife left. After he had supposedly taken his two young toddler boys camping in the middle of dead winter. In snow country.

Yesterday while the rest of the Pacific Northwest & the country was getting ready to watch Super Bowl 2012 Josh Powell emailed his attorney, three words, “I’m sorry, Good bye”;  and while his two boys were there on a court ordered visitation with the social worker from Children’s Protective Services Josh Powell lit his home, himself and his two boys on fire and all three dies in an explosion.  The social worker had been pushed out of the home just prior.

I am sad, really sad. This did not have to be. I know from watching the story unfold from last year that Josh Powell was considered a person of interest in wife;s disappearance. Not one other person who knows Susan Powell believed for one second she would leave her children behind. The information I was able to garner from investigative journalism is that Josh Powell had been in family court just prior for a child custody hearing. The two boys had been living with their maternal grandparents and the judge just recently ordered a psychiatric evaluation. People near the family who are sharing said that Josh Powell had become quite different in the days just before. Calmer, more focused. Now we know why.

I am dumbfounded about him blowing himself and his two boys up. So unexpected for someone just following the case because it is a passion. I am a child advocate and the very thought of what this social worker is now having to go through breaks my heart. She/he will be the one who the ball drops on. This person will be made the scapegoat. And this person was just following a court order, working on a Sunday. My heat & prayers go out to this person.

My heart is torn apart for the grandparents, the parents of Susan Powell who lost their daughter and now may never know where she is. I am so sorry that the small family that was their daughter’s gift of grandchildren to them are all gone now. How absolutely sad and pointless.How wrong.

To the two young boys whose lives were just starting: “you are with the angel’s now that God has sent to escort you to His Heaven. You are in a place of perfection and I have no doubt you are being re-connected with your beloved mother. God has the perfect playground for you so now go forward and put away all the adult things you should never have had to deal with.  Be children, God’s children.

God knows that this illness in our world where innocent children and women’s lives are being snuffed out by the men that are supposed to love them has to stop. It’s pure evil at its core. I will not pretend to know why or what the answer is. But I do know that giving a father visitation in his home when his wife is missing is a crazy idea. Social workers are not police. If we as a country and community cannot find a way to better protect our children I am afraid for the future. Very afraid.

Men like Josh Powell are ill, I get it. But something different must be put in place to protect the kids. There were warning signs, yet the kids and parent’s rights sometimes out weigh the safety of those very children. I do not pretend to have the answer. I wish I did.

©tjhelser 2012