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One Love

paris n peace

artist ~ Jean Jullien

I am Paris…..


I like all of you who may read this are having to once again navigate a very painful time for our Universe.  Although by choice I don’t watch television I do not live in a cave. (though there are days)  The majority of media I receive current events from is print, via several platforms. I am a writer, I am an artist, the internet is a treasured tool.

This week I am pulling away.

I do not mean my head will be stuck in the sand, I am aware of the trials and tribulations humanity faces, I would even say I am educated on current events. So much so the last few days I have struggled, haven’t been able to even put a decent sentence together since 11.13.2015. In the scheme of things my Nano project lost all wind for the time being.

I’m recognizing my need to pull away from social media, regurgitated political rhetoric, and repeated videos and stories. I need to regroup. Again, like you who may be reading this my emotions have been all over the map.

I respect and can accept that we all have strong feelings and opinions, I do too. But it breaks my heart and scars my soul when I witness friends dissolving friendships over differences of feelings and opinions. It is certainly their choice. As it is mine to make myself scarce during this time.

I’m taking a time out.

We ALL are Paris.

We ALL are also the Wind of Change.

Let us be One Love