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These Are The Moments

These Are The Moments


These are the moments in our life that make us, and they set the course of who we’re always going to be.

Sometimes they’re little, subtle moments.

Sometimes, they are big moments, moments we never saw coming.

Most often no one asks for their life to change, but it does.

It’s what you do with that change and the afterwards that counts.

That’s when you find out who you really are. 


  In Living the Afterward of Change

Frolic and meander, even when you are made fun of.

Kiss your lover while others are about and may be watching. 

 Sleep, even when you’re afraid of what your dreams have been bringing.

Run, even when it feels like you cannot possibly lift a another foot and run another inch.

 Laugh out loud, even when you feel too sick, or too exhausted. 

Laugh anyway. Trust, even when your heart is screaming NO, and you think it could break you.

Trust anyway. Sing, even if others take on that smug smile, like their singing breaks crystal.

Sing anyway.

                         And Dance, even if you can’t keep time, and you suddenly grow two left (right) feet. 

Dance anyway.

Smile, even if you really feel like crying. Tears only blur your vision.

Smile anyway.

.Never forget a moment, even when the memories tug at your heart string’s and leave a hole. Because of all the pain & joy we experience we become the deep feeling kind of person we are meant to be. 

Without our experiences we are void of emotions, a vital missing link to who we are. What makes us brave is our enthusiasm to live through our trials, tribulations and hurdles in life; and then still make the choice to hold our head up high the very next day. 

 Let us not live with a fear of life.

We became even stronger after all our experiences and painful moments that have happened. 

Maybe stronger now…….more than we ever were before –




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