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Fall Changes 2012 (6WS)

Sail Away ~ original by Enya

This music is very different from the norm that I have done here before. Although it is true that I am very much Irish; that the Celtic Woman sing the sounds I knew of as my maternal great grandparents Folk music  and is very meaningful to me,  this is not one of those songs. Its much more pop like I’d say, but I love it just the same. The tempo moves my spirit and even more so the lyrics move my heart.

Note to All Music Fans,  I am making Fall changes or another kind.  All the music play list choices I have been posting here (unless specific to a particular narrative  post ) will now be posted at; Cyckopps, Rides Again.
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FALL CHANGES 2012 & My 6 Word Saturday

Sail Away~ Changes In The Wind

Seems I have been noticing a lot of things I have  tended to take for granted lately, and with great joy in my heart these are some of some of the things that have had most of my attention recently. It’s where I have been. Some things taken for granted are now appreciated again… some thing my eyes had  never seen before or my heart-felt… are intense feelings today.

While the leaves of the trees are changing colors and falling off the branches of their trees this Fall of 2012 – so it is that I am living some changes in the branches of my own life.. Some brand new;  and some long in coming.

This most recent change has kept me a whole lot self consumed this last week, feeling like finally a goal of some sort is being reached.  Other things I am passionate and love ..some have taken a back seat and appropriately so., while others I am living loudly and proudly. Without meaning to be cryptic suffice it to say that for the purpose of this post the actual changes are not so important. (they are of course of a very personal nature) It’s the premise behind what I am speaking of that is important for this post. It’s in finding the Autumn changes of life that I am referring to. The authentic truths of yourself.

Life changes like the seasons our life, reaching points where its time for self-reflection and time to consider yourself for maybe the first time ever. To be true to yourself is a lot easier said than done, this is a process I have also discovered.

I am not referring to feeling selfish because you buy something frivolous and it feels selfish. I am not talking about confessing what you think you have done to wrong someone. I don’t mean pampering yourself, although you certainly should.  What I specifically mean and I am talking about is being true to thine self in all ways.

I wonder how many of us live as  authentically as we could.

I  know I was not ~ to be certain..

This is my point ,or my theory if you will. I am not certain if it takes reaching a chronological age to have the courage to finally live the truth for yourself and to find your most authentic path in life, or if it’s an emotional intelligence thing.  I frankly don’t care which it is, I am grateful that I just get it now.

My life changes all revolve around being honest, truthful and authentic with myself. Old dreams that were stuffed away for all the wrong reasons are being let loose again, and allowed to live. Aspects of myself I stifled for one reason or another which let me give myself permission to pretend they no longer mattered – once again  are being nurtured and encouraged.

On clouds of hopes and dreams that are my own and belong to my hear & spirit which has not given in, or given up…..Those days are gone,  much like the brightly Fall leaves that gently or wildly fall off the branches of the trees. 

Instead I watch as my authentic spirit with all my truths sails away on the tails of all my hopes and dream.

I really do love this time of my life….



~ Share Your World Sunday ~

Sunday February 12, 2012

I found a most interesting and creative way to get to know your followers better. And for them t get to know you. On diabeticredemption’s blog she has shared a very inventive weekly questionnaire that asks us to share bizarre answers about ourselves.

Thanks to a creative and talented photographer, Cee’s creation, we have this chance to know one another better. If you play along. I say bizarre only in that it would take me forever and a few years to think of the things she asks. I like that.

Despite that I came in  this late Sunday I am honored even more that I was asked to be included. So although it is technically Monday, early Monday morning I am still up partying from the Grammy Awards (don’t I wish that is why I am up still?) I am considering it still Sunday night in my reality.

Below is her link to the Share Your World Sunday post. I think it’s a fun and distracting way to break up the hard work of writing. I am honored that I have been included. The directions are included below the link here on my post above my own answers.

I hope you enjoy the game, getting to know just a few more things about myself. Now….Tag!   Its your turn.


Today is Share Your World Sunday, a challenge created by Cee. I’m including her paragraph of instructions with the questions. Thanks, Cee, as always, this was a lot of fun.  Here’s Cee:

For this week, I’ve added a 5th question since I think they are easier questions to answer. I hope you have some fun playing along. I’m so thrilled some of you participated {the} last…few weeks. It sure was fun learning about all of us.

Can you change a car tire?

Are you a collector of anything?

If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to?

What are you  wearing right now?

If you could be a tree or plant, what would you be?

My answers:

#1 I can change a tire but honestly would use every feminine wiles I have to not have to. Just saying.
#2 I’ve collected elephants since I was a young child. They must not be representative of elephants being enslaved to circuses.
#3 Padraigin [pad-riash-in]  My Irish heritage.
#4 Betty Boop Night Gown. What?
#5  A Trillium. And if you happen by me; please just look, touch softly, and do not pick. For I am one of very few and if I am picked from this spot I am not coming back. Ever!

Tag! You’re it!

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