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Living Proud * Living Loud

{Inspired by the project for September’s Chronic Pain Awareness Month 2012}


I am a person of deep faith. My faith runs proud and it runs loud and brings to my life a constant sense of Hope and Dreams. Having hope allows the possibility of my dreams to sustains me. I have finally found a way to own that.

To Live It Proud,  To Live It Loud. (in my heart)

I believe in the spiritual power of Hopes and Dreams. I believe that keeping Hope alive is as essential to my life as is breathing. The times without hoping for dreams are as dark as they are bleak. Time’s of my past, I know My faith needs to include hope for dreams, and now shines lightness and brilliance.

I am not so naive or such an overly positive person that I do not know things, events, life can get in the way and dampen the lightness & sparkle. There was a time when I believed chronic illness had wiped all those dreams and my hopes away. It was like a light had been switched off suddenly, and life became smothered in darkness.

Without HOPE dreams are useless.

Yet dreams are persistent in some magical way. maybe they never  really do leave you alone. Instead, possibly when the light went out it only shadowed all my dreams, I believe in all possibilities.

With light being what light is, it spilled glancing glows despite myself, showing me that it is I that has been completely unaware, and had turned away; reminding my soul that it is up to me to see and to feel the castings of the small glimmers of hope. “They are there” a reminder from the universe. A reminder glimmering in the shadows.

Possibilities?  Dreams? Hope?

Was it possible that I was not seeing that dreams were still there in the shadowed light? Could it be all along that they have always been right there under my own nose? Just because I was not seeing? Or refusing to admit what I was seeing was real.  Hope & Dreams” as I thought they should be, meaning = I was not seeing them at all. The Should have’s, the could have’s, the what if’s  all got in the way, they have no place in Hope & Dreams,  that is where I became confused.

Listening to my soul is an option. There are no should haves or would haves, there are no what if’s or could be’s.. It just is. That is what my faith is. It’s all, or it’s nothing with soul talk, no more second guessing, the light shines brightly through and I see it.

My eyes are opened wide today. Soul talk is a powerful thing. It takes a leap of great faith to listen to the soul sometimes when it feels frightening. I’d quite rather be frightened with a deep faith in something more powerful than I than to be without. This spirit feeds me, why would  I ever question it?

Today I Live Proud.  I Live Loud.  I Live again with my Hope for Dreams.


Update On Missing Iowa Cousins

Authorities searching for two missing Iowa cousins have information that leads them to believe both girls are still alive, an FBI spokeswoman said Saturday.

FBI spokeswoman Sandy Breault said authorities “feel strongly” that 10-year-old Lyric Cook-Morrissey and 8-year-old Elizabeth Collins have not been killed. She refused to say what led authorities to that conclusion, but urged anyone with information about their disappearance to contact law enforcement.

“We believe these girls are alive, and we are not discouraged by the passage of time since their disappearance,” Breault said. “We are urging anyone with information to come forward. Any information, as insignificant as it may seem, could be vital to this investigation.”

The announcement came a day after authorities finished searching Meyers Lake in the northeast Iowa town of Evansdale, which is near a path where the girls’ bikes were found. The girls vanished July 13.

They now say they believe the girls were abducted, but that searching and draining part of lake was part of a thorough investigation. “We have to cover everything,” Breault told The Associated Press after Saturday’s news conference. “If there’s even a chance (the girls were in the lake), we have to make sure.”

The lake is close to Interstate 380, just outside of Waterloo, which is about 120 miles northeast of Des Moines.

Breault said investigators are interviewing multiple “persons of interest” in the case, whom she declined to identify. She said authorities are still receiving tips on the case, mostly from within the area.

Authorities have said they are watching Lyric’s father, Daniel Morrisey, although they have not named him as a suspect.

Morrisey, 36, has a long criminal history and has stopped cooperating with police. Breault said the lack of cooperation from some family members has hindered the investigation.

“Unfortunately, in this case, law enforcement has not received total cooperation from all families and close friends,” Breault said. “It’s important to note that a majority of the family has cooperated 100 percent. We feel there’s someone out there that has pertinent information about the girls’ whereabouts, and we’d like to take this opportunity to ask them to come forward.”

A judge on Thursday granted a prosecution request to place Morrissey in a pretrial supervision program of the Iowa Department of Corrections while he faces September trials in two separate drug cases that could land him in prison for decades.

The change means Morrissey, who has been free on bond, will be supervised by parole officers who will make sure he shows up in court and does not violate the terms of his release.

Morrissey’s wife, Misty Cook-Morrissey, 34, pleaded guilty in 2003 in federal court to conspiracy to manufacture and distribute methamphetamine, court documents show. She also has theft and alcohol violations in state court and is on supervised release after her probation was revoked in September because of drug and excessive alcohol use and failure to comply with drug tests.

In nearby Waterloo on Saturday, about 165 people participated in a 3-mile run/walk to benefit the girls’ families, the Waterloo Courier reported. The Collinses, who have kept a low profile during the last week, were in attendance.

Contributed from Huff Post CRIME [Huffington Post] July 22, 2012

Footnote by the Baroness: I am a solid watcher of missing children news, getting update,s and Amber Alerts. The fact that the authorities also believe that these girls are still alive and are stating so is the most hopeful bit of news I’ve yet to see in cases such as these. Please do not dismiss their little faces from your eyes, and please DO burn their images into your mind so that every other child does not look-alike. Be come aware for these little girl’s sakes. ~ Please keep them and their families in your thoughts, prayers and positive energy. We can move mountains with our faith>  ~ BB

ALL- Around Wonderful Blogger Award.~ Seriously?

All-Around Wonderful Blogger

Once again I have been touched beyond anything that I am able to express in words. I know! Me not having any words to say about something.
Yet this award has taken me from feeling a bit blue (only because I am not feeling 100%) to putting me on top of my mountain again. Just a paragraph or two from this most amazing woman did this. It should be bottled. Kindness is something that for many just comes first nature, Kate from her blog ” Believe Anyway” @ http://believeanyway.wordpress.com/ is one these types of women. She speaks to the gentle nature of my own soul in writing style and her expressions of life. I found her blog quite by accident, but then really it is never about accidents is it? There is a “purpose, a rhyme, and reason for every season.”
Whether it is because of a purpose, a rhyme (riddle), or a reason Kate’s & mine’s paths crossed I don’t ask. There is no need to know because just knowing her is enough.. Trusting that she came into my world is enough.

I will accept this award today despite the blush on my face. I am truly quite puzzled by this attention to my voice. I am not someone who thinks of herself as anything special so this kind of attention, recognition feels awkward.

I write because it’s who I am. When what I say reaches and touches someone in any way I am humbled. This journey in life has and will take me down many bumpy roads, fast lanes, and hills with inclines that possible may break me. This is what I believe life is about. At least this is what my journey in my life is about.

Writing helps me navigate those roads, lanes, hills as if writing is my built-in GPS. It takes helps me map out the journey sometimes, and other times it helps me log in the miles for future deductions. As I believe that life is about the journey, not the destination traveling with goals and expectations can cause some discomfort. Yet the pillow comfort of writing helps soften the bumps and lets me put a balm on what hurts.

It delights me to no end that others like Kate find that what I share has some value in her own journey.
I thank her here for the recognition and faith in me that this is something blogging road is one I should continue following.




From the Hug Awards Website:


“Hope is an expectant desire; a confidence in a future event; a ground for trust and confidence; to think; to look forward to with trust and expectant desire.”

The HUG Award© is for people with an expectant desire for the world, for which they

Hope for Love………..Hope for Freedom………..Hope for Peace

Hope for Equality………..Hope for Unity……….Hope for Joy and Happiness

Hope for Compassion and Mercy……….Hope for Faith

Hope for Wholeness and Wellness……….Hope for Prosperity

Hope for Ecological Preservation……….Hope for Oneness

©tjhelser 2012