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The Gift of Amethyst & Myrtle Wood.

Birthdays often come with amazing gifts. Mine was no different. In the week that my birthday fell this year I have been blessed over and over again, sometimes bring me to tears.

Some of the gifts were functional, such as clothing from my husband & daughter’s & family. A new nightgown which I would live in if I could get away with it, and my family knows this so well it has become a joke. Goodies of all kinds of flavor and textures, flowers, candy, and one the most wonderful gifts of all: a Myrtle Wood Elephant carving. If you didn’t know by now I collect elephants now you do. And also for those of you who don’t know that Myrtle Wood trees which traditionally only grows in the Holy Land also grows prolifically in Southern Oregon and Northern California. I believe it is a different strain of Myrtle Wood than that the grows in the Holy Land but do not hold me to that fact.

This beautiful wood that grows here in Oregon has made its way into my life in many forms. I’ve learned to cook with it;s leaves as I would any laurel leaf. Bay. I have combs, barrets, headbands made from the wood. I have a salad bow and matching individual bowls that was a wedding gift from my late Father & Mother in laws who lived at the coast the entire time I had the honor of knowing them while they were still here on earth.

And now I have a Myrtle wood elephant.

*****PHOTO COMING*******

There is great significance and meaning for my husband this year of my 57th birthday for his choice to gift me an elephant carved from a burl of Myrtle Wood. In this gift from him comes his message that he loves me unconditionally; that he knows what is important to me and that he respects not only my life long infatuation with one of God’s most magnificent animals on earth, the elephant. Even more important my husband  honors my faith. This is huge, HUGE coming from a mn who when we fell in live told me he just did not get faith, God or “religion”. Never pushing my beliefs on anyone or him and for over 40 years I watched my best friend forever nurture and find his own faith in something higher than his self. He once asked me what it means to me to believe in God. Without a lot of fanfare & chatter filling in needless details I simply said, “my faith is what gives me continued hope and without hope I’d find despair” I thrive on that Hope. It’s so much more than that for me, but in which he understood today it for that moment it was enough.

That my husband would honor so much about who I am through this celebration of my faith in mankind representative in the Myrtle Wood carved elephant; and of my faith in the Holy Spirit, says much about him and our relationship. And Our friendship.

Wood, and a sacred wood was part of my celebrating 57.

As was a Gift of Amethyst from a very special and wise woman who I adore as much as I adored and loved my late grandmother. This special lady is in her mid 80’s and she means the world to me. So much so that I have an expression I use when describing my good and dear friend Miss E. “I want to be just like Miss E when I grow up.  Since there is an almost 30 years difference in our ages Miss E of course has many more life experiences that she has used to become the woman of wisdom that I love.

For my birthday this most sincere woman I know of deep faith and more grace in her little fingers than I have I my whole hand gifted me a stunning pendant of Amethyst and matching earings. This woman gifting me anything but her friendship is so unnecessary. I just need her in my world. But non the less a gift she gave me. And what a gift.

Throughout history Amethyst has been used to guard against hearing disorders, insomnia, headaches and other pain.Worn to make the wearer gentle and amiable. Amethyst powers include: dreams, healing, peace, love, spiritual uplifted, courage,  psychism, protection against thieves, and happiness.

*******PHOTO COMING SOON **********

The pendant’s purple color is a not so subtle Red Hat statement from my friend Miss E. This is where I was blessed to meet her, through the Red Hat chapter we belong to. We are both The Red Hot Bend Bodacious Mountain Momma’s – Red Hatters. Informally known and affectionately called The M & M’s.

 Can you imagine my beautiful Miss E. being bodacious? If not think of the time this gorgeous, and I do mean striking gorgeous woman on her way to our weekly breakfast meeting in jammies and her car breaking down smack in one of our town’s busiest intersections.  I can, and it makes me smile every time.

Why on earth would Miss E. be in her pj’s driving to a breakfast meeting?

One a year we hold a children’s pj drive for our local children who may be in need of a clean and comforting pair of jammies. I’m certain it’s an excuse for us to: One; Shopping, as this is the Red Hatter’s national sport  And Two; any excuse for a party. And in pj’s!  We all attend this annual breakfast in pj’s that morning.

I can see in my mind’s eyes Miss E. not being too flustered by getting caught in her pj’s. No, she’s bound to be more concerned about the tote bag of children’s pj’s beside her and how she was going to get them to our own inter-chapter pj facilitator in time. And I know without any doubts that Miss E. was giving the tow truck driver a neck rub as soon as he arrived, and anyone else standing near enough. This is one of Miss E’s talents and gifts to us each and every time we meet, a neck rub. It’s a great way to start a Thursday weekly breakfast meeting.

This is all just a sampling what I feel about this woman and why. When I opened the small jewelery box my heart stopped when I saw the pendant. I believe it’s some what old. It’s a gorgeous vintage piece and one that I’ll wear over and over. Just the perfect amount of bling for me.

There is such significance in these gifts from these very special people in my world. I am more than blessed than I deserve I’m sure of this. I was truly spoiled rotten with other gifts of riches from family & friends. Receiving a Smash Journal & Trimmings, New Stevie Nicks CD’s x 3 & a New Adele CD, A DVD of 15 Film Noir movies, a beautiful bottle of wine, a silly and fun wine goblet, chocolate cookies, all for a perfect Noir Film festival. A very different kind of combination journal and kind of pen-pal kit. It’s called a “Traveling Journal” and I’ll save the details for an elaborate post for the near future.

As is seen by the thoughtful gifts my family & friends were so lovingly generous with its easy to see what I’m passionate about; and they have created a whole new year of adventures for me to explore based on these gifts I have received from them.

57 is already an awesome age to be!

Thank you with gratitude to my beloved husband, my Precious Miss E. & all my loving & kind family and friends.~

{ A Side Note to Kate & My Twin Sheila:  Listening to our “oldies this morning. Needles & Pins by The Searchers. Remember? I just keep thinking of you both as I write while the 50’s & 60’s are playing in my distance:}

Cathy’s Clown ~ The Everly Brothers.

Suspicion Minds ~ Elvis

Wonderful World ~ Sam Cooke

Only The Lonely ~Roy Orbison

Hards Days Night ~ I don’t even need to say… LOL

It’s Over ~ Roy Orbison (again)

Broadway ~ The Drifters  (OH Yeah!)

To Love Somebody ~ The Bee Gees

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine ~ Jimmie Rogers


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