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Notre Histoire en 2 minutes.

From my mailbox this fine Sunday, sent from my two nieces thinking I might enjoy this. They were right. (Thank you Kelly  &  Jodi)
I hope that you also will enjoy this. Please Keep in mind if you will this is a high school students creation. I love & live with hope in my heart, young people like this student help validate that hope.
Thank you to this student with a beautiful creative mind & wise “old soul 
~ BB

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My final project I made for my video productions class “Cutaway Productions” (Search them for their channel) at my high school. I don’t own the rights to the song or the pictures and I am not trying to claim them, I just did this video for fun and I spent many an hour on it.


Song: Mind Heist (yes it is from Inception)
by: Zack Hemsey
Visit his website here: http://www.youtube.com/zackhemsey

Pictures: from all over the internet

some of the space pictures, specifically the ones at 0:02, and 1:592:01 are made by the digital artist “antifanfan” and can be found on his youtube video:


also check out his website at http://www.visionafar.com