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Sculpting With Paper

Paper Sculpting

My next coveted paper adventure  in extreme. As the video shows you. This is what I am aspiring next to do with simply paper and an Exact -o-Knife™ with a single sheet of glass underneath for my cutting surface. That’s it!

I want to venture into a new phase by taking what I do with molding, sculpting, and folding so that I can to alter paper from flat sheet to something  2D next. I believe my love of architecture plays a role in my desire to sculpt and build with paper. I have been gearing up for this by creating 2d flowers out of just paper and  a spot of adhesive.

This is a whole new concept on sculpting,

I have done some 2D work. I love to create paper flowers such as these paper roses I do. Being able to be whimsical in the color schemes that Mother Nature just does not grow herself is empowering. I decide.

I have lately been working on creating a hydrangea and a daffodil (narcissus) but have nothing that qualifies for a photo shoot just yet.

My ambition to do paper sculpture is a progression of what I do, I like how life works that way adding new lessons when we are open to them. The flowers, mini-fans, mini-handbags, mini canvases that I am able to spatially see is what I will need for creating the different effects I want. I am fascinated by the nature of the pulp fibers in paper and how they interact with different paper weights and different mediums. It is baffling just how they can be manipulated.

Paper sculpting of the Floral Kind

bl rse paper rose2

bluepaper rose1

While on the subject of what the lowly, but ever so lovely sheet of paper can do  I’ll share some Spring Vibes with the  Easter cards I created for the little egg hunters in my life. I believe the kids will enjoy the cards, and the adults will simply smile.

Enjoy ~

easter crack up

easter dino

easter wish

easter bunny w ballon

Signature 2013

What I Do To Stay Out Of Trouble

September’s Final Efforts

The last of the hand-made cards I created in the month of September. Working with my hands to create a piece that may give another pleasure works to keep me on an even keep most of the time. It’s an emotional release creating art. It is also so meditative with music to sing to, and hands to create with, I am certainly blessed.

September 2012 Creations:

The sentiment on this card says “Hello” I am not sure why it is reversed I have never had this happen an did nothing different in the taking the photo, cropping it, and uploading it here at WP.

Changing Season

Fall cool weather has finally hit the high desert in Central Oregon. I am grateful to smell the cool dry air that we have here. Now the watch for snow begins, creatively I have moved on to Halloween and Thanksgiving/Gratitude cards. I love the color palette I am working with this time of year.The earth tones with tints of bronze and golds speaks to my heart. This time of year is also my favorite – for the textures and colors in nature are like no other time of the year. I even like the raking of the Fall leaves into piles. I will invite the neighbor hood children for a dip.


Creative Wings Soaring Once Again

It was beginning to feel that being creative beyond a project here, or a card there, was not within my current grasp.

But alas; the mojo started to begin to drip the week before leaving for vacation. A trip out side of Dodge was always planned on being a creative week. It’s something my vacation pal and I both were intent on finding time for. It was an absolute delight to be able to do as we please that week, not having to account to anyone was a delight. Being true to our own arts, finding the time, was a gift that we gave to our selves. I kind of like and do need some structure in my world, even on vacations. Looslely structered time for practicing the arts that are at the core of my being.  And this one week of extreme bliss was all I’d looked for it to be, and then some things more.

Part of the some things more were that during that week away we found ourselves a few nights that week creating hand crafted greetings cards. It was part of the plan all along. After all we’d shopped for new and additional supplies and tools, we had to make sure everything worked okay. Right?

My newest addition to the inventory stash I’m trying to build up were easy coming. It’s never work and was not so even the week away. This is why when packing for a trip, any trip some kind of art supplies must have a place.  These cards below are a few of what was created at the coast. Our days were spent sometimes shopping for art and card making supplies, sometimes fresh food such as crab for dinner one night, drinking coffee every night,  staying up late,  and a talking all the time, day and night.

Here is the outcome of my week’s works:

Hope you enjoyed having a peek. I look forward to your comments and also look forward to you coming back.



1920’s Schooner Becomes Birthday Greeting


Above  please find my creations  for  one of my most favorite people in my life. This card is created  for my best friend forever, BFF, my husband
 He collects and loves his ships. He has an old sailor’s (he is a retired Naval Sailor) belief that if you keep a ship, any kind of image of a ship , such as  a painting, a 3D sculpture of a ship, or even a String Art ship done very early in 1970.   Keeping them all  on outside walls of your home  will keep away negative (read evil) spirits.
 Have no clue if it will work for everyone but for the most part my beloved’s ships have done a good job of keeping evil away from the inside of  our home.
So in honor of his birthday this past November
I created a card for him with…. drum roll please… … a ship…..of course. `920’s Schooner I’m told.
 (The ribbon layered behind the image  is from a swap box that I received from my twin in Florida.  Her contribution to D’s card )
 A funny but really lovely thing happened serendipitously regarding my BFF’s birthday cards. Because D is known for his love of ships my best friend here in town also created a hand-made card for D.
                                                                                       Another drum roll please…..
Yes Sir!  It was a stunning card with a ship’s image stamped on the front.
Both D & I found it to be one of the coolest gifts he’s ever received.

More Autumn Greetings 2011~ Hand Crafted

Thankful For ~ (inside of card; For Turkey Time)

This card was really fun for me as it kind of showcases my color likes and love for the funky feel of the 30’s & 40’s in terms of patterns &  decor.  The image was one that I liked for the way it off set from the period feel of the color combos and patterns. Including the flowers.

Inside Sentiment Panel for “Thankful For.”  I rarely even memorialize the inside panels of my cards, but I liked the silliness of this inside sentiment after the serious feel of the front focal piece.

Bird Out On a Limb ~

Enjoy ~

This and the next card are very similar in style and colors.  I often do this when I am trying to utilize all of the materials I have in front of me from a project.  Even sometimes as little as making bookmarks.  The border came to me from plain white cardstock as part of a gift swap box of supplies and materials (even a tool ) from my twin/friend in Florida.  What a fun thing to do with each other. To make up swap boxes of items from our stash that we want to share for whatever reasons. . It’s my turn next.

Family ~ Layered Floral.