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Missing Alerts from WP Stalling Bloggers

My Dear & Fine Blogging Family and New Friends:

(I realize I am being repetitive – forgive me for this too. It’s been a strange day at the old WP office cooler ~

Please forgive lack of attention on my part. It has not been intentional, and has not been because I have been away. Just need to say that I’d like to ask for your patience. I know one other blogger who is also having a similar problem, albeit I’m not sure if it’s exact.

It appears there is a glitch somewhere between your blog posts of late and my email. It seems that almost 90% of WP alerts are being dumped in my spam folder. Now that I know I can try to retrieve, and hope that all alerts are being sent to one or another, my new mail folder, and my spam folder. It as I said in a prior post just dumb luck I found the alerts I did in my spam.

I’ll be seeing you soon. I am in catch-up mode as I write.