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Creative Wings Soaring Once Again

It was beginning to feel that being creative beyond a project here, or a card there, was not within my current grasp.

But alas; the mojo started to begin to drip the week before leaving for vacation. A trip out side of Dodge was always planned on being a creative week. It’s something my vacation pal and I both were intent on finding time for. It was an absolute delight to be able to do as we please that week, not having to account to anyone was a delight. Being true to our own arts, finding the time, was a gift that we gave to our selves. I kind of like and do need some structure in my world, even on vacations. Looslely structered time for practicing the arts that are at the core of my being.  And this one week of extreme bliss was all I’d looked for it to be, and then some things more.

Part of the some things more were that during that week away we found ourselves a few nights that week creating hand crafted greetings cards. It was part of the plan all along. After all we’d shopped for new and additional supplies and tools, we had to make sure everything worked okay. Right?

My newest addition to the inventory stash I’m trying to build up were easy coming. It’s never work and was not so even the week away. This is why when packing for a trip, any trip some kind of art supplies must have a place.  These cards below are a few of what was created at the coast. Our days were spent sometimes shopping for art and card making supplies, sometimes fresh food such as crab for dinner one night, drinking coffee every night,  staying up late,  and a talking all the time, day and night.

Here is the outcome of my week’s works:

Hope you enjoyed having a peek. I look forward to your comments and also look forward to you coming back.