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Stevie + Lindsey = An Everlasting ‘Mac-Love’ Story

For my Twin Sheila, my Kentucky Woman

” ….there cannot be a little gain without some loss, and a little redemption without forgiveness.”

~ Lindsey Buckingham

I don’t follow celebrity stories even though I can be passionate  by certain musical artists.  Yet there is a love story from the pages of rock n roll that makes what I just said about following celebrities untrue.

Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac had a love story that set souls on fire. Much of the band‘s music written during the periods 1969 & throughout until the early 80’s was inspired by the band mates personal lives. Especially Nicks & Buckingham  The members lived together pretty much as a family with Mick Fleetwood over-seeing them all.. Nick’s was just a teenage girl when she joined forces with Peter Green‘s Fleetwood Mac, forever changing the history of the then strictly blues band.

I’ll not go into ‘gossip’ covering Nicks & Buckingham’s love story except to say it was by all accounts passionate, tumultuous, and awe-inspiring. Still following the two artists I cam across the following video of their performance in 20o4 that I had never seen.

I want to share with my Fleetwood Mac friends. And to those who are just hopeless romantics.

It is told that after closing the show with this tune Lindsey turned, and kissed Stevie on the forehead & cheek. Then hand in hand they exited the stage together.

Lindsey had tears in his eyes.

Signature 2013

My Grace Notes.


December 18, 2012

A  fun challenge was put to me by my good friend who was the original writer challenged by this prompt. The concept is easy, to express your life in 4 to 5 m music choices, preferably posting the challenge with the ability to hear the music such as videos. Music videos were used by my friend, and this is to be my medium as well.

Could you do this? Could you find 4 to 5 songs to describe or be reflective of your life? This challenge is extended to all of you.

Go ahead, and take a risk and try it. I dare you!


Growing up I was a faith filled resilient & self-reliant young child. Music was a large part of my life and my families, with both parents being involved and was a daily asset to my soul. Feeling the love of family, consistency, and spirit was all that I needed,  but this all changed when I was 9 yrs old. by my parents separation, Losing my faith in something powerful also happened at this time. This took me on a long self discovery journey from knowing that the loss of something more powerful than myself had to be found again. I searched, and I studied, and at the age  of 15 or 16 my spiritual epiphany came to be. This song  has sustained me and my way of living always since then. Both Eric Clapton & Stevie Winwood’s music individually, and together again, as they were in a reunion performance as Blind Faith was also very much part of this time in my life. If you want you know something about me you will find that I am a life long Eric (Epic ) Clapton fan. I have been impressed by not only by his music but the way he has grown into his own authentic life over the many years.


  From my young adult years until I was 38 yrs old I spent as an active full-time parent and foster parent. My life with children, who I surrounded myself with was and still is a passion I hold close to my heart.  This song is representative of  all the wishes & hopes I held for them. Although Rod Stewart was not an artist that I listened to much when this song was released I made sure immediately I dedicated this to the young daughters in my world; my own two daughters,, my niece, and the 3 foster girls I had in my heart & home during my daughters tween & teen years. I love being involved with children, and  even before I had my own daughters in 1972 I had 5th grade Campfire Girls. All 10 of them. Raising my children has been my most gratifying contribution to this world.

Finding  a point in my life when I realized that no matter how much  I wished for my life and world  to feed me,  sometimes they just did not. When I realized that there was an emptiness of my soul and spirit that was  needing to be fed,  my spirit roared right back. Finding ways to feed  my soul in ways I had not seen,, nor  ever known before. This song is about  coming out on the other side of that journey.

I’m Okay by Lissa Shaw~


With my faith comes making my life right. Though this will assuredly be raw feelings I am expressing with this The Rascal Flatt’s choice I am including it for what I would call my declaration song today. It is in keeping with my journey for living an authentic life, remaining honest, & true no matter how painful or vulnerable it might feel.

I am adding an extra sing/video because as regular readers of this blog know I have 3 lifelong friends I have known since birth. The Dirty Mothers. We four ladies had seen our selves in this movie in many ways. In particular my friend Lynn & I. This challenge could not be complete without this song being included. Crystal Vision by Stevie Nicks has also been a mainstay in my world since 1972 and still  is fitting well into my life at this moment in ways that never resonated with me before. I will add this song and its magical message as my way of saying out loud that I do believe in dreams, hopes as well as  life’s most-perfect & practical magic.

From The soundtrack of the motion picture Practical Magic the song Crystal Vision; written and performed by By Stevie Nicks

May wishing on a falling star bring all the practical magic necessary for a life full of truth & wisdom that feeds  your spirit and soul.

Note~ A Grace Note is a kind of music notation used to note several kinds of musical embellishment or flourishes within a piece of music.

Requests and Challenges @ http://geetoni.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/now-taking-your-requests-2/


Landslide Cover -Correction

Well my lovely Barefoot Baroness’s readers and lovers of music, your Baroness has egg on her face. Below was a  note about the duo performing in this post  Everything is right except the name of the artist. Pretty important

It seems somehow (I don’t know this answer yet)  either I or my baby brother who is in big trouble right now with me has mixed vital information. This prompted this correction. I am humbly embarrassed and will never trust another s research or information. Not even a baby brother.


Landslide composed by Stevie Nicks

Performed by: Gavin Rossdale (from the band Bush)

To my amazing Twin Sister who would know the truth about this music Thank you Honey! You are always CMA    I love you for it

From my Twins Comment. Corrections made with love~

What a beautiful cover of Landslide but somehow you’ve gotten your info wrong here Sis. Kristian Bush and his brother Brandon Bush (NOT the two dudes in this video) are still with Jennifer Nettles in their band “Sugerland”. The singer in this video is Gavin Rossdale of the band “Bush”. Thought you’d like to know. Sure would love to have heard your rendition of the song back in the day~

Oh….perhaps you got it confused because Kristen Hall left ‘Sugerland’ some years ago but she was a female. Gavin left the band ‘Bush’ in I believe it was 2002. Hope this helps clear up the confusion

Thanks again Twin Sister down south~

I know you all might know this tine by Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac, written for Lindsey Buckingham from same band.  Nicks is one of my most liked female vocalis

What do you all think?  I know this tune well, have performed it often which is  the real reason why my brother sent it to me.

I hope you enjoy this (Stevie Nicks) cover by Gavin Rossdale as much I do, and if so go to YouTube please and just listen to more. ( It honestly can help these artist if you do. )