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World Book Night ~ 2013 Giveaway

World Book Give Away!!
April 23′ 2013
Spreading the Loveof Reading!
I have the honor of being one chosen in my state to do just this. give books away for free! I want to share this with you all because you may not be aware of this wonderful way of advocating reading. One of the aspects of this project is you choose who you are going to give the books away to.
I chose a demographic & area of my small town to distribute the books  which is is our homeless teenager population and the place for my giveaway is where they gather to socialize and trade important street navigation tips (how to live homeless as a teen)
My thoughts are this is group that because of personal circumstances and economics these children are missing out on a necessity no one can afford. Reading. It is not a luxury.
On April 23rd I will be distributing the books to teens, asking them only to pay it forward by sharing their book when finished. And asking the same request to follow the book.
I am asking you my beautiful pe3ople is only that you inform yourself about this fine program and spread the word. The link is below, take a few minutes or more and find out how easy it is to participate. Because you are a blogger here at WordPress I know you are a lover of words, I challenge each of us to spread that love of reading words however possible.
I’d love more creative ideas myself on how to accomplish this, this program is a wonderful example. Reading is a gift we give ourselves,this is true. I love the idea promoting the activity of reading in any way I can. The escape and the knowledge that books give us is priceless. I would like everyone to know the freedom that comes with escaping to a different time, a different land, or a different universe. Its endless.
That’s the magic of reading.
 Thank you so much for your time and attention
For those in the US click below
For those in the United Kingdom click below
 My Acceptance letter received 02/20/2013Dear World Book Night friend,Congratulations!  You are a 2013 World Book Night giver!  We will email you more information, including which book you’ll be giving away and how to choose your pick-up location, by early next week.  Once you receive that follow-up email, you must go online to choose your pick-up location by Sunday, March 3 at midnight.  If you are receiving this email, you have been accepted for World Book Night 2013.  Our system sends emails out in batches for quality control reasons.  Because of this, some of you will receive the email with next steps later than others.   However, everyone should receive the follow-up email by early next week.  [If you haven’t received it by next Wednesday (February 27), please contact us at April23@WorldBookNight.org.]

Thank you so much for your passion and support for World Book Night! Feel free to share your excitement via Facebook, Twitter, blog and regular old chat.  However, we do have two requests. Please do not go to or call your pick-up location; it’s too soon to ask them about getting your box.   And please help keep our email volume down by emailing only with questions or issues.

Congratulations again!

The World Book Night Team

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This Is So Awesome~ Predators Beware

CyberTipline® Success Stories
May 2012

Report Sexual Exploitation of Children to the CyberTipline.
More Success Stories About the Issue

Online Enticement Tip Leads to Arrest of Suspect Distributing Child Pornography

On Aug. 27, 2010, the CyberTipline received a report from a registered Electronic Service Provider (ESP) regarding suspected online enticement in a chat room involving what appeared to be 19-year-old male. The ESP provided information, including an e-mail address, screen name and zip code associated with the reported suspect. The ESP also provided the chat log, which detailed graphic sexual comments he made toward others in the chat room. Most concerning was the statement that he was interested in having sex with a 15-year-old boy.

An Exploited Children Division (ECD) analyst quickly determined that the reported zip code was from Chesapeake, Va. Through extensive online searches of the reported email address, she found three social networking site profiles which appeared to belong to the same individual. All three profiles contained pivotal clues, including:

  • Corroboration of the Chesapeake locatoin
  • A possible first and last name for the reported suspect
  • A partial telephone number
  • A cached posting with the name of a business where the reported suspect apparently worked
  • Possible images of the reported suspect

The analyst made the CyberTipline report, including all the identifying information she gathered, available to the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force, an OJJDP-funded program out of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office. ICAC investigators immediately engaged law enforcement in the suspect’s local area.

On Feb. 17, 2012, the middle-aged suspect was arrested after a thorough investigation by the Chesapeake Police Department and the Virginia Beach Police Department. An initial review of the suspect’s computers revealed pornographic images of children, logs of sexually explicit conversations with what appear to be underage females and a large number of contacts with whom the suspect is believed to have traded child pornography — some as far away as Australia and Belgium.

The suspect has been charged with two counts of Distribution of Child Pornography and four counts of Possession of Child Pornography. If convicted, he faces one to 10 years in prison for each of the possession charges and five to 20 years in prison for each of the distribution charges, with a mandatory minimum of five years for the second offense. Additional charges are expected following a complete forensic analysis of the suspect’s computer.

Copyright© 2012 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. All rights reserved.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Charles B. Wang International Children’s Building
699 Prince Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-3175
703-224-2150 | 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) | www.missingkids.com


Do I need to say another word? I think nothing else is necessary either.

What Happened When “Un-friend ed” on Facebook!

If my computer crashing due to Facebook‘s downloads was not enough for me to finalize my option; I have come across a couple more.

Because I can share this, I will.

For my geek side and geek minded friends:


For my true crime and legal beagle mind:

This post is a re-post fro Huffington Post.


BY:  Michael McLaughlin is a journalist from Brooklyn who has written and reported extensively for the New York Daily News and the Brooklyn Paper and an English-language newspaper in Buenos Aires that time forgot.

(My point is that sometimes social networking is just too, too much. How utterly absurd and stupid people can be. )



The daughter of a man who allegedly killed a couple who had defriended her on Facebook had a long history of online feuds that spilled over into real life.

Court documents obtained by The Huffington Post reveal a history of shouting matches, menacing phone calls and threats of violence that pitted 30-year-old Jenelle Potter and her parents against her onetime Internet friends.

The hostilities escalated into bloodshed last week when the woman’s father, Marvin Potter Jr., and an accomplice allegedly shot Billy Payne Jr. and his live-in girlfriend, Billie Jean Hayworth of Mountain City, Tenn., because they had deleted Jenelle from their list of friends on the social networking site.

“This Facebook thing was her whole life,” Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece told HuffPost. “If you deleted her, they [Potter and her parents] started harassing you. If you ran into them in the grocery store, you had an altercation with them. It was an ongoing thing with these people.”

Reece said his office received complaints from Potter’s parents when their daughter was blocked from other people’s social network profiles.

“These people that we’re dealing with, we’ve dealt with for some time,” Reece said. “But we never seen it go to this extent.”

Payne and Hayworth were found dead at 6:30 a.m. on Jan. 31 by a friend who carpooled to work with Payne, Reece said.

They were each killed by a single gunshot wound to the head, Reece said. Their toddler son was unharmed.

A series of interviews quickly led local cops to Marvin Potter, 60, and Jamie Curd, 38, who’ve both been accused of two counts of first-degree murder and were arraigned on Wednesday. Police say Curd accompanied Potter to the shooting shortly after Payne’s father left for work.

The animosity toward Payne and Hayworth apparently goes back to at least Jan. 13 or 14 when Potter threatened them and two others on Facebook for de-friending her, according to TriCities.com.

There are deep personal connections among the suspects and victims beyond their cyber links. Curd was Payne’s cousin and had romantic feelings for Jenelle Potter, media reports said.

But for reasons that aren’t clear yet, the conflict exploded into open violence.

Agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation were scheduled to interview Jenelle Potter on Thursday.

Before the double murder shook the small community in the northeastern corner of the state, police already knew that Potter — who lives with her parents — was often incensed over perceived online slights against her.

Two women sought restraining orders against Jenelle Potter, and another brought harassment charges against her last year, according to court filings.

“Jenelle Potter, whom I have never met, has been harassing me for months now,” wrote Lindsay Thomas in an affidavit from May 2011, accusing Potter of harassment. “For the past month she has called my phone anywhere from 5-20 times a day … This all started because I deleted her off my Facebook.”

The harassment charge was dismissed last November, according to a court clerk.

A female relative of Potter applied for an order of protection against her in May 2011. The relative claimed in her petition that Potter and a man called her repeatedly over several months, because “I took her off my Facebook.”

A judge dismissed that application, which was the second filed against Potter.

In August 2010, a woman sought a restraining order, saying that Potter had harassed her for months. On one occasion, the woman said that Potter — along with her mother — entered her home, yelled at her and cocked her fist at her as if to punch her. Court records said the two women at one time lived together, but did not mention any online skirmishes.

Potter meanwhile had filed for restraining orders against two other women in 2009 around the same time, claiming that they stalked her for more than a year. In one instance, Potter said that one of the alleged stalkers had removed her from a section on her Myspace profile for her “favorite people.” Potter’s petition includes allegations that she was called names by one of the women during a telephone conversation. She also said that she hid in a Forever 21 store in the local mall after seeing one of the women walk by her with her fist raised.

Those restraining order requests were denied too.

In 2004, Marvin Potter was convicted for lying about his Vietnam War service. Philly.com reported that the Marine wore medals he had not won and posed as a combat hero to give lectures to schoolchildren.

Calls to the Potters’ and Jamie Curd’s homes were not returned. The Huffington Post was unable to reach the women who had filed complaints against Potter or the two whom Potter claimed had stalked her.

Another FaceBook UN-LIKED Post

Yet another view on Facebook. I like this bloggers points so much I had to reblog.

Read on to see what this bloggers has to share about FB.

Moment Matters

Fact: there are more people in Facebook than there were on planet 200 years ago.

Why You Have Facebook

There are one billion Facebook accounts. While the main use of the social networking site was to ‘connect’, they have seduced us to keep coming back more than once a day. The company itself reported that more the 50% of Facebook active users log in daily. ‘Connect’ is a broad vision, but there are more specific reasons why we keep on letting Facebook trick us to burn something we never know how much we have, time.

1. Need to be social

We are indeed social beings. From the very start of human existence, we long for involvement. We wanted to be part of a group or conversation. And it seems like everybody has Facebook so you don’t want to be left behind.

2. Ease of chat communication

Facebook poses an easy…

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Facebook, Computer Crash, & Bugs

While Facebook (FB) is looking forward to its public debut on the IPO, (inital Public referring) & to the billions of dollars they are expecting to earn as profit from sales; I JUST learned that the reason I have been without my computer for over a week is due to my time on Facebook. Yes! You are reading that right.


“If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it”    — Tennessee Williams

After spending a really special week on vacation and having my computer crash leaving me without my pal to write & communicate I almost deplore this being my first post back. Yet I can not in good faith let what happened to me,and may be happening to those who read this, go unsaid.

I just today picked up my 7 yr. old laptop from the computer tech I have never had to use before. My poor old laptop that is “still in mint condition” was sorely “infected over 1000x’s” (unbeknownst to me) through my time I had spent on Facebook.” My tech who has been in business for almost 30 yrs and came highly recommended to me from someone who works in the industry explained to me that despite having Macafee and doing everything I knew to do that by visiting FB I allowed my sweet laptop to become exposed to bugs that sat idle while I happily was using my computer, not realizing that there was a time bomb waiting to implode. . The bugs just waited, and opened the door for more of their friends to enter. I was also told that although Macafee is a superior product it is not enough. And even with all the protection I can add-on to watch & guard over my laptop FB and it’s “friends” are still able to find back doors that are not locked. No way to lock them out with any guarantee.

Ironically I had opted almost a year ago to stop my FB’s visit, but for very different reasons. For one I was never very enthusiastic about the idea of FB, yet all my kids and grandkids were all playing along and it just seemed at the time to make sense. Then I began a couple Christmas season’s ago to realize just how time-consuming FB visits could be and I did not come away from those times feeling any more rich for the time I spent. The first Christmas I spent having complete down time from the computer and devoted all my attention & all of my time to my family, friend’s, and to my faith.  I recognized what a trap the computer could be if I let it. FB had to at least be at the bottom of my lists. I rarely in 20111 visited FB and did not miss it one iota.

Last week while on vacation (I’ll re-post later about our road trip) the first night away I hooked up to a hotel’s Wi-FI. That night I some trouble  booting up my laptop. For the first time I was seeing the blue screen of computer death. I followed the prompts for this first time error message and attempted a complete re-boot. I had never done this before, never needed to. That night I was able to log on and sign in to my Internet browser and my email. While reading my email I received an email alert from an old friend I have not seen or talked to in maybe 4 to 5 yrs. This one alert could have been what finally did it. Because I opened the link in the email alert I was of course taken to FB. My computer tech tells me this is likely how I left my computer open to the different bugs that  it was attacked by. And all those times prior to the this last year when I had been on FB fairly often? OMG!!  Some bugs lay quietly doing their dirty work,  others laying dormant until BAM I was been taken down. If you are lucky enough to never have had this happen, bravo! If you are part of the survivors group who have had their computer crash you know that sinking feeling.

This little known secret that FB or the links through FB is infecting our computers was a shock to me. As I said I had been opting to not visit FB for other reasons but this is reason enough for me to never open FB again. I believe that my time needs to be spent on things and people who feed me. Feed my heart, my brain, and my soul. The whole premise of FB always rubbed me wrong anyway, but because I have children and grandchildren and I like to stay hip to what is current in their lives I joined the rush to recruit my own FRIENDS list. Yet despite as careful as I was about my privacy and not joining in any FB games I was still attacked. My tech guy explained to me that the large majority,  if not all came from FB and he sees this all the time. Really? Wow!

So MIA because my laptop bit the dust for a bit was not on my travel itinerary, yet it happened. It happened and my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach, and my mind started spinning with thoughts and feelings about being cut-off. In a happy ending the time of almost 2 weeks without having easy access to everything I do with my laptop and all the ways it lets me organize my life I realized it was a blessing in disguise. I spent my week’s vacation reading more, creating some hand crafted cards, a watercolor, and created culinary delights almost every evening with the ocean right out the kitchen window.  I could not ask for anything more. I needed nothing more. And I spent more time talking with my BFF, my husband. I missed the feeling of knowing my laptop was there should I want to write, or check and reply to email. (using my cell phone was a joke I discovered) To blog, to catch up on comments from my blogging friends, to peek into the different forums I often visit, and the support I receive from other people who live with chronic pain are all ways in which my computer help feed me. I did miss these, and missed the all assuring knowledge that my laptop was there if I wanted it. It was the first time since 1998-99 that I was without the technology in my home that brings all that alive for me. It was strange, but it was so good for me. I learned a lot more about myself during this time without.

Yet I am still shaking my head in knowing now that something that is so widely accepted and used is what my computer tech believes was the downfall of my sweet little piece of technology. If it is in fact true that it was Facebook like my tech believes that infected my computer than what is happening across the world? What is going with the billions of computers that are logged into FB right now? I have no answer. And to be clear here I am only repeating what I was told and sharing the one experience of my own involving FB and my laptop crashing. There were tools I was missing I will agree. But I’m told that there is not enough protection for Facebook and I am choosing not to take the chance again. And I was warned to stay away from FB.

I still wonder how many others are being infected unknowingly by logging into FB everyday, playing inter-active games such as Farmville with their “Friends” and their friends friends? I am aware that FB will take umbrage with what I am attesting to here in this post. Thankfully the Internet protects my right to expressing my personal opinion. And  to share my personal experiences.

I’m back in my saddle again and writing on my old friend. I love to write long hand, but having the treasure of my words saved for eternity through no more effort than typing as I write is a gift I shall never take for granted again.

 Like I said, it was a nice surprise to be forced to have my hands quieted because I had a very ill laptop, but next time I take time off it I’d much rather it be because I chose to just “shut down” my hands for a period rather than my computer crashing.

©tjhelser 2012