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Resilient Human Spirit

Sometimes we need a powerful reminder just how fantastic the human spirit is, how resilient we are as a species. I had another post in mind for today that actually also speaks to the resilience of the human heart and spirit 

The video below is the most perfect segue into that post ( look for it early in the week )

I ran smack into this gentleman & his story thanks to social media, and if you have not seen it yet I promise you will be moved to tears. Feel good kind of tears. 
The powerful reminder received from this man’s story is a perfect example of how getting outside our own head, our own ‘issues’ and being allowed to be touched by others is healing to our own spirit. 
Thank you Arthur for your share ~

These Days

Ever have one of those starts to your day that just knocks your socks off (if you wear socks) or rocks your soul? Shakes your heart to the core?  A beginning to your morning that sets everything in a wonderful golden glow?

Starting these days feeling good about things is a real gift. If everything in life should start as sweet there would be little strife in this world’s heart. I wrote about the gift of thriving in a past post, this my friends is an example of what thriving is. Some of where thriving comes from these days.

When it comes to the thriving while living in this world it’s not about what might hurt physically. (it’s going to ) Its more about what does just the opposite. Focusing in on what feeds the soul. Sometimes that focus is another person, or sometimes its A “something”. Maybe a song.  Maybe a sunrise. Iy is always God.

These days its easy to feel those things that feed my soul. Without question. My focus is more determined than it has ever been in my life. I know now my way home. Hearing the same song over and over.

Healing me.

Thanking God & the Universe for this focus.  And for these days.

So much is about thriving these days.

Thriving for yet another sunrise.