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Fall Brings An Easter Blessing

18 October 2013

Seeing a plant in stages of its growth is not at all unusual if you garden. And I do. 
I think of gardening as a blessing, I love to grow things wild and unruly. I love to get my fingers into the dirt in the ground, I love to make mud pies.  
I have an unusual event happening in my garden this Fall.
Every year since my two daughters were infants I received an Easter Lily from them & their father to help set the environment of spirituality for the season of Lent & Easter in our home. We are not an overly religious family, but we are deeply spiritual and Easter & the spring equinox are significant, with the traditional & symbolic gift given of an Easter Lily. 

An Easter Lily  (Lilium longiflorum is actually a native of the southern islands of Japan. A World War I soldier, Louis Houghton, is credited with starting U.S. Easter Lily production when he brought a suitcase full of lily bulbs with him to the southern coast of Oregon in 1919. He gave them away to friends and when the supply of bulbs from Japan was cut off as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the rising price of the bulbs suddenly made the lily business a viable industry for these hobby growers and earned the bulbs the nickname “White Gold”. Today over 95% of all bulbs grown for the potted Easter Lily market are produced by just ten farms in a narrow coastal region straddling the California-Oregon border, from Smith River, California up to Brookings, Oregon.

For almost 40 years every May I would replant said lily’s outside in my gardens and flower beds. Different gardens throughout those years, and for 10 years while living in a downtown Seattle high rise I planted the plants in the apartment buildings gardens since I had none of my own. 
I could grow really healthy beautiful plants, but to get them to re-bloom again in their natural environment was something I was never successful with. They make gorgeous foliage with shiny green pointed leaves, adding much texture and different heights to my flower beds. But to bloom again in the early summer months of June as Mother Nature intended the following years never happened.
 I was okay with that,  I knew from research that to get a plant to re-bloom after being forced to bloom unnaturally is not an easy feat.  
This past March 2013 on Easter I was in a very different space than I had ever been; not only had I become a newly single woman at the start of 2013 I also gifted myself for the first time ever an Easter Lily. It had been 3 years since my youngest daughter survived emergency brain surgery and woke from coma on Easter Sunday 2010.
As I said my Easter 2013 was very different than it ever had been, my first alone, and my daughter was winning the fight to save her life a second time.
After taking great care to keep my lily alive after its blooms were spent I planted it in June outside in my tiny flower bed I had created at my new little apartment. 
It was a late planting this year even for the high desert because we had a later than usual beginning to our spring with freezing night-time temperatures prevailing through May, making it impossible to start gardening like the rest of our state did in March.
So my lily finally went into the ground and I nurtured it along, making sure through that during our warm summer days it was thriving and growing strong. 

Last month I noticed a bizarre thing. Growing out of the original plant were two new offshoots. Two new stalks, the Easter lily plant had propagated itself. In the fall. That in itself was different from any other time I had witnessed before. Typically the lily goes dormant after its blooms have faded and dies back into itself until spring the following year. 

“Well,” I thought, “that’s kind of cool.”
Then… it started happening.. First one bud appeared, then another, and then both stalks created 5 to 6 buds each. 
I could watch almost daily out my window the buds turning into blooms. 
My Easter lily is blooming!!
In the Fall!
By rights This lily should not be blooming! Unless my past history with Easter lily’s( that were hot-house forced to bloom in the spring) is odd. 
But even the irony of MY lily blooming is enough that I think it is very cool.  
But that it is also fully blooming in October, in the high desert of central Oregon… well .. that is such an incredible thing I am in awe with this lily.  I associate my youngest daughter’s recovery from emergency brain surgery on Easter Sunday morning of 2010 as a miracle, along with that 3 years later the reinvention of my life and my maiden Easter purchase of this now blooming lily as my Fall Easter blessing 
And I am amazed.
It is why I wrote about it, so I will never forget the miracle of Mother Nature’s strength and resilience. 
I think our own human spirit mirrors that strength & resilience.

Sculpting With Paper

Paper Sculpting

My next coveted paper adventure  in extreme. As the video shows you. This is what I am aspiring next to do with simply paper and an Exact -o-Knife™ with a single sheet of glass underneath for my cutting surface. That’s it!

I want to venture into a new phase by taking what I do with molding, sculpting, and folding so that I can to alter paper from flat sheet to something  2D next. I believe my love of architecture plays a role in my desire to sculpt and build with paper. I have been gearing up for this by creating 2d flowers out of just paper and  a spot of adhesive.

This is a whole new concept on sculpting,

I have done some 2D work. I love to create paper flowers such as these paper roses I do. Being able to be whimsical in the color schemes that Mother Nature just does not grow herself is empowering. I decide.

I have lately been working on creating a hydrangea and a daffodil (narcissus) but have nothing that qualifies for a photo shoot just yet.

My ambition to do paper sculpture is a progression of what I do, I like how life works that way adding new lessons when we are open to them. The flowers, mini-fans, mini-handbags, mini canvases that I am able to spatially see is what I will need for creating the different effects I want. I am fascinated by the nature of the pulp fibers in paper and how they interact with different paper weights and different mediums. It is baffling just how they can be manipulated.

Paper sculpting of the Floral Kind

bl rse paper rose2

bluepaper rose1

While on the subject of what the lowly, but ever so lovely sheet of paper can do  I’ll share some Spring Vibes with the  Easter cards I created for the little egg hunters in my life. I believe the kids will enjoy the cards, and the adults will simply smile.

Enjoy ~

easter crack up

easter dino

easter wish

easter bunny w ballon

Signature 2013

Pastel Easter Thoughts and prayer’s.

 Prayerful, Thoughtful, & Grateful Eternally.

As the time of Easter enters my consciousness I realize that I can energetically experience and walk through aspects of the same Biblical Times, and our own past selves that existed during those times. I will walk the sacred path. I can part the seas of existence as I look between the past and the present.

At the time of this Easter Celebration I will connect fully with the so many different aspects of my soul. I am the intersection of the Light meeting the Light and I stand at the crossroad of time.

I will see as I stand in the center of my multi-dimensional faith that the present is the point of all creation. I  house internally,externally,spiritually, and physically, all possibilities.  I will release all expectations of myself as I  mount my full potential to receive the Commandments of Light.

As my humanness has the opportunity to fully walk in Christ like garments of Light will I feel as though I have abandoned all humanness? Will I feel as though I abandoned the pleasures of earth, and those I love? Do not allow my garment of Christ like Light to be something that I only wear on Sundays or holidays. I will wear it continually with the knowledge that I can be divine, holy, and human simultaneously. For Jesus the man said that the future generations of light walkers would do greater deeds than He, which was a promise he made to the future children of light that would walk earth.

I shift the future by my thought, my actions, my awareness, and my declarations to walk in that light.

My instructions are as such~

As I celebrate Easter –I celebrate Christ,and I celebrate the Human Beings who lovingly moves toward Christ awareness.  Do not get caught up in the trappings of what happened in Biblical Times, move past it.

Don’t  camp out too long in the Spiritual Stigmata of your old selves. Yes, there were injustices.and pain.But it is not my job to own it. My heart is a Christ Heart. Yes, I take everything to heart. Yes, I feel the injustices. Yes, I feel for what fell a minute ago, a week ago, a day ago. But how do those feelings serve me?

I cannot move when I am drenched in pity ,in sadness ,in anger, or in fear. The mobility comes only when I love,in uncertaintiess, in faith,in peace. When ever my life is not moving it is because I have cemented my feet in the past.

I represent the Trinity of all the incarnations of Christ. I am all of it– as are you.  You, Christ have worn every religion, every faith, and every conviction. You have worn every magical, alchemical thought through time and space. I still wear them.

My past does not serve me but as a reminder of what failed. I’ll look to the future with a heart that is Light. I AM the essence of Christ. I am in you as you are in me. For we are cut from the same wheat and mixed in the same bowl and kneaded into a loaf of bread that is to be shared with all. We are the same. I am not mightier than you are. I am not grander than you are.

I am you.

I ask you to lovingly lift the memory of His time on earth out of the pain and crucifixion and see it fly as the Phoenix it became.   Our potential is unlimited. It goes beyond words or expectations. I ask at this time of Easter to receive His body in communion – but not through a wafer or a glass of wine – but through a vibration. When the sun rises on the morn of Easter – breathe Him into me.  “Sup upon my knowledge of all time – and I will sup upon your humanness.”

You are the pride and the joy of this universe.  Stand up – to see in the true reflection of how Christ like you are!

Happy Easter to all ~ Love & Much Peace ~

 ©tjhelser 2012