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Daughter, Adele, Ipad, Love, 2012

Posting with my daughters iPad . Wondering if this really that cool? I like the navigation on it which I thought I was going to hate. It is not bad. I have many things in my life that trump buying an iPad but it will be placed at the bottom of my wish list. It’s pretty cool but I have other references and needs first

Funny thing is though when it comes to writing I prefer my keyboard, and when searching for and posting images I prefer my laptop. It is true I have great affection for what my laptop. When my the 8 yr old laptop final;ly crashed for good I cried. Silly? maybe.

These machine hold my life-like I know yours holds yours. I have Carbonite and my data is safe. Its more about the actual little black rectangle that has most recently become a life line for me. I will some day maybe add a iPad to my arsenal but for now when I have much bigger things planned for the horizon this shall wait. But it was fun

Adele, my daughter, talks about love, life & laughter  Thanks J~