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Technology Frustration Station

Yep, that would be me. In a station of frustration with technology.

We have all been there. Glitches with technology that wipe out posts, files not downloading that you know are good. Then we have all lost computers. I have been pretty blessed with computers in my 18-20 yrs of having a computer in my home. I have to share with you that I was one of the camp that was not going to ever have one in my home. I was all about going back to Mother Nature, basis as best as we could achieve them. I know, silly girl. Idealists come in many different personalities,

I’m here to tell you all that I have been through technology hell in the week. Starting out with this last weeks oh so fun WP glitch where email alerts from WP were being dumped into my spam folder. So once that was discovered I realized I was behind crazy in new posts from my bloggers I love to follow to comments to respond. You all know.  Been there too. Some of you even had been affected before with similar glitches and also this last one.

So that was a week of sorting spam and suddenly Monday might while working on a guest post I have been privileged to be part of here at WP I lost the post. I actually thought that night when it happened that I had first just accidentally clicked on the wrong prompt. I thought it was either going to post or save itself in the draft folder. It apparently saved some it, but I lost all the revisions that I had been working on just previously which was nearing my conclusion. I was not a happy camper. Everything that evening was lost. I chalked it up to a WP wrong. I was wrong.  My Bad. I apologize WordPress.

What it was …My six – month old new computer!!

So the issue I had was not WP.  It was new computer, Now you all know where I have been. It is a bad hard drive. I am being sent a new one and thankfully I am still under warranty. In the mean time the tech repair shop loaned me an old heavy wonderful laptop and I want to thank those guys. They are the best, when I bought the computer and a 2 yr warranty they promised they would take care of me. They in fact have,

Thank you Todd & Austin at Staples in Oregon!!