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A New Blog To WordPress: Living This Musical Life by David Miller


Happy New Year WordPress Community!!

It’s with great pleasure that I have the privilege of introducing one of WP’s newest bloggers; David Miller, he will be bringing his insightful perspectives on a vast array of subjects on his “Living This Musical Life” blog. If you think by the title his blog is about his life as a musician, you are right. But it’s so much more. You see I have had the great honor of being privy to David’s blog before he hit the publish button. I didn’t have any doubts that I would find his writing  enlightening, enriching, and of course entertaining, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve known David as a musician, (lead guitar/vocals) a singer-songwriter, a music reviewer, and his frequent editorial style posts on social media, but he surprised me most recently with his creative fiction chops.  I am excited about several projects he has in the works and with David for the first time I have writing community locally.

Please meet David Miller and welcome his personal invite below to visit and share your thoughts at Living The Musical Life. (link below)

” For many years now I have enjoyed creative, non-musical writing. I have a few books/novels started, a stage musical in the works, and I have written for various music papers/magazines/websites. I often write just to write. Album reviews, opinion pieces, humor, I like to try it all. I have spent a few weeks gathering some of my favorite pieces and after some encouragement from a fellow writer and friend, created a site where I can post these works. The site is broken up in to categories and most of the posts are relatively short. Some are several years old. I will be posting new updates regularly and hope some of you take the time to check it out…..maybe check back now and then.

Feel free to give me feedback (preferably constructive) as I hope to improve as I go along and will keep an online diary of sorts about my progress. Thanks for always supporting my creative ventures. ”

Please stop by and visit David’s ‘Living The Musical Life here http://livingthismusicallife.com/  and introduce yourself and your blog. You might even find yourself wanting to take him up on the welcome invite to leave some feedback, his writing is thought-provoking and inspires great discussions and dialogue. Enjoy.