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Six Word Saturday June 9, 2012

My Six Word Saturday~


Eye Of The Wind Sought After



It has been a bit of a week plus a few days since the procedure to my neck was done. Seven days into the timing I am keeping track of  I started to experience more numbing that was creeping further up and down my neck, and add that my left shoulder was jumped into the water with both feet.  I was not real concerned but enough to make a call to the doctor. All the symptoms I am experiencing “are typical for a week into the ablation


I am apparently on track, the doctor’s message to me was to continue doing what I am doing, and that he does . not want me in any more pain I can not tolerate. If the medications I have at home ate not helping with the pain he wants to know ASAP.  So far so good. I have had yet no reason to phone him. I am coping quite well. But then a veteran of pain management best have gained some skills by now to help cope.

It has been a week of absolute wonder. I mean that. I have been spending more time just being quietm more than I can ever recall. I have sat praying, sat in meditation,. I have sat listening to music, watching some ballet on OPB.  I have spent some time writing, old-fashioned pen in fingers, paper furled in hand writing. I have spent some time doing wonderful things. Writing letters to aunts and friends I never see. Things that brought wonder and sense of childhood.  I have even sat creating and learning all about Zentangles.

This is doodling at its best!

Zentangle is an art form that has taken the words Zen & tangle and put a copy write on them by putting the  two words together to describe this art form. Zentangle. The art form is basically nothing more than drawings of seemingly never-ending strings that leave open segmented designs which are then filled in with repetition of shapes and designs. There really does not seem to be many, if any rules. It is essentially doodling, which I know all of us tended to typically do on the phone. But that was in the days of having Land Lines. When was the last time you were on your cell phone and were doodling while conversing?

Maybe the founders of Zentangles discovered that they doodled anyway. Whether on a land line, a cell phone, or  for just a quiet few minutes maybe they found themselves doodling a way. Maybe they found great comfort in the act, A sense of  Zen.  I Do.  For me right now it is about the act of doing that I am attracted to.The relaxation of needing nothing but pen and paper. And my time.

Maybe the artwork will come later.

Eye of the Wind

Want to Tangle?

Now find a pencil with a sharp point, an eraser is handy but not necessary. And some blank paper. Later if you find this may be your thing you will want the proper PEN & right weight in paper.

For now….. go forward and grab a tangle and create your own realm of Zen.

and from the ones in the know read more….





Springtime Greetings 2012

SPRING (2012)



Victorian Layered w/charms



Heartfelt Thank You




Victorian Rose Thanks


Lace & Hand Made Flower


"Kiss Me"


Hand made Paper Doily Flower


Thanks so much for stopping by and having a peek.  I’m sincerely grateful.

Handmade Birthday Greeting for My Twin

This Birthday card is for my really good gal pal who lives in Florida. My friend is really my twin with different birth mother’s and father’s. Go ahead.. ponder that one for a bit if you will. We are soul sister’s to be sure. I have heard all my life that there is a twin of you somewhere. Someone who may look JUST like you do. Well my twin S. and I are not identical. At least not in appearance. But quite possibly we are very identical when it comes to personality, temperament, likes, dislikes, etc… We have the same loves, even for falling for most handsome men who have that bad boy quality. But really are not bad boys at all.

My twin S. and I are blessed that we finally found one another, even if it is in our mid-life. Better late than never we both say. See? We are so alike we even sound in stereo when responding. My twin S. has a thing for elephants too which is just one of the random likenesses that we share. Both of us have been collecting elephants for some time. I am the older twin so my collection may be a bit larger. Nanananana…

My twin S.also adores Hedgehogs. Don’t know why,… just now I am reminding myself to ask her why? Below is my twin’s birthday card. Even though we are twins we do not share the same birth date, which is fun because it gives us each one more birthday to celebrate. (I know, we are really difficult to figure out. Can you imagine being in our respective spouse’s shoes?)

My twin, S’ Birthday Card~

The image of the Hedgehogs is homage to my twin and her affinity for this darling critter. One of my passions is using colored pencils and water-color pencils for drawing and adding texture and color to my images.  This is how I added the colors to this card.

The ribbon and heart border are both items my twin had sent me in one of her swap boxes she sent to me. S. took the time to cut me borders from all of her border punches I don’t have, and I believe S has them all. Last count for her punches bordered around 150 and that was some time ago so I’m sure her collection has grown. So if I don’t have and need it i know where to look. The frame is one I had from a set and the flowers are silks from a great grab bag of flowers I had grabbed from Prima some time ago. Another one of my favorite vendors is Prima Marketing. They have the most gorgeous flowers and if I don’t make my own I like to use from my Prima stash.  

Thanks again for stopping by~

Name something you’d like a lifetime supply of.

These paper petals will make great paper 3D flowers some day

Easy answer for me.  Paper! Any paper would do but I am partial to pattern papers, hand-made papers, papers with some weight such as card stock, velum, onion paper… I’d do just fine for the rest of my life with paper. I could even do without scissors or a trimmer of some sort, and could do without scissors.
I can tear the papers, and even make glue with flour. Not exactly archival but whose looking when it’s using your life time supply?

A few Hand Crafted Cards

These are two images of an embroidered card I did in blue tones. One image is meantto be a more close up shot of the word ” Hi”  and flower to focus on the embroidery.

Creating hand made cardsis one of my passions and I am looking forward to creating my gallery of my work here justso I can watch my progress from time to time.

 It was easy to just write my word “Hi”, draw my flower,  then I pre-punched the holes around my word that then made embroidering a piece of cake. Even for this lady who does not sew, not on cloth anyway. Been known to  buy a sewing machine just for paper though.

Thanks for looking!