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I Don’t Even Know What To Title This

Stuck on being Stuck?

I am even unable to find the right key with my fingers, each finger feels like two, I am unable to even find words. Me! And now I cannot even find a title for this piece that I am also not even sure I can execute.

Something should be forth coming from this brain of mine to my fingers, whether they are typing or using my favorite pen. I should be able to come up with what it is I want to write about, or what I want to say in my ongoing project. But it’s not happening and I have no clue why. Most of the times this has happened it’s been explained away by myself, to myself. This time I am stumped. And I am stuck. I am so stuck I cannot even find inspiration to create a title for this.

I need to be able to write. I know getting stressed about not being able to find words is not helping. And that just letting it go is what I should be doing. Like walking away from the project that is not going well. Getting a clearer perspective. And it feels like on many cross roads that there is a force working against me. I cannot even keep my font on the same style or color to save my life. I’m sure it is because my laptop and WP have not been shut down for the last 36 hours. Tired laptop or WP, which I am not sure.Tired operator maybe? I don’t know.

But I keep telling myself that being tired is not going to be my excuse. It can’t. If that is the case than being tired is going to get in my way too often. I cannot afford to let getting tired matter. I have too much I am interested in doing. It’s not even about having TOO MUCH TO DO, it really isn’t. The idea that I am passionate about so many things and not being able to do them because I am tired does not thrill me. Though it may be a reality of mine it does not have to be one I settle for. I have the freedom and choice to make my reality change alter my reality from what it tends to want to be. 

My choice?

My choice to use the time that I am given by God, and by medicine to use for the people and the things that I am deliriously passionate about is what I cannot afford TIRED for.  NOT finding TIME; or in my case most often not finding “The Spoons” necessary to succeed this leaves me feeling deeply saddened. By that which I am not able visit my passions wears on me. I’m wondering if that is what is bothering me, why I am finding myself at this block. I need to express myself in some way almost daily. Either through my mind with words, or through my hands in creating something that can be touched. I need these outlets like I need water and sunlight. I am not meaning to be dramatic, just needing to find a path back to where ever my creative wings were dropped.


Finding myself without words is unsettling. I know, you find it unsettling too that you are finding me say that I am wordless.  People that know me are going to be laughing at the mere suggestion of this. I am really good about filling pages with idle chatter and maybe there will be a good topic and some common sense in amongst what I chatted about. This being at a loss for words is not the norm for me. But I could move past that.

While not finding the words was leaving me feel a bit unsettled as I said I thought that since, especially since, my cool husband had shined on the fact that I had art supplies all around my LazyBoy that it would be appropriate to try working on a greeting card. I had elements I’d made sitting aside for one that I had left unfinished before my cervical procedure.  So I thought a piece of cake right? Despite orders from medical headquarters, to not us my arms away from my body for the 6 weeks of healing post the cervical procedure. It’s hard to be creative with your hands while holding your arms next to your body. Holding your arms next to your body is not hard, it’s the natural pose you want to strike while guarding that which hurts. But that which had been hurting wasn’t hurting as much so my thinking was Cool! I can work at my table for a bit.

Making a card is what I wanted to do. I did it. It turned out fine. I did not turn out fine so much the next day. I woke up unable to move not just my left arm and shoulder, but my right shoulder opted to join in the revolt. They were ticked off at me!

I had a great time making the card. It’s one of my passions. It feeds me in ways nothing else can. Much like writing does. I have been stuck for words it feels like for much too long. I am hoping the card making session will unleash creative flow for my writing passion as well.

Ironically I am finding that several people I know are dealing with a very similar problem. Their creative wings have been clipped as mine seemed to have been. But then that is the most wonderful thing about your wings just clipped. They grow back nice and strong with your flight wings firmly intact and stronger than evet before. 

Also writing about losing that feeling is Chris Donner. Her fabilous blog is quite a read, I invite you t read Chris’s post called  “Strong Writing Mojo” at Chris’s blog Chris Donner Mystery Writer which can found at this link: http://chrisdonnermysterywriter.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/strong-writing-mojo/#comment-973

I’m just waiting for t~hose creative wings to grow back so that my creativity may once again soar.





Springtime Greetings 2012

SPRING (2012)



Victorian Layered w/charms



Heartfelt Thank You




Victorian Rose Thanks


Lace & Hand Made Flower


"Kiss Me"


Hand made Paper Doily Flower


Thanks so much for stopping by and having a peek.  I’m sincerely grateful.

Handmade Birthday Greeting for My Twin

This Birthday card is for my really good gal pal who lives in Florida. My friend is really my twin with different birth mother’s and father’s. Go ahead.. ponder that one for a bit if you will. We are soul sister’s to be sure. I have heard all my life that there is a twin of you somewhere. Someone who may look JUST like you do. Well my twin S. and I are not identical. At least not in appearance. But quite possibly we are very identical when it comes to personality, temperament, likes, dislikes, etc… We have the same loves, even for falling for most handsome men who have that bad boy quality. But really are not bad boys at all.

My twin S. and I are blessed that we finally found one another, even if it is in our mid-life. Better late than never we both say. See? We are so alike we even sound in stereo when responding. My twin S. has a thing for elephants too which is just one of the random likenesses that we share. Both of us have been collecting elephants for some time. I am the older twin so my collection may be a bit larger. Nanananana…

My twin S.also adores Hedgehogs. Don’t know why,… just now I am reminding myself to ask her why? Below is my twin’s birthday card. Even though we are twins we do not share the same birth date, which is fun because it gives us each one more birthday to celebrate. (I know, we are really difficult to figure out. Can you imagine being in our respective spouse’s shoes?)

My twin, S’ Birthday Card~

The image of the Hedgehogs is homage to my twin and her affinity for this darling critter. One of my passions is using colored pencils and water-color pencils for drawing and adding texture and color to my images.  This is how I added the colors to this card.

The ribbon and heart border are both items my twin had sent me in one of her swap boxes she sent to me. S. took the time to cut me borders from all of her border punches I don’t have, and I believe S has them all. Last count for her punches bordered around 150 and that was some time ago so I’m sure her collection has grown. So if I don’t have and need it i know where to look. The frame is one I had from a set and the flowers are silks from a great grab bag of flowers I had grabbed from Prima some time ago. Another one of my favorite vendors is Prima Marketing. They have the most gorgeous flowers and if I don’t make my own I like to use from my Prima stash.  

Thanks again for stopping by~

1920’s Schooner Becomes Birthday Greeting


Above  please find my creations  for  one of my most favorite people in my life. This card is created  for my best friend forever, BFF, my husband
 He collects and loves his ships. He has an old sailor’s (he is a retired Naval Sailor) belief that if you keep a ship, any kind of image of a ship , such as  a painting, a 3D sculpture of a ship, or even a String Art ship done very early in 1970.   Keeping them all  on outside walls of your home  will keep away negative (read evil) spirits.
 Have no clue if it will work for everyone but for the most part my beloved’s ships have done a good job of keeping evil away from the inside of  our home.
So in honor of his birthday this past November
I created a card for him with…. drum roll please… … a ship…..of course. `920’s Schooner I’m told.
 (The ribbon layered behind the image  is from a swap box that I received from my twin in Florida.  Her contribution to D’s card )
 A funny but really lovely thing happened serendipitously regarding my BFF’s birthday cards. Because D is known for his love of ships my best friend here in town also created a hand-made card for D.
                                                                                       Another drum roll please…..
Yes Sir!  It was a stunning card with a ship’s image stamped on the front.
Both D & I found it to be one of the coolest gifts he’s ever received.

More Autumn Greetings~ Crafted by Hand.

Another set.

Sunny Sunflower Blessings ~ just a simple silk sunflower. For

some reason I was not able to crop this here at WP.

(note to self; replace with cropped image)

Hope ~

Geoform as the focal piece. This is a die from a little known about small company called G.  Included on the front panel are a pair of Silver Dollar Pods from my yard, & a skeletonized leaf.

Just Boo! ~

A simple layered mix of punched and die cut flower shapes. I’ve been a fan of adding shadowing around the edges. Here I even included this on the flower petals.

Framed Boo ~

I said I am awful adding titles cards.

Hedgehogs in a Pile ~ Thought it was an eye catching title,.. at least.

This front panel is an image that came with a new product I tried for the first time called “Flower Soft”. Pretty cool stuff. These little critter’s fur is actually soft to the touch. And it was so easy, no mess. The directions advised to use their wet adhesive which I did not have, so I used my quick dry tacky glue. Worked fine. I’ll be buying more colors.

A Hoot Hootin Hello ~

This was just silly fun.

Thanks for stopping by.  Keep coming back….I’m far from done.

Name something you’d like a lifetime supply of.

These paper petals will make great paper 3D flowers some day

Easy answer for me.  Paper! Any paper would do but I am partial to pattern papers, hand-made papers, papers with some weight such as card stock, velum, onion paper… I’d do just fine for the rest of my life with paper. I could even do without scissors or a trimmer of some sort, and could do without scissors.
I can tear the papers, and even make glue with flour. Not exactly archival but whose looking when it’s using your life time supply?