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What do Howling Dick & Blues Have In Common?

Me… and the LIKE button.   (for two)

Just in case you do not know this gentlemen & his radio show let me happily be the person to introduce you.  I think you’ll ‘like’ his show too.

I came to be a follower of Downhome with Howling Dick because I am addicted to the music genre  of blues & I post blues music regularly on another social media where I was first introduced to his shows. Soon between social media and his show we became fast friends with music being a core common denominator. Particularly blues.

And I want to share.


I freely admit that I have had a thing about radio programs, what I thought were of a thing of my past. Back in August 2012 I wrote a piece  called Bus Stop Games: As a young lady my friends & I depended on our local radio station KISN to become savvy music fans.  ( link below for Bus Stop Games Post)

Enraptured by radio shows and the disc jockeys who played the music, my friends & I would speak about the artist, the band, the music itself, and the business. It has been a life long passion. We would spend hours dissecting what we  had learned. Only then my friends and I would create the trivia Bus Stop Game of the week. We learned to name that tune in as little two notes to each. A game I taught my daughter’s to play.

Today I am listening and following a fabulous radio program again.

Downhome with Howling Dick

Thanks to the Internet I am listening to a radio show that I want to introduce my music loving friends to. The show hails from the United Kingdom and comes via pod casts  The disc jockey is Howling Dick;  and the name of his hour weekly show is Downhome with Howling Dick. The ambiance of the show will take you back to days when a radio show was something worth making a date with.

Linked  here is the week of 20 June 2013 show (which  by the way mentions yours truly)   http://www.howlingdick.com/i-raise-my-hat/

Howling Dick’s show is promoted as a Blues genre show, but he admits that he plays what he likes and that covers a lot of genres. The man is a wealth of knowledge about music, and he also has the most unusual & eclectic collection of recorded music in his library I have ever come across. If you are interested in rare and unusual recording stick around Howling’s front porch awhile, you will be pleased you did.

I had given up on commercial radio in the 80’s because the constant commercialism started to really bother my sensibilities. I do not watch television for the same reason.  It was not just the advertisements in radio that take so much air time that bothers me, but  also very much the politics in how music was chosen and given air time for play. The Dj’s were no longer the people making the choices as to what we heard.  In  my younger  years I had the great experience of distributing demo tapes to radio station disc jockey’s to try to inspire some interest & air time in local bands I worked with. It was a fascinating time in the world of music.

As it is today. If you have the where with all to create some good music you can realistically promote yourself  in such creative ways you can become a name for yourself in the industry; thanks to modern digital recording equipment & web sites like YouTube, Reverbnation & Dailymotion to name just a few. And radio programs like Howling Dick’s who promote artists we might not learn about without the radio program & Disc Jockeys.

I think that is pretty cool. Keeping the music where it belongs, with the artists as much as possible..

I spoke to Howling about doing this piece and asked for his permission to link his show. His response is so like the music fan that he truly is when he simply said ” spread the music”

I love that kind of attitude…….especially when it is regarding music.

Thinking  it might be fun in this introduction to Howling Dick and his show to discover a glimpse into how his mind ticks by asking him a few questions. Howling,  a very good sport as he played along so nicely in his answers is a delight. It might also be interesting for you to know he is an unabashed Bob Dylan fan and reputed to have quite a Dylan collection of music and memorabilia.

The interview:

* Do you play an instrument? What kind?  (Tell us about your cigar box guitars you make & play)

Theres a wonderful video on YouTube – Angriest guitar player ever (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8hmi9aEiy4), which most of my family and friends have confirmed is ME! I have a wonderful collection and love playing guitar but truth is, I don’t have that gene where it comes natural. One of the reasons I make and play Cigar Box guitars is I reckon its easier to play 3 strings (its not). I also dabble with banjo, dulcimer and Ukulele with similar poor results but it don’t stop me playin’ em or collecting hem. My wife has issues about the amount of stuff I have!!! Funnily enough, apparently  I am a half decent blues harmonica player which my eldest son Josh says I should stick to but hey! every boy wants to be an axe god doesn’t he?

* You are building your dream band. Who is are your choice of band mates? Why?

Drums – Ritchie Hayward of Little Feat (or possibly George Recine from Dylan’s band?) because he has the groove I love to play to. Steely Dan have a young drummer Keith Carlock with them who is possibly the best Ive seen recently but he’s far too good for me.

Bass -Ian Jennings who I saw recently playing with  Mud Morganfield. He’s a pint sized fella with a giant double bass (HAS to be double bass) and oozes charisma and talent. Sort of bloke Id enjoy hanging out with unlike Sting (he’s too good looking)

Keyboard – Chuck Leavell. Not only because he’s so damn good but for the privilege of playing with someone who’s played with the Allmans AND the Stones. Oh, if he couldn’t make the gig then Clint Eastwood, because.. well, if you have to ask….

Guitar – Oh the big one, too many to choose from so it would it would be my son Josh on rhythm and old mate Phillip Morris on lead who I’ve jammed with for years just so we could share the experience of playing with a great band. (I’d be on harp and vocals that night)

* Name 3 current favorite tunes & artist.

If you’re asking whats on my turntable at the moment

Mississippi Sheiks – Sitting On Top Of The World (Document reissues on Vinyl)

Charlie Parr -Good Friends (Barnswallow)

Going Down South – Big George Brock (It’s on an amazing compilation of American Roots music -More Miles Than Money)

* If you could bring 3 people to my high desert with you who would they be?  Why?

Well, truth is I wouldn’t bring anybody cos Id want to get to know you 🙂 but if you’re asking who do I want to join us for dinner, Id avoid big heroes like Dylan and Neil because too much pressure and I won’t be corny and say the family (who I do travel with) or Nelson Mandela/Barak Obama. 

Soooo…..I met Charlie Parr recently and he is one of the most decent inspiring men Ive met and also a walking encyclopaedia of roots music – so he’d be one. So would be the wonderful Bex Marshall, cos she’s a really good laugh as well as the fact she can play great slide guitar during desert and I suppose my mate Mark because everyone loves him and we’d definitely have a good time with him around. Whatcha cooking’?

My gracious thanks to you Howling.  Soups on!


Bus Stop Games:


Signature 2013

Heart Songs

If you know me even as an acquaintance it’s not long before you will know I am inclined to relate most things in my life with  music. I analogize in music, I think lyrically, and music is the vault that holds all my memories. From well known music to music that I am newly discovering is how I navigate life. It is a sacred universal language. Music continues to be the calm that soothes the sails of my emotions when the storms start to roll in. Music is my idea of life’s perfect reward and all that it hold significant for me.

I have wondered and marveled at how people who never listen to music get by in their lives navigating emotional ups and downs without music. Maybe because I know no other way it baffles me. The sound of a musical instruments striking chords deep within and lyrics that resonate help guide my own emotional sensibilities and consequently my well-being.

The things in life I understand and adore make even more sense when I tie music around them. Feelings that may seem insignificant to some, who might not understand, are  those very things that those who know me well know about me. They know that  I love an unmade bed, and why.

I love it when people are emotional and say things they might not share other wise, letting me see their vulnerable loving side. They are unable to be anything but honest at the moment and I adore this.

I love the look in people’s eyes when they realize they are in love.

I love an empty tea-cup. It means you have been here.

I  love the brief confusion in people’s eyes when they first wake-up and realize where they are,  that they had forgotten the surroundings they are in.

I love the absolute gasp people take when they are shocked by someone’s thoughts about who they are, and where they have been.

I love it when people close their eyes and drift into day dreams that take them on magical carpet rides of clouds in the sky.

I fall in love with people all the time when they are sharing real and honest moments with the world they live in. I fall in love with their hearts, their breakdowns, and I celebrate their joys and all that in life creates a song in their hearts.

Honesty is just too beautiful to not put into the lyrics of a song.

I do believe that there is a song in there somewhere in all that I just shared.  ~

Tonight it is Joan Baez doing “No Woman No Cry“. A tune that has held my feelings for being a woman of substance for  many, many years. Baez being on of  the first of female vocalists who sang to my ow heart as a teenager

(Note about my Heart Song)

Bob Marley, the songwriter of this tune was a great 20th century prophet, and we lost him too early. The great songwriter prophets in the English language  Bob Marley, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan to name just a few well-known artists & songwriters. . They gave us the music, the words, the songs. And many, many, others will sing those words, that music. Bless Joan Baez for lending her beautiful silky voice to spreading the truth of the prophecies by singing their songs. She sang Bob Dylan songs. Why not Bob Marley songs? Truth and beauty in many versions…


Share an honesty with me, what song moves you, and touches your soul?

I would love for you to share with me what music does to and for you. How do you choose the song that is going to play to your heart, and for your very soul today? Share with me, maybe we are listening to the same tunes. Nothing would surprise me or please me more.


Jam To Bob Dylan ~ Folk Style

Good Sunday or Monday where ever you fine people are  ~

Searching for a piece an unrelated  trivia I ran across this great version of Bob Dylan’s tuneDon’t Think Twice.. I wanted to share.

The beautiful Late Mary Travers from Peter Paul & Mary, with Peter Yarrow, Noble Paul Stuckey & the Stunning late Andy Williams

This is for my Big Sister Maxi ~I keep you in my prayers my sister

Name That Tune

I chose this version of a Bob Dylan’s song-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             by the UK’s The Byrd’s because its acoustic, and because even after 7 yrs of this song being released by this band in 1965 it was still top on the Billboard charts in the US. Before playing do you know what tune it is?

Another hint?

It’s still very popular today/ Hitting the charts n 1972

The Byrd’s


Of Course It Is! Mr Tambourine Man

The Band:

 David Crosby, Gene Clark, Michael Clarke, Chris Hillman, and Roger McGuinn


Still Feeling Groovy

 {Note To Reaeders: It might enhance the read if you open another tab for the utube link and have the song playing along. Just a tip}

I’m still Feeling Groovy….


It’s true, I have been feeling pretty groovy lately. The feeling has let me stay shining on through a few difficult times with flowing waters, not bumpy roads. I’m way behind in all sorts of ways in the blogs. I do hope you’ll ll cut me some slack as it’s been quite empowering but distracting writing and administrating for 3 blogs.

I owe a lot of this to a new blog that is out and around on WordPress. Maybe you have seen it. It originates in England, which for me adds a certain element of ambiance to the blog.

This new blog’s title is Cyklopps, it can be found at  http://geetoni.wordpress.com/about/

 I could share with you the history behind the name but I’ll save that for the blog’s founder and most often author to tell you. The thing about this blog that makes it different and makes it one that I cannot stay away from is that is all about the lovely halcyon days of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Halcyon days is my perfect description as I sit and listen to my music from days gone by. How could I not but see those days as halcyon when listening to Simon & Garfunkel singing Randy Neuman & Harpers Bizarre’s song Feeling Groovy?

Simon & Garfunkel “I thought this was strangely cool” ~ BB

I wish I knew how to embed a video without having to upgrade my account for this blog. I’d love for you to be listening to the music as you are reading my post. Maybe another tab open?I thought about supplying the links to all the following tunes too but your Baroness is barefoot and exhausted from walking along the boardwalk of this incredible memory lane.


Unless you were around back in the day, and unless you were privy to the inside stories you would know this song only by its chorus. “Feeling Groovy”  Feeling Groovy is actually titled The 59th Street Bridge Song.,  yet we continue to think of as Feeling Groovy as the two masters sing to us, Feeling Groovy  I think it’s pretty safe to say that the man who wrote the lyrics will not mind that we continue today to sing “feeling Groovy: when we are in fact feeling pretty groovy.

Tripping down memory lane with the beat and rhythm of music from those days continues to prove to me how powerful the music of those days in the dark ages (as my kids like to tease ) was. Powerful, we had a message.

We wanted to “teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…” It was a time that my generation taught the world to love each other. Oh we so tired.

Were you there? Or were you not liking what looked to you as if my generation had been possed by the devil when they had not. In gact many people from that time found thier life long truthful faith. If you were there or not, or maybe have heard the stories over and over like my girl’s and grandkids have. Either way we are going to trip, (walk, jaunt, skip, trot, skip) down some musical memory chairs here. If you have half as much fun as I did than I know we are kindred spirits for sure. If you’re able to connect on any level we want to hear from you. Comme and hang with us at Cyklopps now and share your story, memory from “back in the days.”

Here we go my sweet flower children from the day.I’ve randomly loaded up my little girls stereo with 45rpm’s that are out of my girlhood collection. I do hope you enjoy…

“Land of 1000 Dances by Wilson Pickett” – he has me doing the “Pony” right here on my carpeted floor, and I can feel the music shaking me to my soul. “Nahhhnananan nanana… do the twist”

And then things slow down some with the The Stone Pony’s: singing me into a dream state withDifferent Drum”... Oh yeah…“I aint saying you aint pretty, all I am saying is I am not ready for any person, place or things….”

How about a bit of some “Bob Dylan” loving and romance in 1974 serenading me to “Lay Lady Lay?  ….”you’re the best thing that he’s ever seen….”

I listened to that Dylan song over and over, letting all that it reminds me of flood over and through me, just as the first day I heard it. I can remember where I was, what I was doing. Can you?

I cannot even begin to write for a moment I am so taken aback my memories. My emotions are so strong with the memories that come flooding over me. I am taken immediately back to the days when I would be out jamming in the parks with all the other community garage bands, playing, and singing.Yes me, your quiet and prim Baroness. “-)

Each song I listen to as I am walking down this nostalgic evening of poetry put to music floods different scenes in my mind’s eye. Poetry of my day, and if you were born anytime before 1956 I am willing to think it’s your music too. At least in some way.

Where were you when those songs were playing on your radio? Were you listening to the Billboard Top 40 like I was? Could you play name that tune, year, artist, record label with the best of them?  Were you waiting to see The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show like I was here in the USA? T. If not you had all those great british rock bands that we so coveted, and you were no doubt coveting the American bands and their music.

How about “Sweet Talking Guy”  By “The Chiffons” I can type to the percussion of Sweet Talking Guy,…… “stay away from him…cause you know you’ll never win”    

Oh girls, we so needed to talk…

Walking through the music of the 60’s and 70’s is something I realized I never do enough. I feel so good afterwards. I feel like I can kick my heels up higher than I normally do. I so feel like I can catch those elusive notes again as I sing my along. Music does something good for the soul. Music that you can sing along with from your day’s back when is music that soothes the soul.

As Sly, & his family from; “Sly and The Family Stone” sing’s it so well….. …….”Different strokes for different folks…we gotta live together …..

Have some cool story to share, or a memory from the day?  Ever thought about doing a guest post? Let us here from you. Better now than never…. see Gerry from Cyklopps at this newest exciting blog @ http://geetoni.wordpress.com/about/




Paying To Play ~ Being Intentional!

This last week I played. Today I pay.

So much what having any chronic illness can be like and Fibromyalgia with other over lapping conditions is no different.

I played most a whole day, went to a Red Hat breakfast meeting by 8am. I was hostess which means nothing more than to facilitate the so-called business meeting of our weekly breakfast. Wild morning really when you consider a room of 20 to 25 women all wanting to visit and catch up, I want to get on with business, my heart just not in it as I was having pretty weird tracking issues. I would look at one person and could not for the life of me think of her name. I would be chatting along, talking about how the high school class of 2013 will not know who Bob Dylan is…… then I forgot my point.


The Red Hat Society began as a result of a few women deciding to greet middle age with verve, humor and Elan. We believe silliness is the comedy relief of life, and since we are all in it together, we might as well join red-gloved hands and go for the gusto together. Underneath the frivolity, we share a bond of affection, forged by common life experiences and a genuine enthusiasm for wherever life takes us next.”

– Sue Ellen Cooper, Queen Mother

Standing up in front of a large group of women or a large group of any bodies was a daunting  and anxious time for me initially. I was not sure in the very beginning I would ever be able to do it, at least do it comfortably. And to think that Law School is something I have still on my bucket list is hysterical.  But as time went on standing up in front of a group of 20 to 40 women in a sea of red hats has been a great accomplishment of mine. It’s no different from talking to a houseful of guests in my home.  I could do this too.

Speaking of Lent which is something I am very passionate about was on my notes, I even had some prompts. Just so I’d stay on track. Nothing heavy or even with any one denomination mentioned. So not my style anyway as my faith comes from many beliefs. Not one dogmatic belief. Not just one tenet, one canon, one law.

But I blew my whole point on this too; and  now pray that I was not being paid no mind. It just was not morning that’s for sure.

Maybe… maybe the cost to play was adding up by then. Maybe my spoon stash was depleting and I was not obviously paying any attention.

Leaving breakfast with the help of my BFF of a  husband who came to pick me up as I am still not driving because of my neck, we then spent the next hour – maybe an 1.5 hours  together running a couple of errands. Lastly dropping me off at a friend’s home where I was teaching a group of ladies how to create 3D paper roses.  The afternoon was a potluck lunch with some of the women from the morning main group and in that day I learned I still have so far to go.

Yet I have come so far….

I have been dealing with some exasperated symptoms that seemed to have no solutions. I’d practically given up the fight in many ways starting to think about rolling over to higher doses of medications. I’ve fought the last 4 yrs, bringing myself voluntarily down from high doses of two dangerous medications to now using medications that although not assured of their safety help me feel better. I’ve also found alternative life style changes and herbs to treat the symptoms that bled through and disturbed my ability to function.  

It was a quite nice day. One that I would not give up for even the current results. Maybe I should say;  I would not give it up even in spite of the results.  Yet finding the happy medium between what I want to do, and what I should do is not always easy.  And throw into that mix that I also have to figure out what it is I can do.

This is not a complaint. Far from it. I am most grateful to be learning the good grace of  what is important in my world. And what is not. I am, and have been blessed to have to find what things in my life should come first, second, and even last.  Or not at all. Why would this be a blessing I have been asked?  Why should you have to choose?

And I ask:  “As long as you are getting to choose, how can you not be grateful?”

This intentional ability to choose is just one of  my blessings of course, but it’s truly a blessing because if not for this need to choose when would I ever take the time to stop and smell the roses, the lavender, the sweet peas of life? 

And the Trillium’s of Spring in this Amazing  Great Pacific NorthWET

Seriously. We may take the time to stop and tuck our noses into a fresh bloom at its first sight.  But honestly, how long does it stay with you, that magical moment?  It’s a choice that I am able to make; and one that feeds me deeply for days on days. To stop and take my time, to be mindful, and to tuck myself in to many blossoms of Springs welcoming Hello ~ it  is a magical kind of thing. A  magical kind of time. ~

 Oh Lovely Spring Anew! 

But how many more blossoms will you tuck into? You’ll feel like you have crossed that small blessing off your list this spring and move on to look to find the new ones on your path. All the while missing the gorgeous fragile Trillium’s along the wooded paths floor.  Tucked down inside below and beside the earthy smell of  rich brown dirt and green moss are the low to the ground flowers.

When we were raising our daughters in the country we had almost 3 acres of this kind of loveliness. Just the kind of spots of  Mother Nature at her very best I adore coming upon. Its important never to pick a Trillium. It will not be able to grow back. That one plant is gone and no other will grow in its place. It’s a solitary generation of a  flower. At one time Trillium’s were placed on the endangered species list. And we had a whole back yard of 3 acres of them.

This native is one of a family of native plants, the Trilliaceae, that are unique to North America and Asia. Oregon’s forest floors are abundant in early spring and my heart would sing each first walk of Spring along our property’s paths.

I could choose to stop and tuck myself down low to the ground and gaze down at the newly blossomed Trillium. And often I did choosing this quiet and serene time to listen deeply and closely to the sounds from the ground. The greatest thing about the graciousness I have found in needing to make choices that feed me deeply is that now I know that one Trillium is not enough.  I been given the wisdom from my past & current health situation to know that when making my choices in how I shall spend my energy, (or my spoon stash if you will)

[see The Spoon Theory @ https://tonij.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/1343/  

It would behoove me to make a choice that will feed me for than a few minutes. A few hours, or even a few days. I want to choose wisely for the things that speak to me deeply I carry back in my mind to bring forth on dark winter days when the forest floors are not as friendly, and the Trillium’s are safely tucked under the forest grounds heavy blanket of composting leaves and debris.  All of Mother Nature soundly asleep.

I have grown into a woman who recognizes the beauty in simplicity, yet also in grand notions & wonders. I know that if I find one Trillium on a Spring morning walk in the woods and if I let myself stay mindful – in the present – I shall find myself tucking down to gaze upon dozens and dozens of  striking Trillium’s. I cannot pick one or even a bouquet to take with me, but I can sit along the path’s edge, drinking in the fragrance of wet bark on evergreen trees, damp critter droppings fertilizing the red volcanic clay soil. This is a choice that once I make I can take with me long after. Not some fleeting time I almost miss, because I am so caught up in thinking of being else where than where I am.

This blessing of choices that my illness gives me is something that I choose to see as a glass half full. I have the choice of staying tucked on the sofa with a pillow and blanket as my best friend.  Or not! And trust me, there are for certain days like this. Or I have the choice most days to Not. Instead to do as I please. And please myself I must say I do.

It’s not too hard in God’s country to be pleased.

The amazing adage “Pay To Play” rings true in my small world. It’s true that when I play; I in fact pay. But you know what?  Give me the choice to pay for playing any day that I can. It’s so worth it even if there is a day or even two spent paying. I think back to that forest floor path in my journey’s mind;  recalling with each calming and cleansing breath the Trillium’s of Spring.

And I’ll know that this is Mother Nature’s message ~

A gentle message~  as gentle as the Spring time drizzle in the woods, telling me its a lovely choice, that choice to play. To play along the Trillium’s path’s…..if this what I have to pay with… this recall of Spring’s Trillium’s a bloom…. than I’ll say with graciousness and great intent……

I’ll be Glad To Pay To Play  ~ Any Ole Day~

©tjhelser 2012