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To Blog…or…Not To Blog

8 Year Anniversary Achievement

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 8 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.
EIGHT YEARS. 8 yrs. Wow!
How time flies when you’re blogging.
These past 8 years of keeping a blog, or I should say a blog keeping me has been so many things I never intended, many things I had no clue it would teach me, so many different perspectives to take my writing to. This blog has been a catalyst to my growth as a person, as a woman and as a writer. I can read past entries and read in them the growth that has taken me to these moments today with relish. This blog is my reminder that I am taking life on with a rebel roar while thriving along this journey,
In 2008 when I tackled the challenge of creating a blog I was not the least bit technology savvy. I could navigate my computer but never understood why something worked or didn’t work.  I had begun to participate in health forums in the mid 90’s searching for others who I knew existed like myself who are survivors of a failed medical implant. I had a voice on the vast topics involved and there was an audience. In 2004 and into 2007 I was invited as a guest author and blogger with a response each time that would leave me literally flabbergasted. It was validating and empowering, but I minimized what I was doing by the fact it was a select audience who held a personal invested interests in what I was writing about. Things they personally knew as well.
Image result for writer blog
I began to wonder if I broadened my topics would it broaden my audience?
If I removed the initial emotional connection to me, i.e. medical commonalities, would I still have something to say that anyone would find merit in? Would there still be a readership?
It was a frightening and sobering thought. What if what I wrote others thought was garbage? Worse yet, what if I hit publish and no one came?
2008 I thought I had the courage.
I created a fancy looking blog thanks to the user friendly WordPress.(yes a plug for WP)
I began writing what I had intentions of sharing publicly. My first post…I edited it, I sat on it. I changed the content, I edited. For two, almost 3 years. Yes, you read right. I was too nervous to hit the publish button. So I didn’t. Oh I still wrote, I processed some intense stuff during those first 3 years in my unpublished blog. But I couldn’t bring myself to having enough confidence to click that publish button.
I share this 8 years later because of an admission I feel I owe to those I have encouraged to blog. Rather overly passionately encouraged I am afraid. Glossing over the fact that there was real fear that came over me when I realized going public was subjecting myself to real critiquing. I am a passionate advocate about writing in general and hope to always be a spot of encouragement to anyone who puts their thoughts into a narrative, regardless of the format or genre. Wordsmithing is an art and it’s a courageous thing when thoughts are committed to words to be written.  To take that courage and step into the abyss of the world of critics by publishing a blog is downright frightening, I think in my passion for writing and my wish that everyone would know the pure joy I believe writing brings I have minimized the frightening aspects of going public.  I make it sound so easy.
Truth is the mechanics of creating a blog could not be any easier, and the price is right. Free. Although if you are now or do become serious about writing and building a brand behind your name I highly recommend purchasing your domain name and registering your name with Creative Commons.
Blog built. Check.
That was easy.
(note I will put my assistance where my mouth is and offer help to anyone wanting to create a blog but feels stuck)
Now there’s a blank page in front of you with a cursor keeping time it seems with your pulse. A blank page….LARGE….a W>I>D>E open space.
It’s a challenge and one most writers take on happily, even though it’s work. We forget about everything, anything, anyone or anyplace else but what it is that wide open space is allowing us to express. Like a painter with a brand new canvas and tubes of paint, the colors are there for our expression, stringing words together saying what we need to say. Expressing where it is our random thoughts take us, giving no thought to anything else but the melodies the letters combined compose. Rough drafts are our raw work, we give no thought to why the words work, or if they work, they just spill from us. Making them make sense to someone else comes next.
Is there no better feeling than walking away backwards to check what we expressed and finding glimpses of our soul peeking through?
I think so.
Albeit I believe I write for myself first there is no denying the feeling of satisfaction in composing the words so they strike a chord when shared with someone else. I won’t deny either the nerve-wracking anxiety I felt after hitting publish the first few times… and then waiting…..I didn’t know whether to feel relieved if there was feedback, or to be relieved if there wasn’t.  Holding my breath I waited.
Tears . Of relief? Gratitude? Accomplishment? Expression?
All of the above.
For suddenly this deep abyss of wordsmiths and purveyors of words no longer held me prisoner in the unpublished cell, suddenly this community called WordPress became my community, suddenly I was looking forward to the critiquing I had so feared.
My Dear newbies to the land of Blogging and those still on the fence; let me say that the one thing that held me back is not only something I look forward to today but a motivating prompt for me. My thought is this:  If what we write inspires dialogue of any kind we are touching nerves in people enough for a response, we are on the right path of contribution to humanity.
So,….when I encourage you to write, maybe even to blog, it is because in your wordsmithing I read that you have a message to share with the world, or some of us. There are folks who need the message to come from you alone, just how you alone articulate it. It’s true there may be anxiety in hitting that publish button, so think of this: Is the fear so powerful that you can live with not ever knowing who your words might touch?
I thought so. For a time.
Then……I thought… “what if I just do it?” and then… “What if I never?”
To Blog or not to Blog.
Eight years later…I’ve sorted, debated, digested, and am still processing…..
And you came, and you keep coming back, 8 yrs later.
I AM Blogging.
Happy 8 years Barefoot Baroness Readers!



A Promise To Dance In The Rain

Found in my Reader yesterday ~

Happy Anniversary!

Friendship & Awards

Summertime is for awards!

Winning awards for Lady Barefoot Baroness & FullCircledMe is always such a surprise to me. I write what I write for me really. I write what is in my heart usually 98% of the time. That anyone would find something meaningful is such a bonus for me from this community. I am always humbled by the words shared here with me.

I also love what I read, who I follow. There is such a special connection with bloggers that I am always stunned to be honored by any one of them.

This award post is special in that I have been AGAIN recognized by two of my personal heroes in Life.  Ironically    no.strike that... maybe it it is not an irony at all that they are both caretakers. I am strongly moved by those who make sacrifices in their own lives to be the comfort to another.

These awards come from two women who live their life’s as quiet angels. They don’t even see themselves as such. But we do. I’ll not make you privy to their stories as I think you would agree they are theirs alone to tell.  I will link you to their blogs and encourage you to visit. If you need a dose of real love, real unconditional love, than I know where you can find it.

Some of you long time followers may already follow Tersia. This dear friend I have written about a couple times prior because I so admire, respect, and love everything about her. Including her blog, her raw openness to shared emotions is exquisite. There are no veiled attempts to mask something for anything else than what it is. I honor that and am humbled by Tersia.

Tersia’s I thank you my treasured friend for both awards. You make me so happy that you call me friend.

Please visit Tersia and her blog at:  http://tersiaburger.com/

Wonderful Team Member Award


1. Display/represent the award on your blog,

2. * Finish the sentence: A great reader is…..

….in my world is a person who comes to read my blog because what I say speaks to them, not because they feel any sense of obligation.  My great readers are loyal & devoted readers.

3. Nominate 14 readers I appreciate.

4. Thank and link back to the person who gave the award,

The Loyal Reader Award


I was also awarded the Loyal Readership Award  also by Tersia and a new follower & fast friend Terry. Though Terry & I have seen one another in passing through the community it has only been very recent that we have seen the kindred spirit in one another.
 Terry also has an amazing story to share.  Please visit her and say hello at: http://terry1954.wordpress.com/

Thank you Terry. I so look forward to a long & nurturing friendship. You so honored me with this award ~

1.Display the award on your blog.

2. Thank the person who sent it to you.

3. Answer a rhetorical question of the authors choosing.

****Rhetorical Question:

If you were on a deserted island, how would you survive? Hoping it is tropical I would be content with two books, one for journaling & one of spiritual stimulation.  I would also want an extra-large muslin shawl for comfort. And though I could not say I actually play anything well  yet, my guitar. For music to sooth my heart & soul.

4. Send on the award to everyone you consider a loyal reader

As I pay forward with both awards I want to  thank all my readers, all my blogging family, and all new friends yet to be. It is because of you that in the end I find my blogs so rewarding.

I want to also give a shout out to 3 dear friends that are not bloggers, but as personal friends & significant readers of LBB. That they do so is  extremely meaningful to me and I want them to know how grateful I am.  To you Dori, Sheila & Pablo thank you so very much for your friendships, love & support.

I cheat. Yes it is true when it comes to complying with award protocol I am a rebel . I cannot possibly name all the people who come and visit my blogs that deserve this award more than I ever did.  I love you all for what you bring to my life & if you are reading this post you will go directly to the award badge and save it to your own blog. You deserve and I am awarding both to each of you. There is also no pressure to accept  😉

Below are bloggers who have had something special to say to me recently – As I award the two above awards to each below I want to use this as a segue to introduce you;

Go have a read and stop to say hello and say that Barefoot Baroness sent you.








Flattery or Imitation?

I have noticed a bit of a strange happening across our blogosphere lately, I thought I’d share my observation and maybe incite some dialogue here at Barefoot Baroness. Who knows, you might even blog about the same thing.

And that right there is the rub of which I’d like to focus my thoughts on.

Is this a form of flattery?

When you have worked to create something with that hope that there is original thought some where in your piece, and that it’s also worth sharing. You hope that you will strike a chord in a reader’s heart. Thirdly, you also ask yourself; how much has this been done? How many posts like it are there?  It’s a relative question in my mind.  Once this criteria has been met only then publishing is a real possibility.

But if these three questions needing to be addressed, or any one of them are not met whats does it mean?  You have met the first two; you have your original thought, or the way you present it is different enough. And of course the topic and its contents are worth sharing. Now what about the 3rd point? How often and close to your own blog has the topic been done already?

Or does it matter?

It matters a lot to me, and to some of my fellow bloggers who have been having an ongoing discussion about just this point. I am no doubt going to catch a wrath for writing this, going out on a limb. I am a rebel and I am used to this. That being said, I have to add that I find someone who follows me, and then who creates a post so like my own to not be the least bit flattering. I question why?

I have to wonder why? Is it flattery in their minds? Or is it just imitation?

I honestly feel that after I have developed the idea, creating the post which in my case is always a personal narrative on what my thoughts are, and should not be up for grabs. My work from my outline, research,  the message  &  the take away, all are which I want my post to stand alone on. And to me, maybe most the important aspect is that it is original work. Both in thought & content.

I am not the least bit flattered when another blogger/writer grabs what they like from another’s work and takes off on their own with it.

Imitation is not the best form of a compliment in my mind and heart, and I would think that since most “WordPressers”are writers who are “hip” to the idea of original and innovative work, I tend to believe that this is what they also want. This is not a new concept.  I accept that inspiration comes in many forms, from thousands of places. I  support finding inspiration where you can,  when you can. Your own muse could be right beside you. What or who my muse is can change tomorrow from today. It always does as I go through my  reflective writing about his life.

Now you all may say I am eating sour grapes here and maybe so.. not sure I’m ready to give you this though….. just not sure.

I am at a stand still in terms of what to think or feel when I and others I follow work hard on posting original content and  topics only to find the next day that a reader has used the same topic, if not the same copy.

I do not mean to be unkind here, in fact I would beg to differ. I am not an unkind person, so this is difficult to write because I am certain someone is going to see themselves and have hurt feelings. This was not my intent. It is just not okay to be reading someone’s else’s blog the next day, and have it strangely smacks you between the eyes…. leaving you saying to yourself, “”But that is what I just said!”

Flattery or Imitation?

I’m curious…  what do you think?


Share Your world # 41

From Cee’s Share Your World  (SYW)

I have been MIA the last couple weeks for SYW – It us a comfortable feeling to come back and be dong something so familiar.  Cee, our creative founder and producer of  the weekly SYW has amassed for this lively writing challenge an eclectic group. We, these friends Cee’s  who gather each week have become almost like an extended blogging family. I kind of like that. 

If you are interested in joining this awesome blogging family for one week or always all you have to do is follow this link to Cee’s blog:  http://ceeslifephotographyblog.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/share-your-world-week-41/

The Rest is a walk in the park ~ 

From Cee’s blog

“Here are the four Share Your World questions for this week.    I hope you have some fun playing along.  It sure is fun learning about all of us.”

  • 1. If you could be any animal, what would you be?

I hope birds count. I know technically they don’t but I’ll pretend I am in denial. I would be a Hummingbird. Why? I’d love to be able to move at that speed and yet seem so wonderfully graceful in all that I’d do. And who could object to free flying? Free Falling

  • 2 What makes you feel the most secure?

Simply my faith. Faith in something more powerful than myself, or my insecurities. That is not to say that I don’t have thoughts of human emotions & feelings. But they are based on what my beliefs say to me. I see this as the perfect chance to address beliefs that are in error or askew; and or can be turned around to a more positive belief based on new information. New beliefs.

  • 3. Have you ever jumped out of a plane?  If you haven’t, would you want to?

Are you kidding me? uh.. that would-be no.. and no… I am not even okay being on an airplane! I do it but I hate flying ..well that is a misnomer, because what I hate is the take off and the landing. Now if I had my set of wings…

  • 4. Are you a listener or talker?

I’m both. confidently she says both!

I am a natural listener. I  enjoy & like people to talk about themselves, and what is going in with themselves, or around them. I enjoy hearing stores of life & adventures If you sharing something about yourself I am likely wanting to listen. And probably after ask some questions.

I am also a talker. just ask anyone who has had a conversation or two with me. OR who have received one of infamous emails or snail mail novels. I combine writing and talking… resulting in novel proportion letters. If you are still reading one hurry up… there is another on its way. Please. ~ 😉


Share Your World Week # 37

One of the things I most look forward to is Cee’s weekly challenge Share Your World, http://ceeslifephotographyblog.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/share-your-world-week-37/

Cee would love to have you all jump on board. Starting any where is a perfectly acceptable. Don’t let that stop you. Go on.. give it a try. If you find it’s not your thing what have you lost?


Cee’s Share Your World question’s this week.

  • 1. Do you believe in the afterlife?  Reincarnation?

Really? In how many pages I should have to share?  Yes. I believe in all things possible.

  • 2. For your computer Mac or Windows-based computer?  Desktop, laptop or other?

Windows, Laptop Gave my desk top to kids last year and have not regretted it,I’ve never even used a MAC operating system..hmm…maybe I am missing something?…….Nah!

  • 3 If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

My grandchildren’s births again.Historic for me.

  • 4. What are you reading fiction or non-fiction or studying and would you recommend it?


Patricia Cornwell:  “Black Notice Richmond VA Chief Medical Officer’s nightmares begin when a cargo shop arrives at  the shipyard’s water terminal from Belgium – holding a deceased stowaway.   Always a good read.

Sarah’s Key: Like Sophia’s Choice , it’s a story so far that is touches both the heart and to the soul. by Tatiana de Rosnay

Writing Life Stories by Bill Roorbach – pretty self-explanatory. The first writing exercise Bill has you attempt is writing about the first home you lived in as a chid,   & your neighborhood. He suggests you start with a sketch. I was blown over, time and time again ss I drew. Memories would flood over me. By the time I moved to the narration I had so much material I then had to sort. pretty cool.

Thanks Cee! It’s always a party! ~no one should listen to Cream do “I Feel Free” At 2:30 in the morning unless it’s a party Right?

Thanks Friend!


Six Word Saturday August 3, 2012

~Sweet Friendships From Afar In Bloom~

This is a perfect platform for expressing to all of you my blogging family how much you have come to mean to me. I am still quite stunned at the emotions that are created by blogging, and the people who I have had my path crossed with are still surprising me in ways I had thought not possible. I’m actually still shaking my head at the friendships that have blossomed, I’d never have believed it unless I was experiencing it with my own heart.Had someone told me about this I would never have believed them.


Just one more thing: Honest. 🙂

Thank you Friends from close and afar, you bring so much to my life, I thought I needed to say so

Wish you could see this smile