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So Humbled By You & Your Awards ~

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Humility Times Three!


Awards Hold Supporting Roles

Approximately 2 weeks  ago while I was moving on I received 3 different awards. This  is something to celebrate, something to shout out loud to my community about. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE FOR ME AND LETTING ME KNOW I MAKE A DIFFERENCE! The awards are so meaningful, the represent to me the love and support that I find each and every day here at WordPress, whether it be my blog, or ones I visit.

]That three separate blog bliblings ( blog siblings )  saw that awards are not only deserving in their eyes but the timing of  it all was so serendipitous to a much-needed self awareness on my part.  I am in awe of the awards, but more so in awe of my blogging brother & sister’s who bestowed them on me. For it is through their awards that for me hold more support by their lovely intentions than I have honestly felt from any other community in my small world during the course of the last year.

I am however pleading for patience and tolerance from my three bliblings who awarded me so generously. I am cheating something shameful and  posting the three awards together. I will be honest with you all – I have not found time to stitch two words together intellectually on my blog since moving into my new apartment. Not only do these awards NOT lose any meaning by me accepting this way, these awards are unique and special  to me  because of their timing and who they are from  Just when I needed an uplifted feeling I was sent not just one, not two, but three.  Thank you!

#1 Award

The Blog of The Year Award

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

http://onwindydays.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/blog-of-the-year-award/#comment-88 onwindydays

I love the name of this blog!!  This  delightful author has become a  good blogging friend and she has awarded me another Blog of The Year Award  I find she has the wisdom of an old soul yet she is not, old that is. She far surpasses her peers in knowledge of our Universe, people and all within its parameters  Her out look on life is one that sends a smile to my heart, and a connected feeling when we touch each others souls through our respective blogs. You will find a brilliant read on her blog and something of interest to take away  each time you visit. I encourage you to visit her and take sway some of her sweet kindness when you leave.


.#2 Award.

The Shine On Award



This second award The Shine on Award  comes from my dear friend and much-loved  brother Dave from his-vastly loved  blog  Groovy Docs. Dave may be one the most peaceful loving men  I know. He lives his life with the scruples of one who without question to know all things are possible with enough trust, positive thought, and peace bearing energy.  He has garnered knowledge that he knows only he alone can bring a force of good will into his own life by being the kind of energy in himself to see it come to be. It is infectious. it is the principle after all.  He hopes to find this in others. as he searches the universe striving to bring pace to others. Dave thrives on living a life filled with positive energy that he uses to navigate through the journey of his life, always facing it with the  most admirable quality of refusing to ever give in to the negative flow of energy about him,  Dave is a fantastic conversationalist and one of the joys I have in knowing him and his blog like I do is the great discussions we have regarding these very topics. He teaches me.  If you are wanting to engage in intelligent thoughts and discussions with someone who can mentor your own thoughts towards living those peaceful easy feelings  I happen  to be privy to the fact hat Dave welcomes discussions on his blog. I highly recommend that when you visit Dave (cause I know you will be inspired to do so) – you just  keep going back!

The Leibster Award 2013


# 3  Award


This third award the Liebster Award given to me  by a lovely & Dear woman from her blog Mushy Cloud which is another blibling  whose blog name I adore. There are many things going over at Mushy Cloud’s busy blog to look into when you visit. Trust me if you have not been you need to. Pam lives an extremely interesting life as a woman whose roles include  wife, mom, musician and writer, camper, crochet artists creating her own patterns,just to name  A few things about Pam I find interesting. Though certainly not in that order.  few things I find fascinating about her and her blog. Her attitude and belief towards life much echoes my own, we are kindred spirits in so many ways. My blibling Pam & I have shared blogging history for over 18 month  now and one that I “Dearly” love.. I am playing in the word Dear, a word which is the English translaton from the German word Leibster. IE: a term of endearment.

Remaining humble in light of  all that I have received , these 3 award in just the space of one week is not easy. I am not bragging that I have the best blogging family in WordPress.  I can make you all a firm promise instead that my Blogging family is the best in any blog family, in any blog community. In any world. I am blessed by each of you.

Thank you so much from my heart to my three special bloggers who took the time an with the intent to  inspire a smile on my face,  and to let me feel acknowledged by ty you all. I feel both those things and much more.    YOU ARE THE BEST!





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Lovely Friends (& awards)

Receiving a blog Award is a kin to receiving a basket of fresh-baked cookies from a neighbor. The whole point of the gift is the feeling in the giving, not the calories, Right? So it is with awards.  Each one is as important as the next because of the sweet nuggets of goodness that they represent. And the blogging friend that sent them.

This One Lovely Blogger Award comes to me from Ruth at retiredruth @ http://retiredruth.wordpress.com/?p=739&preview=true Ruth is a farmer.  People like Ruth who dedicate themselves to our Mother Earth by growing soy, wheat and other Godgiven nutrients so that we may live should be honored more. Mother Earth gives back and Ruth gives of herself. We reap the benefits. It is a lovely arrangement, I am a Farmers Market Girl and was one before it was cool & chic to be one. Although Ruth would not be at a Farmers Market hawking her harvest she is still my local farmer. And yours. Go pay her a visit, she’ll make you feel right at home. Or as is her case you will be all right on the farm~

I am sticking with Ruth’s format here with 7 random things about myself. However since I am now in a position to choose 7 awards to pass on I am veering off left here. I am not choosing one or seven because I cannot. Those in my own Barefoot Baroness world are so many that I treasure and adore. How can I pick just 7 of you?  I can not choose…..so know this please:

If you are reading this and are a follower of these barefoot prints in the sand then by all means grab that award badge and dance yourself right back on over to your own blog. Accept, Post. & Celebrate/  Then link it back here. I want to know you are accepting this award. Not that I am just saying..

Seven  Random Things About The Baroness You May Not Know ~ They will be random to be sure:

  • I don’t attend fairs or go on fair rides. Even the Ferris Wheel terrifies me
  • I have  a personal aversion to guns that goes deeper than just that I am a pacifist. which I am. Does this count as two now? …
  • I am not a gambler. I see no entertainment value it for myself.
  • I have severe insomnia. Often up in the middle of the night with my blogging friends from around the world. Always music. It’s what keeps me from going postal some nights while the rest of the world feels asleep. I am grateful for those who are not.  (I see you smiling )
  • I love the feeling of early dawn, cold & wet dew in the grass, on my bare feet. Sending Mothers Nature life force up and into me. Its Amazing!
  • I do not chew gum.  Have never which for me turned out to be a good thing.
  • I love many things about Eastern philosophies concerning man, spirit & the universe. Often communication with the universe make me smile.

Now grab that badge, post your award…. link back here.. & Celebrate you! I can name names if I have to.

Dane away my lovely blogging friend..


i aM tHE bOMB!!!


I am feeling that two awards in less than one week is something to celebrate. To celebrate that I am so much feeling like The Bomb, and it is worth celebrating.  Absolutely a celebration! And so to that end, I am announcing both awards in one post.

It’s a party!!

The two bloggers who awarded me these awards have helped me feel like I am the Bomb. And frankly my blogging audience it is something that rather perked me up. Of course, saying I am the Bomb are my words. They neither one really said that. 🙂

The fact that I was honored twice in less than a weeks time is pretty special in my world. So I will take every ounce of esteem these awards give me and run with it. Letting the spirit in which they were given shine over my life and my writing. I think that these two special women who gifted these different awards to me should be celebrated. And I should shine my light on the two of them and their blogs.

So in that light, I am going to do kust as I want. I am going to shine my light on each of these women and their blogs. I encourage to visit both, you will find the content of each blog fascinating and so very different from one another. I like this. Diversity in blogging is what it is all about I believe.

Shining my light on the first award of my week. ~

My first award The Sunshine Award was given to me by a very lovely & crafty lady. She creates some of the most incredible needlework pieces with her passion of crosstiching. She is fast too! Blows my mind how quickly she can get an idea, find or create the pattern which is not easy to do. An FYI for those of you who may not be familiar with crossstitching

ThisistheCraftyone surprised me completely out of the blue with awarding me with the Sunshine Award. I had been wondering for a few weeks off and on why I was not getting any email alerts for new postings. I actually was starting to wonder if she was okay because I thought she just was not posting anything. Then last week I find a message from her. She has been blogging all along while being the busy creative craftier that she is. It was on my end the reason I was not receiving alerts regarding her blog. I had apparently and inadvertently changed a setting that stopped me from receiving alerts when a new post was published. Go Figure.

This amazing and talented blogger can be found at  http://thisisthecraftyone.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/a-little-bit-of-sunshine/  I am honored and I am touched that she thought of me. And to be remembered by being awarded this striking award is extremely kind and thoughtful. Thank you!

A note from Your Baroness: There are of course typical guidelines that come with the awards that I should be required to follow through with. I say should because I am making an executive decision. And like all good executives I will not explain why but just that it is so. 🙂  I am making the choice that although I am accepting these awards with so much gratitude I am not going to comply with the guidelines. I do hope with each word I write that this choice of mine will not offend anyone,

and drum roll for # 2 please………


My # 2 award comes to me from a blogger that has in some odd way feels much like a virtual little sister. Shining my light for Judith; who writes her story as a complete open book on her blog which can be found at http://diabeticredemption.com/2012/06/07/beautiful-blogger-award/

Judith is a truth teller and a truth seeker. She also is one of the most intelligent women I communicate with on a blogging basis. I appreciate her raw honesty, and the journey that she is traveling on. In so many ways the paths with which she takes small treks on are very similar to those of my own when I was about the same age in life. I have the gift and treasure of enjoying Judith’s unconditional support for my own journey. She is very much an Old Soul and her wisdom and advice that she brings to me are treasured gems. Just as this award is to me. A treasure.Thank you Judith!!!

Both you two ladies have very much let me feel like I Am The Bomb Of The Week How could two awards almost at the same time not?  With that being said, I The Bomb, would like to send you the biggest squeeze of a thankful and grateful hug that I can~




So Slow But A Creative Chaos Writing Award

Well if this is not just one of the coolest things to happen.

 An Award!

Not just any award. Like there is just any award. This is one from someone, a blogger who is new to my blogging world. She’s extremely creative, and a woman of deep faith. I know you will find her blog as fascinating as it is eclectic,  full of her random thoughts and so much more. I should not even pretend to know that I know all that she writes about because she’s wonderfully prolific and has been blogging since sometime in 2010.

I think you’d find it well worth a visit. Who knows, you may never want to come back.


Thank you my new friend for thinking of me and finding my blog worthy of your award. You are very lind and have managed to make my week.

The “Compliance” to this award is:

First: Thank the person who gave you the Award.  THANK YOU!!!!! And Thank you just a nit more for good measure.

Now for the interesting and challenging parts~

Second: Take your best shot at the 3 tasks listed below.

First Task: Three weird things I  do:

1. Really? I have to do this? Okay.. here goes…. I speak to anyone ,and all, who will give me the time of day. I find it my calling to make sure that when I am out and about to speak to each person I come across, saying something sincere and kind. No matter what or who, I am especially fond of those lady’s and gentlemen who have some wisdom riding over me. I want what they know!

2. I read 4 to 5 books at one time, all different genres that mean something to my life. I must have a romance filled with depth (Harlequin won’t do), a spiritual devotional read, a self help genre, some kind of craft or skill book such as cookbooks, mixed media etc…and a biography. This in addition to magazines, a book on kindle, the back of cereal boxes,,,, anything that I am able to read from keeps me content.

3. I collect paper. Pretty patterned or textured paper.  Like this

Second Task: You must tell why you look at the “glass half full” scenario and ask “what? No coffee?” 

This is easy. Half full instead of No Coffee? Well as long as we are speaking analogies here and not real coffee. Or there by lack of, coffee. Never good.

I am a glass half full kinda gal without much effort because it’s what makes my clock tick. Finding things to be glad about under other circumstances where those glad things are more hard pressed to find is a wonderful challenge, keeps my life interesting. Never a dull moment. Plaiyng the Glad game when things in life are trying you is a way to challenge yourself to live life fuller. if you find that your days are ending with you feeling quite malcontent I’d suggest looking at the things in your daily life that seem impossible. I am willing to promise you that if you are able to find just one tiny thing to be glad about in reference to the current struggle it will completely turn your day around. You will go from unhappy camper to a happy one. And all within your own power alone. you and Pollyanna that is!

Third Task: You find yourself in a desolate place when your car breaks down. You have no cellphone service, no Wal-Mart, and only a candy bar for food. It is 150 miles to the closest town. What color are your under pants and why? 

OH My Gosh! I forgot to put clean ones on this morning, I was not even sure who I was when I woke up and had to rush out the door. I was thinking gas station not panties because i knew the tank was sitting empty. The ones I was wearing when  the car ran out of gas I used to try to flag down a passing motorist because they were white. Instead I dumped them in a mud puddle and now they are soggy wet and full of sand. So, No thank you! 

I’m thinking as long as I don’t get in a car wreck now I’ll be fine. I can hear my mom’s voice echoing in my ears: “Tj, put clean panties on, you never know when you could get caught without clean panties.” 

Yes Mom! 

This was fiction right?

Third: Nominate 5 people who recently followed your blog.

And the nominees are:






Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

©tjhelser 2012

Behind My Behind~

Sitting here blank faced trying to get past the blurred eyesight I am experiencing while reading my New Mail folder I realize that being behind is something at times that must just be given into.

Being Behind my own already “BEHIND  LIST TO DO” is a daunting feeling. Especially if, and when it comes to the use of words in my world. As a writer I of course believe that what I want to read is a need, and that what I want to write, to comment on or say is a must. Whose must I am not certain but there you be.  So being behind on the Blogs I follow and on comments from other bloggers on my own blog’s, and even emails is unnerving for me. Something that is causing me great frustration because I am realizing I am unable to go back these past few days I was away to now catch up. It’s not a possibility for me. I cannot choose who to read, and who not to.  All comments I will respond to, no matter the time it may take me. And it’s not quite the same thing I am looking for. I am wanting to read what you have new to say. I miss it.

 For me today has been;  How in the world will I ever catch up on over the couple dozen blogs I try to read on a regular basis?  Some of these bloggers do not even blog every day, which normally gives me pause. But it just so happens that has not been the case these last several days.

Between blogs I want to read, awards and tags I want to acknowledge beyond the mere thanking the person who recognized me, my own posts that I have in the works, (three of them) emails, snail mail *yes I snail mail)  I am more than behind on “Behind My Behind” List than ever.

The real point to this post, aside from idle chatter from a really weary traveling shopper, is that I want you all to know I am not by cruel or neglectful intentions missing your blog. If you have posted in the last several days belive me when I say I want to read your blog. I hate not knowing what is going on with you, or that I may have missed out on something going on in your life. This is true for my non-blogging family and friends as well who are also my faithful followers. I miss you all and  I am going to be caught up soon. It has taken me a couple of days to start restoring my spoon inventory and now that they are being restored I will be able to start catching up as well.

You that touch my life with your words and postings, are my true stats. So I will continue to not pay attention to any kind of numbers, good or bad, and carry forward from the support and courage I receive through your very own comments. Those which make my days and continue to inspire and create some of my own random thoughts .~

In the mean time let me say:

“Thank you for your devotion and patience this week.”

©tjhelser 2012

And you are who?

What does a blogger look like anyway?

 I’m curious to know.

Who are you? What do you look like?

If you were asked to describe yourself how,  how would you?

I’d really like to know.

For my 200th post I thought there would be something spectacular I would find to write about. Maybe solve all the world’s problems in one prose. Maybe find the one thing that would both celebrate and inspire. That one thing has yet to make itself known to me.

But I have been thinking a lot about blogging and bloggers. Watching this impending 200th post pending. It’s seems like such a small number in the space of time that I have been openly writing on my blog. 200 really feels like 800 in terms of how much of myself went into each sentence, every paragraph.

Blogging has been a bit of a surprise for me. Aside from writing, which is why we all started our blogs, to journal our life and our passions. I have delightfully been surprised to learn that there is such thing as extended blogging families. I know, I know.Please don’t roll your eyes just yet.We all have one. If you have opened yourself to the love of this writing family here at WordPress than you have also opened your heart to a WP family. I love my WP family and you know who you are.

A member of this family of mine said something recently that I had not thought about before. We’re a family in so many ways, yet we hardly know one another. Such as my friend Julie mentioned to me in a past comment which is what brought these thoughts and feelings about creating this 200th post of mine.

What Julie said was; ” feel like I know you even though I can only see your fingers and toes!

This got me to thinking seriously about her statement while I was responding to her comment with a bit of a self description. Which as we all know is a bit awkward to do. And this is where it brought me.

We are learning so much about one another, about our opinions, about beliefs in world affairs, health, life style choices, our faith or lack there of, and even where our tastes lie in art. These are very important aspects to all relationships, the bases for which we build our friendships on. These are the topics that we find common ground on which affords the ice breakers for conversations. This is how we begin to know one another.

All these ways we start to know each other; and looks, physical appearances, never come into play. I love this!

Appearances, looks, beauty, not so pretty, homely, handsome, striking, cute, craggy, wrinkly, fat, thin, all these adjectives are ways we might see one another if we were to meet in person. Blue, brown, or green eyes, short hair, long, blond, brown, or even silver and gray? Does this tell you a thing about who I am? Really who I am?

I was thinking about my blogging family. Those who I have developed a close knit feeling of friendships with so far. Would you know me on the streets, in the library if we met without words first? Would you know me? Would I be able to recognize my sister who has discovered a new passion for life by being really honest with herself and those she loves finally? Would I know my sister who is losing her best friend to an ugly illness that is robbing her and her husband of the life they have lovingly built? Would I be able to see past the pain on another whole (sad to say) group of my sister’s faces and get beyond the daily torture they live and find them personally? Could I pick out of a crowd the guys who here through their words and images of their arts here are endearing real people who are not afraid to express their honest emotions? Would I know them?

And You Are Who?

With out the cover of your words and the persona of your blog would I know you in heaven? How about on the streets?

Could you tell someone over lunch anything more about your blogging family than what some of their emotional make – up is? Could you describe them so that your listener would see them as you do? Without looks?

I’ve actually not thought a lot about the personal appearance of any of you until now. And with a promise that “looks” mean nothing to me. I am not so shallow that I first see beauty in a physical sense.  It’s much deeper than appearance for me.I don’t know that I could even tell you honestly what my best of friend’s eye colors are. These are just things that matter none to me. I’m looking more for the real, the honesty, the integrity.


In reading someone’s blog over and over these values come through. Soon I’m able to see if this is someone who I would befriend in my blog community. No appearance, no thoughts to ones looks ever comes into play. Are they cute, good-looking, sweet-faced, happy looking?None of this matters. And blogging proves just how shallow appearances tend to be. How really of little value a so-called pretty face or ugly face is.  It’s really kind of cool.

We can imagine, and even sometimes have a photo to go by. But rarely does this photo oe few images give us a real idea of what our looks are. What our style is. More so this information comes from our writing, stories about what our garden is like, what our passions are. These kinds of ways of getting to know you are s much more valuable than a one time glance meeting would be. There is a lot to be said about eye to eye contact, but that still I have been taught through life is not 100% fool proof. Seeing your eyes look into mine does not always tell me who you are. Reading the posts that your eyes helped guide your finger tips to put into words that can never be taken away again seems to hold quite a bit of credibility for me.

I know there can be many untruths in blogs just as there are in real-time. But my feeling about this in my close-knit blogging family is this: to what purpose and what end is there to lie and be false in a blog that no one asked of you in the first place? What purpose really would a blogger have?  I know attention. But those who write just for attention and to draw people to them just for the sake of attention show themselves rapidly. Other wise what would the intent be? I’m sure there are some who blog for more selfish intentions too. I’m not that naive. But it seems that my experience has been completely different from finding bloggers who want to use their readers. I find that most bloggers tend to be brutally honest with themselves and with their readership. If we are not going to really ever know one another out side WP, never probably meet most of us, is  there really a practical purpose in feeding each other a bunch of BS? (pardon my terminology)

I’m kind of liking this aspect of meeting one another where physical appearance  plays no role. It’s very cool that all that is coming into play between us is what lies between our ears. It’s from our intellect, not our looks.

The appearances that we are making our choices from for creating those we choose to build a community with – are from all our own words. Our thoughts, our feelings about those thoughts, and then who we are emotionally. Based on those feelings. This is how I am getting to know my blogging community, my blogging family.  I think that having looks thrown out of the picture is just so very awesome.

But my friend’s statement that she only knows my physical looks by my fingers and toes struck a chord as I said in the beginning. Because that is my profile photo. of my toes and fingers this is how I am seen physically. So in jest I made a comment back to her about my physical presence.  A description of myself if you will. What she could look for if she was looking for me in a crowd of bloggers.

And this is what got me to thinking.

I started to think about each of you. There are a few of you who have either photos of yourself as your profile or photos on your blog of yourself that have been weaved through your stories, These are far and few though. So we are left to our own imaginations, I am left to think on my own about what your personal appearance and style is. And I have no problem with this although I am shocked to find that I don’t really care.

I’m shocked and yet pleased to find that learning to know who you are through your stories whether they be through words, photos or both is my preference. Not having physical appearances come into play in any way – any fashion – is freeing. I am left to make my choices by what I learn about you through your words, Nothing else stands in the way, or clouds the picture.

After saying all this I have to add that reading a description of yourself would be really a fascinating experiment. This is what started this whole thought process on my part. I was told a simple thing about how someone saw me without benefit of photos of my face. In response in one sentence I replied with a very brief description of myself. Now I am wondering how you would describe YOU in one or two sentences .

Should we be meeting in a busy airport, catching a connecting flight together going to some mutually chosen destination. In celebration of my 200th post I’d like you to tell me what and who to look for.

Tell me. Write,.. using the words I have gotten to know you by so far –

Who am I looking for?