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Still Feeling Groovy

 {Note To Reaeders: It might enhance the read if you open another tab for the utube link and have the song playing along. Just a tip}

I’m still Feeling Groovy….


It’s true, I have been feeling pretty groovy lately. The feeling has let me stay shining on through a few difficult times with flowing waters, not bumpy roads. I’m way behind in all sorts of ways in the blogs. I do hope you’ll ll cut me some slack as it’s been quite empowering but distracting writing and administrating for 3 blogs.

I owe a lot of this to a new blog that is out and around on WordPress. Maybe you have seen it. It originates in England, which for me adds a certain element of ambiance to the blog.

This new blog’s title is Cyklopps, it can be found at  http://geetoni.wordpress.com/about/

 I could share with you the history behind the name but I’ll save that for the blog’s founder and most often author to tell you. The thing about this blog that makes it different and makes it one that I cannot stay away from is that is all about the lovely halcyon days of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Halcyon days is my perfect description as I sit and listen to my music from days gone by. How could I not but see those days as halcyon when listening to Simon & Garfunkel singing Randy Neuman & Harpers Bizarre’s song Feeling Groovy?

Simon & Garfunkel “I thought this was strangely cool” ~ BB

I wish I knew how to embed a video without having to upgrade my account for this blog. I’d love for you to be listening to the music as you are reading my post. Maybe another tab open?I thought about supplying the links to all the following tunes too but your Baroness is barefoot and exhausted from walking along the boardwalk of this incredible memory lane.


Unless you were around back in the day, and unless you were privy to the inside stories you would know this song only by its chorus. “Feeling Groovy”  Feeling Groovy is actually titled The 59th Street Bridge Song.,  yet we continue to think of as Feeling Groovy as the two masters sing to us, Feeling Groovy  I think it’s pretty safe to say that the man who wrote the lyrics will not mind that we continue today to sing “feeling Groovy: when we are in fact feeling pretty groovy.

Tripping down memory lane with the beat and rhythm of music from those days continues to prove to me how powerful the music of those days in the dark ages (as my kids like to tease ) was. Powerful, we had a message.

We wanted to “teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…” It was a time that my generation taught the world to love each other. Oh we so tired.

Were you there? Or were you not liking what looked to you as if my generation had been possed by the devil when they had not. In gact many people from that time found thier life long truthful faith. If you were there or not, or maybe have heard the stories over and over like my girl’s and grandkids have. Either way we are going to trip, (walk, jaunt, skip, trot, skip) down some musical memory chairs here. If you have half as much fun as I did than I know we are kindred spirits for sure. If you’re able to connect on any level we want to hear from you. Comme and hang with us at Cyklopps now and share your story, memory from “back in the days.”

Here we go my sweet flower children from the day.I’ve randomly loaded up my little girls stereo with 45rpm’s that are out of my girlhood collection. I do hope you enjoy…

“Land of 1000 Dances by Wilson Pickett” – he has me doing the “Pony” right here on my carpeted floor, and I can feel the music shaking me to my soul. “Nahhhnananan nanana… do the twist”

And then things slow down some with the The Stone Pony’s: singing me into a dream state withDifferent Drum”... Oh yeah…“I aint saying you aint pretty, all I am saying is I am not ready for any person, place or things….”

How about a bit of some “Bob Dylan” loving and romance in 1974 serenading me to “Lay Lady Lay?  ….”you’re the best thing that he’s ever seen….”

I listened to that Dylan song over and over, letting all that it reminds me of flood over and through me, just as the first day I heard it. I can remember where I was, what I was doing. Can you?

I cannot even begin to write for a moment I am so taken aback my memories. My emotions are so strong with the memories that come flooding over me. I am taken immediately back to the days when I would be out jamming in the parks with all the other community garage bands, playing, and singing.Yes me, your quiet and prim Baroness. “-)

Each song I listen to as I am walking down this nostalgic evening of poetry put to music floods different scenes in my mind’s eye. Poetry of my day, and if you were born anytime before 1956 I am willing to think it’s your music too. At least in some way.

Where were you when those songs were playing on your radio? Were you listening to the Billboard Top 40 like I was? Could you play name that tune, year, artist, record label with the best of them?  Were you waiting to see The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show like I was here in the USA? T. If not you had all those great british rock bands that we so coveted, and you were no doubt coveting the American bands and their music.

How about “Sweet Talking Guy”  By “The Chiffons” I can type to the percussion of Sweet Talking Guy,…… “stay away from him…cause you know you’ll never win”    

Oh girls, we so needed to talk…

Walking through the music of the 60’s and 70’s is something I realized I never do enough. I feel so good afterwards. I feel like I can kick my heels up higher than I normally do. I so feel like I can catch those elusive notes again as I sing my along. Music does something good for the soul. Music that you can sing along with from your day’s back when is music that soothes the soul.

As Sly, & his family from; “Sly and The Family Stone” sing’s it so well….. …….”Different strokes for different folks…we gotta live together …..

Have some cool story to share, or a memory from the day?  Ever thought about doing a guest post? Let us here from you. Better now than never…. see Gerry from Cyklopps at this newest exciting blog @ http://geetoni.wordpress.com/about/