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From the Baroness at Cyklopps, Rides Again

Thriving Anyway

Responding to my friend, T’s blog today I realized something pretty powerful. As I read all the challenges she s facing going back to school; I also realized that this woman who I met initially and bonded with completely because of a disease is my constant mirror. In her reflections I see myself.

Thriving T* and I met, became friends and made a bond with each other that we would not rest beside negativity in our environments, and NOT looking at our lives as we are the victims of anything. We so are not. Instead she & I have a made a promise that we have kept. The promise that despite what is going on with our bodies we are still in as much charge over our own lives as before. We have the power to thrive.

Thriving means moving forward with life. Not letting the road bumps in the journey throw you out of the race.  My friend Thriving T* sets a perfect example. Checking my own self inventory against the back drop of this promise has kept me focused. I am not defined by one thing in my life. why would  I allow an illness railroad me? Thankfully I am ahead of this illness and know its antics. I am in more control now than I ever have been.

You will find at T* blog http://itsarealpain.wordpress.com/2012/09/22/day-104the-spark/#comment-614  full of postings of graciousness and kindness. Thriving T* is a power house to be reckoned with and as someone who has Fibromyalgia as well.  I am most impressed with what this woman does in spite it.  She is a friend of  my own heart.

Thriving T* has kept me on my less than narrow path when I started to falter. She is a constant gentle reminder that I can do this. I can make what I need changing – different. What I want & need it to be.  I have much assurance that when I leap I am going to be caught, There is no fear, that has been replaced by Faith.

So when this Baroness uses the term ” I am thriving”  in spite of Fibromyalgia (+  two autoimmune diseases) it is to say that I am not just “getting by” I am thriving. I am thriving right on through this life of mine. As is my good friend and sister Thriving T*  We are warriors over our disease, we are the masters of how we process and assimilate what life throws at us.

In our own world [of health] sometimes there is little control over what is happening to the body. That unwinding sense of loss of control over your life can be something that takes a person out. Sadly  it happens. In order to thrive learning there is much you can do about some things concerning your health, there are thousands of choices to be made to that end. Choosing options that allow myself to thrive is my choice, and it has continued to serve me well.

Thriving beautifully on the wings of living well




Walking Barefoot in the Forest

After thinking a lot about an affectionate suggestion from a friend who knows I am dealing with a writer’s block I have decided to take heed.

This lady is going for a walk, barefoot on the cool forest floor. I am taking some reading material with me and am planning on using the quiet to read and think. I am not writing. Although I have a few drafts saved of pieces that came across my mind in fleeting moments, I am opting to set back and let them and all writing thoughts take a nap.

They need it.

I have not taken off for good, just a few days in the forest to clear my mind of all the fussiness that has been going of late. I just need you to know I WILL BE BACK. This Barefoot Baroness just needs a break.

So please don’t desert me. I would miss you all too much. I look forward to getting caught up on your blogs during this time, so though I will not be posting for a few days I will be seeing you on your own blogs.

I look forward to meeting up with you there on your blogs,  I am wishing you all days of delight, with much love and laughter that fill those days and nights.


i aM tHE bOMB!!!


I am feeling that two awards in less than one week is something to celebrate. To celebrate that I am so much feeling like The Bomb, and it is worth celebrating.  Absolutely a celebration! And so to that end, I am announcing both awards in one post.

It’s a party!!

The two bloggers who awarded me these awards have helped me feel like I am the Bomb. And frankly my blogging audience it is something that rather perked me up. Of course, saying I am the Bomb are my words. They neither one really said that. 🙂

The fact that I was honored twice in less than a weeks time is pretty special in my world. So I will take every ounce of esteem these awards give me and run with it. Letting the spirit in which they were given shine over my life and my writing. I think that these two special women who gifted these different awards to me should be celebrated. And I should shine my light on the two of them and their blogs.

So in that light, I am going to do kust as I want. I am going to shine my light on each of these women and their blogs. I encourage to visit both, you will find the content of each blog fascinating and so very different from one another. I like this. Diversity in blogging is what it is all about I believe.

Shining my light on the first award of my week. ~

My first award The Sunshine Award was given to me by a very lovely & crafty lady. She creates some of the most incredible needlework pieces with her passion of crosstiching. She is fast too! Blows my mind how quickly she can get an idea, find or create the pattern which is not easy to do. An FYI for those of you who may not be familiar with crossstitching

ThisistheCraftyone surprised me completely out of the blue with awarding me with the Sunshine Award. I had been wondering for a few weeks off and on why I was not getting any email alerts for new postings. I actually was starting to wonder if she was okay because I thought she just was not posting anything. Then last week I find a message from her. She has been blogging all along while being the busy creative craftier that she is. It was on my end the reason I was not receiving alerts regarding her blog. I had apparently and inadvertently changed a setting that stopped me from receiving alerts when a new post was published. Go Figure.

This amazing and talented blogger can be found at  http://thisisthecraftyone.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/a-little-bit-of-sunshine/  I am honored and I am touched that she thought of me. And to be remembered by being awarded this striking award is extremely kind and thoughtful. Thank you!

A note from Your Baroness: There are of course typical guidelines that come with the awards that I should be required to follow through with. I say should because I am making an executive decision. And like all good executives I will not explain why but just that it is so. 🙂  I am making the choice that although I am accepting these awards with so much gratitude I am not going to comply with the guidelines. I do hope with each word I write that this choice of mine will not offend anyone,

and drum roll for # 2 please………


My # 2 award comes to me from a blogger that has in some odd way feels much like a virtual little sister. Shining my light for Judith; who writes her story as a complete open book on her blog which can be found at http://diabeticredemption.com/2012/06/07/beautiful-blogger-award/

Judith is a truth teller and a truth seeker. She also is one of the most intelligent women I communicate with on a blogging basis. I appreciate her raw honesty, and the journey that she is traveling on. In so many ways the paths with which she takes small treks on are very similar to those of my own when I was about the same age in life. I have the gift and treasure of enjoying Judith’s unconditional support for my own journey. She is very much an Old Soul and her wisdom and advice that she brings to me are treasured gems. Just as this award is to me. A treasure.Thank you Judith!!!

Both you two ladies have very much let me feel like I Am The Bomb Of The Week How could two awards almost at the same time not?  With that being said, I The Bomb, would like to send you the biggest squeeze of a thankful and grateful hug that I can~