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So Humbled By You & Your Awards ~

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Humility Times Three!


Awards Hold Supporting Roles

Approximately 2 weeks  ago while I was moving on I received 3 different awards. This  is something to celebrate, something to shout out loud to my community about. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE FOR ME AND LETTING ME KNOW I MAKE A DIFFERENCE! The awards are so meaningful, the represent to me the love and support that I find each and every day here at WordPress, whether it be my blog, or ones I visit.

]That three separate blog bliblings ( blog siblings )  saw that awards are not only deserving in their eyes but the timing of  it all was so serendipitous to a much-needed self awareness on my part.  I am in awe of the awards, but more so in awe of my blogging brother & sister’s who bestowed them on me. For it is through their awards that for me hold more support by their lovely intentions than I have honestly felt from any other community in my small world during the course of the last year.

I am however pleading for patience and tolerance from my three bliblings who awarded me so generously. I am cheating something shameful and  posting the three awards together. I will be honest with you all – I have not found time to stitch two words together intellectually on my blog since moving into my new apartment. Not only do these awards NOT lose any meaning by me accepting this way, these awards are unique and special  to me  because of their timing and who they are from  Just when I needed an uplifted feeling I was sent not just one, not two, but three.  Thank you!

#1 Award

The Blog of The Year Award

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

http://onwindydays.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/blog-of-the-year-award/#comment-88 onwindydays

I love the name of this blog!!  This  delightful author has become a  good blogging friend and she has awarded me another Blog of The Year Award  I find she has the wisdom of an old soul yet she is not, old that is. She far surpasses her peers in knowledge of our Universe, people and all within its parameters  Her out look on life is one that sends a smile to my heart, and a connected feeling when we touch each others souls through our respective blogs. You will find a brilliant read on her blog and something of interest to take away  each time you visit. I encourage you to visit her and take sway some of her sweet kindness when you leave.


.#2 Award.

The Shine On Award



This second award The Shine on Award  comes from my dear friend and much-loved  brother Dave from his-vastly loved  blog  Groovy Docs. Dave may be one the most peaceful loving men  I know. He lives his life with the scruples of one who without question to know all things are possible with enough trust, positive thought, and peace bearing energy.  He has garnered knowledge that he knows only he alone can bring a force of good will into his own life by being the kind of energy in himself to see it come to be. It is infectious. it is the principle after all.  He hopes to find this in others. as he searches the universe striving to bring pace to others. Dave thrives on living a life filled with positive energy that he uses to navigate through the journey of his life, always facing it with the  most admirable quality of refusing to ever give in to the negative flow of energy about him,  Dave is a fantastic conversationalist and one of the joys I have in knowing him and his blog like I do is the great discussions we have regarding these very topics. He teaches me.  If you are wanting to engage in intelligent thoughts and discussions with someone who can mentor your own thoughts towards living those peaceful easy feelings  I happen  to be privy to the fact hat Dave welcomes discussions on his blog. I highly recommend that when you visit Dave (cause I know you will be inspired to do so) – you just  keep going back!

The Leibster Award 2013


# 3  Award


This third award the Liebster Award given to me  by a lovely & Dear woman from her blog Mushy Cloud which is another blibling  whose blog name I adore. There are many things going over at Mushy Cloud’s busy blog to look into when you visit. Trust me if you have not been you need to. Pam lives an extremely interesting life as a woman whose roles include  wife, mom, musician and writer, camper, crochet artists creating her own patterns,just to name  A few things about Pam I find interesting. Though certainly not in that order.  few things I find fascinating about her and her blog. Her attitude and belief towards life much echoes my own, we are kindred spirits in so many ways. My blibling Pam & I have shared blogging history for over 18 month  now and one that I “Dearly” love.. I am playing in the word Dear, a word which is the English translaton from the German word Leibster. IE: a term of endearment.

Remaining humble in light of  all that I have received , these 3 award in just the space of one week is not easy. I am not bragging that I have the best blogging family in WordPress.  I can make you all a firm promise instead that my Blogging family is the best in any blog family, in any blog community. In any world. I am blessed by each of you.

Thank you so much from my heart to my three special bloggers who took the time an with the intent to  inspire a smile on my face,  and to let me feel acknowledged by ty you all. I feel both those things and much more.    YOU ARE THE BEST!





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Purposeful & Inspired

Not sure when this actually happened, or really why it happened. I just found it today and I am still learning that sometimes it is just because.

Starting my day out with an award from a blogging buddy who I am always amazed by. What he shares on his blog is a pretty cool way to begin any day. His fabulous and moving art, his provocative and tellings shares, his funny stories, and quite possibly the most endearing aspect I find is his rebel ways.

In some way this blogger who creates on his blog Strange Trip Times @ http://strangetriptimes.wordpress.com/2012/06/24/inspiring/  has found reasons to award me The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I am very thankful and grateful for his thoughtfulness.



This blogger has blown me away with his art to be sure, which I happen to find to my taste.  Once I started reading his posts I discovered a guy who is not afraid to be in touch with what he feels. I know this not because I know him personally; I know it because his writing tells his readers what he’s thinking and how he is feeling about those thoughts. I find this rare for the gents in my generation to share like this. When I read his posts they either reach a place in the heart or mind, or he will post something that is a funny and that gives me a good belly laugh. And.. I find his rebellious statements about life and the world incredibly thought-provoking.   I have to remind myself that this is a man of my own world, a Baby Boomer.  I have to remind myself that this is not a man of Hemingway’s world. I think that you would find his blog fascinating,  His is one of the first blogs I started to follow as a newbie to blogging.

Now on to the award. I am supposed to reveal seven (why seven I wonder)  things about myself and then also nominate 10 to 12 others. I liked the way that my Awarder presented his requirements. Neat and tidy, to the point. I so wish sometimes that I was organized in that way. But it’s my reality that I’m coming to terms with that I am not comfortable unless I have a bt of clutter. Piles of books, magazines, art supplies, yarn and crocheted projects all help to allow my safe being to be in place. OH! ..Oh…I could have used that as one of the seven things to reveal about myself . I’ll never have a tidy desk, and I’ll always write hundreds of more words than I really may need to. I’ll not ever create a tidy and neat post that is well-organized, that is not who I am,. Despite that I admire this so much  in others.

Awarding others is bittersweet. I want to name you all and having to choose is painful. I follow these blogs for good reasons, not just because I can. If you find that you have not visited any of these Blogs that I name here I have to say I think you’re missing out. Drop by and have a look-see, I think you’ll find some really talented people from all walks of life,  and from all over this wide world.

To these bloggers that I recognize here today please know that it is indeed done so in the spirit of finding inspiration from you and your blogs. This kind of inspiration is what helps set  our own creative wings soaring. Thank you for that today, and for everyday knowing that we are just one click away from finding absolute inspiration.

Drumroll for……..

I am awarding each and every one of the Blogs that I follow on a regular basis along with these mentioned. Please know that if your blog name is not listed it is not because you are not deserving. In most cases I think I am doing you a favor by not having you repeat the same awards, over & over again. And then there are some of you for reasons of your own who openly accept the acknowledgement but they have reasons for not participating. Good reasons, and not meant to slight any award or awardees. Other wise all your names would be added here,


Seven Self Reveals:

 I am also going to try to adopt the style of participation that the blogger who awarded me used. I actually find that this is done in the name of Inspiration. He has inspired me to be more raw and real with my own reveal. Kind of scary……..

So Cheers to my Inspiring Blogger who has indeed inspired me to be real, and to be raw.

  • I am survivor and thriver of childhood sexual abuse.

  •  I sadly have the tendency to be judgemental of parents who let someone else raise their children.

  •  My mother, father, both maternal and paternal grandparents drank to the point if it becoming a disease in them.

  •  I do not drink

  •  I grew up in a chaotic and violent home.

  •  I left home and was on my own at age 15

  •  I am happily married to the best man this Baroness could ever have hoped for. My Baron, the father of our two daughters. They, who were the minority in the school regarding parental relationships. Our girls had parent’s that had chosen to be together forever, and as best friends. Our home is a happy home still 42 years later. Today they still think that it’s  pretty cool. 

 The moral to this is that you do not have to become that which you came from.

My broken home as a child was a teaching ground for me while I was there. I knew exactly what I did not want my life as an adult to become. I did not have a choice as a child. As an adult, albeit an emancipated one at age 15, I had a choice. And I was and still am living by my choice.


i aM tHE bOMB!!!


I am feeling that two awards in less than one week is something to celebrate. To celebrate that I am so much feeling like The Bomb, and it is worth celebrating.  Absolutely a celebration! And so to that end, I am announcing both awards in one post.

It’s a party!!

The two bloggers who awarded me these awards have helped me feel like I am the Bomb. And frankly my blogging audience it is something that rather perked me up. Of course, saying I am the Bomb are my words. They neither one really said that. 🙂

The fact that I was honored twice in less than a weeks time is pretty special in my world. So I will take every ounce of esteem these awards give me and run with it. Letting the spirit in which they were given shine over my life and my writing. I think that these two special women who gifted these different awards to me should be celebrated. And I should shine my light on the two of them and their blogs.

So in that light, I am going to do kust as I want. I am going to shine my light on each of these women and their blogs. I encourage to visit both, you will find the content of each blog fascinating and so very different from one another. I like this. Diversity in blogging is what it is all about I believe.

Shining my light on the first award of my week. ~

My first award The Sunshine Award was given to me by a very lovely & crafty lady. She creates some of the most incredible needlework pieces with her passion of crosstiching. She is fast too! Blows my mind how quickly she can get an idea, find or create the pattern which is not easy to do. An FYI for those of you who may not be familiar with crossstitching

ThisistheCraftyone surprised me completely out of the blue with awarding me with the Sunshine Award. I had been wondering for a few weeks off and on why I was not getting any email alerts for new postings. I actually was starting to wonder if she was okay because I thought she just was not posting anything. Then last week I find a message from her. She has been blogging all along while being the busy creative craftier that she is. It was on my end the reason I was not receiving alerts regarding her blog. I had apparently and inadvertently changed a setting that stopped me from receiving alerts when a new post was published. Go Figure.

This amazing and talented blogger can be found at  http://thisisthecraftyone.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/a-little-bit-of-sunshine/  I am honored and I am touched that she thought of me. And to be remembered by being awarded this striking award is extremely kind and thoughtful. Thank you!

A note from Your Baroness: There are of course typical guidelines that come with the awards that I should be required to follow through with. I say should because I am making an executive decision. And like all good executives I will not explain why but just that it is so. 🙂  I am making the choice that although I am accepting these awards with so much gratitude I am not going to comply with the guidelines. I do hope with each word I write that this choice of mine will not offend anyone,

and drum roll for # 2 please………


My # 2 award comes to me from a blogger that has in some odd way feels much like a virtual little sister. Shining my light for Judith; who writes her story as a complete open book on her blog which can be found at http://diabeticredemption.com/2012/06/07/beautiful-blogger-award/

Judith is a truth teller and a truth seeker. She also is one of the most intelligent women I communicate with on a blogging basis. I appreciate her raw honesty, and the journey that she is traveling on. In so many ways the paths with which she takes small treks on are very similar to those of my own when I was about the same age in life. I have the gift and treasure of enjoying Judith’s unconditional support for my own journey. She is very much an Old Soul and her wisdom and advice that she brings to me are treasured gems. Just as this award is to me. A treasure.Thank you Judith!!!

Both you two ladies have very much let me feel like I Am The Bomb Of The Week How could two awards almost at the same time not?  With that being said, I The Bomb, would like to send you the biggest squeeze of a thankful and grateful hug that I can~




So Slow But A Creative Chaos Writing Award

Well if this is not just one of the coolest things to happen.

 An Award!

Not just any award. Like there is just any award. This is one from someone, a blogger who is new to my blogging world. She’s extremely creative, and a woman of deep faith. I know you will find her blog as fascinating as it is eclectic,  full of her random thoughts and so much more. I should not even pretend to know that I know all that she writes about because she’s wonderfully prolific and has been blogging since sometime in 2010.

I think you’d find it well worth a visit. Who knows, you may never want to come back.


Thank you my new friend for thinking of me and finding my blog worthy of your award. You are very lind and have managed to make my week.

The “Compliance” to this award is:

First: Thank the person who gave you the Award.  THANK YOU!!!!! And Thank you just a nit more for good measure.

Now for the interesting and challenging parts~

Second: Take your best shot at the 3 tasks listed below.

First Task: Three weird things I  do:

1. Really? I have to do this? Okay.. here goes…. I speak to anyone ,and all, who will give me the time of day. I find it my calling to make sure that when I am out and about to speak to each person I come across, saying something sincere and kind. No matter what or who, I am especially fond of those lady’s and gentlemen who have some wisdom riding over me. I want what they know!

2. I read 4 to 5 books at one time, all different genres that mean something to my life. I must have a romance filled with depth (Harlequin won’t do), a spiritual devotional read, a self help genre, some kind of craft or skill book such as cookbooks, mixed media etc…and a biography. This in addition to magazines, a book on kindle, the back of cereal boxes,,,, anything that I am able to read from keeps me content.

3. I collect paper. Pretty patterned or textured paper.  Like this

Second Task: You must tell why you look at the “glass half full” scenario and ask “what? No coffee?” 

This is easy. Half full instead of No Coffee? Well as long as we are speaking analogies here and not real coffee. Or there by lack of, coffee. Never good.

I am a glass half full kinda gal without much effort because it’s what makes my clock tick. Finding things to be glad about under other circumstances where those glad things are more hard pressed to find is a wonderful challenge, keeps my life interesting. Never a dull moment. Plaiyng the Glad game when things in life are trying you is a way to challenge yourself to live life fuller. if you find that your days are ending with you feeling quite malcontent I’d suggest looking at the things in your daily life that seem impossible. I am willing to promise you that if you are able to find just one tiny thing to be glad about in reference to the current struggle it will completely turn your day around. You will go from unhappy camper to a happy one. And all within your own power alone. you and Pollyanna that is!

Third Task: You find yourself in a desolate place when your car breaks down. You have no cellphone service, no Wal-Mart, and only a candy bar for food. It is 150 miles to the closest town. What color are your under pants and why? 

OH My Gosh! I forgot to put clean ones on this morning, I was not even sure who I was when I woke up and had to rush out the door. I was thinking gas station not panties because i knew the tank was sitting empty. The ones I was wearing when  the car ran out of gas I used to try to flag down a passing motorist because they were white. Instead I dumped them in a mud puddle and now they are soggy wet and full of sand. So, No thank you! 

I’m thinking as long as I don’t get in a car wreck now I’ll be fine. I can hear my mom’s voice echoing in my ears: “Tj, put clean panties on, you never know when you could get caught without clean panties.” 

Yes Mom! 

This was fiction right?

Third: Nominate 5 people who recently followed your blog.

And the nominees are:






Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

©tjhelser 2012

7 x 7 Valid Awards, Points & Random Posts

One of the most talented poetess I have had the honor of reading here at WP is Lone Wolf Poetry. If you are not familiar with her work you are definitely missing out. Her prose reaches the heart  and gently tugs.

Her blog can be found below:


Ms Lone Wolf, who was named this cool name by someone in her life has awarded me this coveted 7 x 7 award.

I have seen this award around, read many of awardees’ posts. I believe I may have played this one a time before.  However my attempts to find any reliable source as to where this award began came up empty-handed. So on the wings of the encouragement I was sent from Lone Wolf I shall play respectfully. And with some passion.

Thank you Lone Wolf for thinking of me. I hope your faith in me is with justice.


The rules for the 7×7 link award:

Rule 1: Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you. –

Hmmm this is getting more difficult with each posting… I have to think about this…. well if I told you that you’d likely never read me again.. so let’s try again… OH! I know!  I’m a spoiled brat! It’s true. I am the only girl in my family. Two brothers, all male cousins, When my husband met me my two brothers old him he had to keep me spoiled because that is what I was used to. That’s been 42 years ago and both my brothers feel my husband made out okay. And me? I never want for a thing.

Rule 2: Link to one of your posts that you personally think best fits the following categories:

Most Beautiful Piece,


Most Helpful Piece,


Most Popular Piece,


Most Controversial Piece,


Most Surprisingly Successful Piece,


last hurrah


plural ∼ -rahs

Most Underrated Piece,

https://tonij.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/a-loving-lette…es-aka-normals/ ‎


and Most Pride-Worthy Piece.


Whewww.. that was not easy. Go ahead, you try.

Rule 3: Pass this award on to seven other bloggers. Daily Sweet Peas, Cee’s  Life Photography Blog , Diabetic Redemption,  Maxi’s Comment, It’s A Real Pain, and Chris Donner, Mystery WriterI am cheating a bit and twisting the rules to my own liking. Always the trouble make, the rabble-rouser. I’d like to name an 8th blogger. She is new to my world and I find her, and her blog incredibly delightful. I think this is a perfect way to get to know one another. An Ice breaker as my dear friend Cee would say. So as is said,without further adieu please meet my newest blogging friend, Caddo Veil. 


©tjhelser 2012

On Being A Cheer Leader of the Best Kind ~

When it rains love and blessings on me I need a raincoat. When I turned my heart back around, and away from feeling sorry for myself I am rewarded. When I wasn’t looking there were people of amazing faith cheering me on.

I’ve been cheered on yet again in another way. I have been awarded The King of King’s Friendship Award.

One of my most ardent Cheer Leaders” is a lady who has herself been through the wringer of life, yet she has chosen to forgive all the times life has broken her heart and added struggles of monumental size that you & I will hope to never have to tackle. And tackle life head on she does, with her ever Faithful spirit knowing she has the most important Cheer Leaders of all helping guide her life and always walking right beside her. 

Many of you will know this lovely lady, Kate that I am speaking of. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Kate and visiting her blog BelieveAnyway I encourage you to do so today. 

Kate’s charming wisdom and anecdotes in her world can be found here @


 Merci beaucoup Mom ami Kate!


No pressure to accept—just blessings!

I  would like  to offer you My Sister’s in Spirit… The King of Kings  Friendship Award…some call it a Blessing instead of an Award, you can accept it as you feel in your heart to or not.

You all are women who exhibit such devotion to cheering me and offering support and love on that I’m thinking I’d be lost without you now. You’ve unknown to yourselves (You too Kate!) formed a squad that lifts me up on days that are trying, and when life is amazing you are here to celebrate that too. I’m grateful for your acceptance and your devotion to our friendship and to me. Thank you so much!

Daily Sweetpeas @


diabetic RedempTion @


Cee’s  Life Photography Blog @


Maxi’S Comments @


Please feel welcome to also award your own King if King’s Friendship Awards to those most deserving in your WordPress family. When nominating someone, please let them know you think so much of them to do so .

Blessings to you and yours!

©tjhelser 2012


Thank you Terri @ Daily Sweet Peas

An Incredible surprise and gift today from my blogger friend Terri @ DAILY SWEET PEAS WAS AN ABSOLUTE SHOCK!!


Thank You Kind and Thoughtful Terri!  You made my day more than I’ll ever be able to express with words no matter how long I may try. Just cannot happen. I wish that a real physical hug was possible but in lieu of hat I am sending you a virtual hug that I hope squeezes your heart tight. Hope you’re able to feel it being sent.

Terri’s marvelously amazing blog can be found at:  http://dailysweetpeas.com/

If you have not visited Terri’s blog you are missing out on her Sweet Peas of life that she shares with her readers. Terri’s Sweet Peas regarding her loving father are some of my personal favorites. Every girl should have the kind of relationship with her father that Terri had with her beloved Dad. For those of who did not have that kind of blessing reading Terri’s Sweet Peas helps show us another kind of life a daughter & father could have. If they put as much love into as these two did.

Terri has a keen interests in, and writes about;  music, art, and nature, and of course her Sweet Peas also includes just everyday kind of stories too. I just enjoy finding an email alert on the mornings Terri has posted. They are a great accompaniment with  my morning coffee and hearing the birds having breakfast in the back yard.

Again Terri, you made my day on a day I needed just a word of encouragement. That it came in this form brought tears to my eyes. (until I read your food list which sent me into a fit of giggles) Suffice it to say that a doctor’s appointment yesterday left me feeling at times in the last 24 hours to question once again the medical community I live in. So as not o come across as dramatic and not to deflect of my sincere message please know that I am not intimating anything life  threatening. I needed to say that. You helped turn my upside down smile right side up today. Thanks ever so much!

On to the Award “requisites”  of the Awarded:

As the history goes with this award  that the “newly” or the “re-awarded again” Awarded (me) should first list 15 bloggers that they find deserving of this award. This award is given to Bloggers who have Versatile posts, subjects and topics on their blogs. I kind of like that requisite for this award.

My list of 15 is just that a list of 15 that fulfills this “requisite”. It is a hard 15 to choose. I do not follow hundreds of blogs, not even a 100 actually. I am apparently choosy and select as I have under 50 Blogs I follow. So I am either a lazy blog follower or I am select. As I said I choose to be select.

If you have received this award before and are receiving it again it because I am hoping  no one misses your Blog. You must not feel the need to do any part of the ‘”requisites” again unless you want to. If this is the first time you are receiving this award please include the award badge on your blog and it would be awesome of you to play along and pass the awards forward, but hey, there are no award police that I know of.

Here we go…

My list of 15:
















7 things you may not know about me~

1. I really am a Barefoot Baroness. Really! My Husband is a German Baron. We live in the states, and he is removed a” few” generations  from His Great Grandfather. His family name was changed when his family immigrated to the United States. This and the fact that I rarely wear shoes or socks unless I have to all of my life. And ironically in a wonderful twist as a young child my own grandmother nick named  me Barefoot Baroness because of it.

2. I am the granddaughter of one of the founding grandmothers for the US Foster Grandparent Program. My late Grandmother, Opal Greaby Sr. was invited to the White House by 3 different US Presidents for award dinners of which she was warded each time.

3. I love chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate brownies.

4.I create roses out of paper.

5. I am the granddaughter of the 1923 Rose Festival Queen of the annual Portland Oregon Rose Festival.

6 I bake the best Banana Bread

7. I have managed a country rock band. My little brothers local band.

Thanks again so much for taking the time to visit my blog. I am grateful for each one of you who stops by.

About those who I have nominated; make yourself a gift tonight/today and visit one of their blogs. I know you are going to really delightfully surprised.!