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Adele”s “Hello” ~ Album 25

It’s been some time since I shared music here, and it’s been since Adele’s album 21 that I wanted to purchase new Adele music. But….she did it this time with 25, and she hooked me right away with “Hello.”

“Hello” ~ Adele


Getting Out Alive When You Absorb ~

empath body

Getting out alive when it comes to the impact that others can have when you’re an ‘absorbent person’ isn’t easy.

Learning to live among the chaos that an Empath is surrounded by takes practice. It’s not a done deal  even if your heart is kept isolated from trying again, I know, I tried. Going through the emotions of recently getting caught in someone’s chaos I have had new questions, yet also clarity. If I let others into my world and give in to the power of someone else’s pain/mood impacting mine how can I hold on to all the serenity I have created for myself?

Why the hell do I feel the need to let myself absorb like this? Nothing should shatter my resolve to live with a simple balance. When I allow my feet to walk in someone else’s discontent my balance is tipped and rocked tenaciously.


“The world according to an”Empath”.

An Empath is born, not created. Becoming an Empath is a genetic trait, inherent in our DNA, and often is passed from generation to generation. Empaths are not ‘A Something’ we can learn how to be;  either you are or you are not. I’d like to also address the misconception that an Empaqth’s is part of some pagan belief. Some claim practicing Empathst “is the work of the devil” which I find absurd.

So that we have a mutual conception of how I am referencing Empath as a noun I include my perspective based from my own experiences and the broad belief:

According to the dictionary ’empathy’ is described as one’s ability to recognize, perceive, and feel directly from the emotions of another. The word itself, is derived from the Greek words “empatheia” meaning “passion” + “pathein” meaning to experience or suffer. Most of the world’s population has empathy, to a degree, it’s part of the human make up. Most of us  “understand” how another feels.

But a practicing Empath is quite another matter.

For the natural born Empath understands holistically that we cannot help but feel the feelings and emotions of others as if they were our own. It goes far deeper than just relating to the feelings of others. As an Empath we channel the absorption in through the realms of physical, physiological, psychologically and instinctual channels from others. It’s a visceral flood of those emotions.

Empathy… it’s not (as is commonly believed) the same as sympathy. Sympathy is how we react to someone who is suffering. We feel sorry they are suffering, which is our own emotional state. An Empath instead is someone who finds themselves standing in the others shoes, we feel their joy, and their pain as if the emotional spike was our own. My experience; literally, Learning to decipher has been a lifelong study. What makes it difficult to navigate is the empathetic impacts that we’re not able understand the whys..

For an Empath absorbing isn’t an option, no switch to turn off/on.

However.creating boundaries is.

I am learning finally that there are effective ways to practice while being directly involved and interacting with the world as an Empath without getting struck down. There is the other side of the emotional coin -trying to completely disconnect/disengage from the flow of empathetic energies by isolating. Isolating was worse; the consequences of which had me numbed down in every aspects of my life. Emotional Isolation is emotional suicide. .

But….I learned rapidly that this was not going to be something I was willing to give up. It would have meant isolating my heart and soul and as a chronic empathetic person I don’t think that is a viable choice. Yet 24 years later with this awareness there was still no clearer understanding of how not to absorb.

Baffling for me was having done the work to get to a place of serenity while still being absorbent fooled me. That I was in a mindset that I was in full control of my feelings was misleading. Neither could have been any farther from my truth. I am surprised by what it is that can knock me off balance. I realized that simply trying to deny what my heart and soul was screaming wasn’t working either.

Unspoken feelings are no less feelings, nor no less true.

Around our physical body there is a layer of energy, it’s electric, it’s often referred to as an “aura”  If this a new way of thinking for you perhaps think of it as your Aura being devoted to your interface with your environment. Our aura’s shape and condition what is indicative of our relationship to our world.

People who are Empaths are often thought of as having a “thin skin” in relation to absorbing their world. Creating boundaries, or a “thick skin”  to help insulate our spirits is crucial, yet holes will still develop, no matter how vigilant we are. Empaths are too easily influenced by the environment.

I am an Empath with many years to my credit banked, and finding ways to navigate the onslaught of emotions that flood my spirit has been one of the longest studies of my life. My spirit and heart had to discover the need to create a visual of an ‘energy shield ‘around my physical body as my saving grace. I use imagery to see it as a radiant essence of the complete me. I see different emotions as different colors..

Once boundaries are drawn, “energy armor in place” I again use imagery to see the spark in the center of my being, that is the pure essence of my spirit. With my attention focused on that spark I become keenly aware of the sensations and emotions that continuously flood my spirit. My thoughts bring me far more clarity.

I first tried this practice when alone, after a time I began to practice it around others. Soon my hope is that I will be adept at switching my awareness from my environment to myself, and back again, all the while noticing the difference between the two.

As a Practicing Empath I have found what works for me, keeping that fine balance requires some proactive thinking and doing, my sharing follows:

  • Don’t Take On Responsibilities That Aren’t Yours-

I need to be reminded. As an Empath I learned that I was used to care taking, even to the point at one time that I felt as though I was supposed to do it.  I am not. You are not.

My agenda became finding a balance between being as compassionate as possible without going beyond the limits of what I need to do to maintain my health, serenity, and my sanity. That balance meant understanding that I am responsible up to that point, and not beyond it. As Empaths we are often seen outwardly as kind and caring, we are often misunderstood. We typically have the curse benefit of everyone thinking that we are almost saintly but it’s not a comfortable thing to get attached to always being the “nice guy”.

However, and it is a big however, it is not easy dealing with people’s negative emotions and reactions, but know that the chronic care taking of others will not in the end serve you, or even serve them for that matter. It doesn’t even help to protect them from their feelings, instead it will keep them from growing. People who have became accustomed to your care taking may get angry or sad at you, or with you, when you don’t do what they want you to do, or what they expect. It is important to remember that their feelings are not your feelings, and your well-being is not dependent on their well being. Stay mindful of your own reality.

A fellow Empath expressed my sentiments perfectly- *Nick said;  “As empaths, we can’t cut ourselves off of ALL emotion from others. We need it. I had my empathy go away temporarily a few months back and it HURT. It was like talking to a brick wall whenever I would talk to someone.”

As I continue to move forward in my life I close my eyes. I imagine myself being covered by a pink bubble of light, because pink is the color of love.  With my mind I make the bubble flexible enough so that it won’t be shattered when other emotions hit me. I imagine it thick enough to be resilient, making it solid first, then letting it develop very small holes in it so that I’m able to absorb what I do choose.

Taking a deep cleansing breath,  I realize immediately that I’m going to be Okay.



The Day The Music Music Moved

Dear Music Fan of All Ages & Rock n Rollers.

If you have been around this blog at all you know a few things about me. One of which I am a music fan, a student of, and Rock n Roller from the time I can remember. As a small (I was real small) being surrounded by instrument toting family and friends of my parents. Forming a natural circle it always seemed each player playing their part so effortlessly. I just thought everybody could play the steel guitar & banjo like my parents & their friends. Not so. My familiarity of only the Six String acoustic folk guitar was as close as I got to any of the other string instruments, As a curious person developing at age 5 yrs old I wanted to play the Spoons.  Regular Old Table Spoons. Popular instrument of choice for  Blue Grass music from the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee.  Blue Grass  requiring  spoons ,banjos, mandolins., fiddle, guitars of all sorts. Awesome Folk Music too.

Many of you know also know that I have been having the privilege of being a guest author at this fantastic blog titled Cyklopps Rides Again. This blog is a whole mind-set about music and an era which I love. I have also been enjoying other posts there about the music of my time. Your memories or how a song touches you too, I hear from you when a song speaks to you.

With  this posting of The Hollies;  their song Bus Stop, and a post about how I  & some friends taught our selves this music. This  also will be my last posting of music and my memories here ay Barefoot Baroness.  However I’d love to invite you to follow me on over to Cyklopps Rides Again at http://geetoni.wordpress.com/2012/08/27/circles-of-love-1960s-style/

I’ll be playing some tunes over there, and sometime talking about them,


Reposted from: Cyklopps Rides Again

It’s that time a year here in the US, and many other parts of this no longer small world when children return to school, supplies are purchased, the latest fashion Fall fashion trends are picked over, and shorter days are bringing our evenings to us sooner. This was a time as a young girl in the 60’s looking back I cherish today. Of course it involves our music of yesteryear.

I love the smell of Autumn in the air, and the leaves on the tress morphing into the tints, tones and hues, of jeweled earth tones I love, fragrance of the lavender drying in the kitchen. This is my Autumn. It was also a time for me to gather on regular basis with my girlfriends who like me had this passion about the music that was being played on our radios, We were then as attached to our radios are we are now phones and computers. Our m mission was The Billboard Top 40 which was announced every Friday evening of the radio. Now it is the Billboard Top 100! And, when did tha happen? And why was 40 not enough?

I digress.

During the week we girls(4 of us ) would a create trivia tests to challenge each other about the music. The Title of the song, the Artists, the Date it was released and finally the Record label upon which the song was recorded. We were tough. All this could and was garnered from the radio DJ‘s if you listened enough, and read trade papers like Tiger Beat. Those were the days of resourcefulness.. I was lucky that I have an older brother who is really excellent at music trivia.

We were all planning on being in the Biz. You know how girls are when they gather. Maybe music critics? Beware RollingStone. We had fun. And for 5 years this is how we would spend our Friday and Saturday nights. learning to name that tune in 2 notes, who produced the 45 rpm, and who did their album? Later we added album Jackets/Sleeves. Who was the artist? What was the significance of the art? We were infected with Rock n Roll. That’s what Autumn meant back during those 5 yrs. And the first sign of it now takes me back.. The girls and I would create our questions, our trivia for each other on the weekends after the new Charts was released. We knew who The TOP 40 were. Then come Monday morning, we could hardly wait to get the bus stop, The Bus Stop Game was on.

BUS STOP THE HOLLIES (1966) United Artists

A Simple Understanding

picture courtesy of eso-garden.com

I would rather be a superb meteor,

every atom of me in magnificent glow,

than a sleepy and permanent planet.

The proper function of a man is to live, not to exist.

                                                                               ~Jack London

Prayers & Thoughts for SE of the USA Isaac Go Home!

To our Friends of the South Eastern of the USA; we send you our prayers, thoughts, and positive energy that the Universe absorb Hurricane  Isaac before it hits land.

WE hope that everyone is able to find shelter and heeds the warnings to  get off the beaches.

On a personal note: To  my twin Sheila in Florida, and my good friend Ingrid in North Carolina. I have lit the prayer candle tonight girls. Am in for a long night of standing guard. Be safe and Twin of mine, Keep that Bro-out-law of mine inside. He cannot repair the satellite right now! 

Love you Girls~ BB

My Publishers Clearing House Interview

If you are a follower of this blog you will have read the post I did on Publishers Clearing House (PCH) scams. If not : https://barefootbaroness.org/2012/08/01/pch-internet-scam-winner-of-a-million-and-i-am-slow/

That post was seen just by chance by a PCH Agent. This person who saw my post is one of the people who could possibly show up at your day one day with the BIG CHECK.  But you have to enter first before this can even be a possibility.

Through a series of comments I was asked if I would be willing to be interviewed by another PCH representative who writes their blog. Yes, even PCH has its own blog. Shouldn’t everybody? I accepted immedietly feeling that it would help spread the warning even more. That was the purpose of intial post in the firsst place.

I thought it would be fun to share it here. It was a positive experience, and it helps drive my point home that people need to be pro-active about being wise consumers.

Thank you to PCH Amanda & Danielle. You two are the best!


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You Can Help Us Stop PCH Scams!

At Publishers Clearing House we take consumer protection and the fraudulent use of our good name in PCH scams very seriously. We’re working with authorities to stop these scams and doing everything we can to educate and protect fans like you!

Well, it turns out we’re not alone. Just a few days ago, we came across a blog post from Toni H., a blogger who was contacted by a PCH scammer. Titled “From Millionaire To Broke In 3 Hours With PCH Scam,” her blog post urges readers to beware of these scammers and come together to stop them.

I knew I had to find out more about Toni’s scam experience so I could share it with all of you. Below is my interview with her. Please note that all the graphics displayed were sent by the scammers, not the real PCH!

Amanda: Before writing your blog, had you ever entered our PCH Sweeps?

Toni: I had not thought about Sweepstakes for some time. Not because I do not believe in the magic, I do. In the past I entered every chance I had.

Amanda: How were you contacted about the PCH scam?

Toni: Through a series of emails. I thought this odd since I’d never before seen an email from Publishers Clearing House and that I had not entered the contest, but it seemed credible. That’s a key thing I think, we do not as consumers realize how good these people  are at attempting to scam us are in terms of masquerading themselves as legitimate.

Amanda: What did the e-mail say?

Toni: They told me I had won. They asked for my name, age, gender and address, which also contained information of their supposed credible details and how I was chosen to win.

This is the first PCH scam email Toni received.

Amanda: Did they ask you to send money?

Toni: They did ask for money, but not until they believed I was hooked. Once they had the information requested (name, age, etc…), I received the shocking amount needed to ship my check and the envelope. They even had the weight of each item (paper) and what the cost was for each. An itemized statement for what it would cost me to win!

This PCH scam asked Toni to send money to collect her winnings. Remember, at the real PCH, the winning is ALWAYS FREE!

Amanda: How did you know it was a scam?

Toni: The request that I keep my winnings confidential. Why would PCH want me to stay quiet about winning? And another item that caught my suspicious eyes is per their “security protocol to avoid multiple claims”. Absolutely one of the biggest things that stood out was having to “Pay To Win”.

Amanda: Is there anything else that might help others spot PCH scams?

Toni: The lack of punctuation and the vernacular of the writer used was off. The fact that there was a third-party involved from England, UK, and that it was a securities company also raised my eyebrows.

This PCH Scam used an address in the UK. Remember, PCH Headquarters are in Port Washington, New York!

Amanda: What final words of advice do you have for others?

Toni: It takes little out of us to pass forward details that you become aware of that might save one person some stress and heartache concerning scams in this world.

I couldn’t agree with you more, Toni! As for you blog readers, I hope you will be smart like Toni was and look out for warning signs like scammers asking for money. Remember, you NEVER need to pay a dime to claim a Publishers Clearing House prize! If you ever receive a suspicious letter, email or telephone call where someone is fraudulently claiming to be from PCH, please contact us. And if you want to help us spread the word about PCH scams and keep more people safe, please share this blog with your family and friends.

Amanda C.

PCH Creative