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And you are who?

What does a blogger look like anyway?

 I’m curious to know.

Who are you? What do you look like?

If you were asked to describe yourself how,  how would you?

I’d really like to know.

For my 200th post I thought there would be something spectacular I would find to write about. Maybe solve all the world’s problems in one prose. Maybe find the one thing that would both celebrate and inspire. That one thing has yet to make itself known to me.

But I have been thinking a lot about blogging and bloggers. Watching this impending 200th post pending. It’s seems like such a small number in the space of time that I have been openly writing on my blog. 200 really feels like 800 in terms of how much of myself went into each sentence, every paragraph.

Blogging has been a bit of a surprise for me. Aside from writing, which is why we all started our blogs, to journal our life and our passions. I have delightfully been surprised to learn that there is such thing as extended blogging families. I know, I know.Please don’t roll your eyes just yet.We all have one. If you have opened yourself to the love of this writing family here at WordPress than you have also opened your heart to a WP family. I love my WP family and you know who you are.

A member of this family of mine said something recently that I had not thought about before. We’re a family in so many ways, yet we hardly know one another. Such as my friend Julie mentioned to me in a past comment which is what brought these thoughts and feelings about creating this 200th post of mine.

What Julie said was; ” feel like I know you even though I can only see your fingers and toes!

This got me to thinking seriously about her statement while I was responding to her comment with a bit of a self description. Which as we all know is a bit awkward to do. And this is where it brought me.

We are learning so much about one another, about our opinions, about beliefs in world affairs, health, life style choices, our faith or lack there of, and even where our tastes lie in art. These are very important aspects to all relationships, the bases for which we build our friendships on. These are the topics that we find common ground on which affords the ice breakers for conversations. This is how we begin to know one another.

All these ways we start to know each other; and looks, physical appearances, never come into play. I love this!

Appearances, looks, beauty, not so pretty, homely, handsome, striking, cute, craggy, wrinkly, fat, thin, all these adjectives are ways we might see one another if we were to meet in person. Blue, brown, or green eyes, short hair, long, blond, brown, or even silver and gray? Does this tell you a thing about who I am? Really who I am?

I was thinking about my blogging family. Those who I have developed a close knit feeling of friendships with so far. Would you know me on the streets, in the library if we met without words first? Would you know me? Would I be able to recognize my sister who has discovered a new passion for life by being really honest with herself and those she loves finally? Would I know my sister who is losing her best friend to an ugly illness that is robbing her and her husband of the life they have lovingly built? Would I be able to see past the pain on another whole (sad to say) group of my sister’s faces and get beyond the daily torture they live and find them personally? Could I pick out of a crowd the guys who here through their words and images of their arts here are endearing real people who are not afraid to express their honest emotions? Would I know them?

And You Are Who?

With out the cover of your words and the persona of your blog would I know you in heaven? How about on the streets?

Could you tell someone over lunch anything more about your blogging family than what some of their emotional make – up is? Could you describe them so that your listener would see them as you do? Without looks?

I’ve actually not thought a lot about the personal appearance of any of you until now. And with a promise that “looks” mean nothing to me. I am not so shallow that I first see beauty in a physical sense.  It’s much deeper than appearance for me.I don’t know that I could even tell you honestly what my best of friend’s eye colors are. These are just things that matter none to me. I’m looking more for the real, the honesty, the integrity.


In reading someone’s blog over and over these values come through. Soon I’m able to see if this is someone who I would befriend in my blog community. No appearance, no thoughts to ones looks ever comes into play. Are they cute, good-looking, sweet-faced, happy looking?None of this matters. And blogging proves just how shallow appearances tend to be. How really of little value a so-called pretty face or ugly face is.  It’s really kind of cool.

We can imagine, and even sometimes have a photo to go by. But rarely does this photo oe few images give us a real idea of what our looks are. What our style is. More so this information comes from our writing, stories about what our garden is like, what our passions are. These kinds of ways of getting to know you are s much more valuable than a one time glance meeting would be. There is a lot to be said about eye to eye contact, but that still I have been taught through life is not 100% fool proof. Seeing your eyes look into mine does not always tell me who you are. Reading the posts that your eyes helped guide your finger tips to put into words that can never be taken away again seems to hold quite a bit of credibility for me.

I know there can be many untruths in blogs just as there are in real-time. But my feeling about this in my close-knit blogging family is this: to what purpose and what end is there to lie and be false in a blog that no one asked of you in the first place? What purpose really would a blogger have?  I know attention. But those who write just for attention and to draw people to them just for the sake of attention show themselves rapidly. Other wise what would the intent be? I’m sure there are some who blog for more selfish intentions too. I’m not that naive. But it seems that my experience has been completely different from finding bloggers who want to use their readers. I find that most bloggers tend to be brutally honest with themselves and with their readership. If we are not going to really ever know one another out side WP, never probably meet most of us, is  there really a practical purpose in feeding each other a bunch of BS? (pardon my terminology)

I’m kind of liking this aspect of meeting one another where physical appearance  plays no role. It’s very cool that all that is coming into play between us is what lies between our ears. It’s from our intellect, not our looks.

The appearances that we are making our choices from for creating those we choose to build a community with – are from all our own words. Our thoughts, our feelings about those thoughts, and then who we are emotionally. Based on those feelings. This is how I am getting to know my blogging community, my blogging family.  I think that having looks thrown out of the picture is just so very awesome.

But my friend’s statement that she only knows my physical looks by my fingers and toes struck a chord as I said in the beginning. Because that is my profile photo. of my toes and fingers this is how I am seen physically. So in jest I made a comment back to her about my physical presence.  A description of myself if you will. What she could look for if she was looking for me in a crowd of bloggers.

And this is what got me to thinking.

I started to think about each of you. There are a few of you who have either photos of yourself as your profile or photos on your blog of yourself that have been weaved through your stories, These are far and few though. So we are left to our own imaginations, I am left to think on my own about what your personal appearance and style is. And I have no problem with this although I am shocked to find that I don’t really care.

I’m shocked and yet pleased to find that learning to know who you are through your stories whether they be through words, photos or both is my preference. Not having physical appearances come into play in any way – any fashion – is freeing. I am left to make my choices by what I learn about you through your words, Nothing else stands in the way, or clouds the picture.

After saying all this I have to add that reading a description of yourself would be really a fascinating experiment. This is what started this whole thought process on my part. I was told a simple thing about how someone saw me without benefit of photos of my face. In response in one sentence I replied with a very brief description of myself. Now I am wondering how you would describe YOU in one or two sentences .

Should we be meeting in a busy airport, catching a connecting flight together going to some mutually chosen destination. In celebration of my 200th post I’d like you to tell me what and who to look for.

Tell me. Write,.. using the words I have gotten to know you by so far –

Who am I looking for?