A Rose of Determination

Bragging rights, unabashedly.
I did it! Took hours, my fingers crawled back into a fist after, but I didn’t quit!

My first post stroke sketch I’m pleased with.
I’ve never been an artist, never claimed to be good, but I enjoy it.
Despite that a lot is left to be desired in skill I’m determined to use the neurons needed to help heal my brain in as many ways I can.
Using my right hand to improve its function and the zen like application of sweeping lines and playing with color is a reassuring way to relax outside of my head.

Originally posted on The Blog ‘Endurance’

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4 thoughts on “A Rose of Determination

  1. OH My! The amount of effort you must have put into that drawing. Thanks so much for sharing it. One of the best things is in 6 months from now, you will be so much further along the path to healing. This is one of the ways to record your progress. You GO!

    • Thank you so very much for the love and support!
      Finding ways to inspire the Neuroplasticity in my brain is a win win.
      You made a fabulous point, I’ll continue to document my recovery in this way, awesome advice. ❤

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