New Blog- Endurance Surviving A Stroke

I’d like to mention that the providers at St Charles Medical Center of Bend Oregon USA are by far the most professional, compassionate and kind staff any city is blessed to have. My experiences were nothing but positive and empowering. There is no dignity being in the hospital, especially when your mobility is compromised, yet the staff never lost sight of how important respect is. I’ve too many favorite doctors, nurses and therapists to name, but my rehab Doctor, Dr Eggert, my rehab Nurse Andrea and Meg my physical therapist indeed deserve shoutouts.

After 12 days (18 total hospital stay) of rehab, three different therapy disciplines the program readied me to go home with some confidence.

However that confidence was short lived once home. Learning just how much effort and emotional toll it took in trying to navigate life without the support of the hospital staff and structure blew my mind. I was fortunate that a close friend stayed with me the first two weeks home, I am not sure I could have even cooked for myself. Going to the bathroom, dressing, and having breakfast did me in, I began my day with a energy deficit.

I quickly learned about another deficit resulting from a stroke, Neuro Fatigue. Almost 3 months post stroke and I am still coping with being so tired that I nap several times a day.

I am still using a walker, my balance is iffy. I can now open the fingers on my hand, and am even typing now, I could not extend my fingers open at first, being right hand dominant I had to adjust fast to using my left hand while still attempting to use my right. I found it fascinating that when I intuitively tried to use my right hand without thinking about it more than often I could manage, when I put thought into it I could not.

Recovery according to my medical team will take 18 to 24 months, everything is a learning curve.

In the following future entries I will be touching on those learning curves, everything from ongoing physical and occupational therapy, Neuroplasticity, Anxiety, PSTD and Depression, inability to work, bills, inability to drive and having to depend on others, just to name a few topics.

My agenda is awareness for understanding, awareness for education, and more personally to use this format as a cathartic process for myself.

I am grateful for your interest and your time.

We all tend to think we are invincible, until a blink of an eye.



4 thoughts on “New Blog- Endurance Surviving A Stroke

  1. Toni…..I am both proud and happy to 1. See you typing again 2. Telling your story. I am already humbled to immense gratitude that you are still here with us and so very grateful to your RN friend that saved you. I am looking very forward to reading about your journey and supporting you with your writing. I love you and I know you know that but it bears repeating

    • Awe Jo such an important message for me, you know just how necessary writing is for us both. This is an incredible journey and I am beyond grateful that you understand me and support me. Love you sister of my Soul!

  2. Toni I am reading your blog on here for several reasons ~ firstly cuz I love you dearly ~ & I need to know & understand your latest challenge(s) in your life ~ just finished this chapter ~ I made a copy of one of your related blogs & was reading while on the comfort of my recliner ~ but alas, there was that “privacy & cookies” notice at the bottom of each page (7 pages) & it totally ruined the context of what you wrote. So I decided I needed to read this on line. I am being educated as I read along ~ you have been thru so much already ~ & yet have more to conquer but, I have faith in you & thankfully you are blessed with the closeness of caring friends (& family) ~ as I become more & more in awe of you ~ I am learning more & more of the Warrior Woman that you are ~ I love you dearly, Toni ~ Moe

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