The Gulf Coast of Florida 2016

Well no more wake-ups in Florida. We leave Tampa this afternoon at 4:30 pm.
I am sad to leave.
I am coming back.








Bucket list check offs are even more significant when you’re in the second season of your life and getting to spend a week with my dear friend’s in Sarasota was just part of this dream fulfilling vacation of two weeks in Florida.

Friends old and new.

Sheila MacLeod and I cyber met in a scrapbook website forum about 8 yrs ago and quickly we knew we had more in common than just an art form to archive life. We became the best of friends.
Sheila and her husband “the Rickster” Rick MacLeod embraced me and my traveling bestie from home as family. I suggest never underestimating friendships made via the Interne, sometimes it’s an immediate cosmic connection and you

Mike who is my bestie Terri’s friend from her hometown of Parkersburg West Virginia. has become another significant friendship. I take away back to Oregon with gratitude the giggles that have been abundant in every moment we spent in St Pete Beach with Mike. Often Mike’s best buddy Rock joined us rounding out the table to four. We spent evenings listening to tunes, and talking until the wee hours of the morning.

Our final night together we spent watching a series called Fringe that Rock had recommended one evening. Feeling compelled to watch one episode after another we finally hugged goodnight at 2am. Thanks guys, I am hooked.
Rock and I hugged “so long” too as I won’t be seeing him again until the next visit. He promised me a tree house when I come back so he best get to work. *wink*

Mike, our incredible host and always the most fun tour guide is also our ride to the airport so we have hours yet before we have to say “so long.” I refuse to say goodbye to any of these treasured folks.

Sitting up alone at 6am my thoughts are trying to compile the memories of this last two weeks, and the friendships old and new that make my world a better place.

Though I miss my daughter Janis C Helser who has been my cheering squad for the leap I took four yrs ago next month I already also miss these fine people here who made this vacation filled with bliss.
Too often we put off the things on our bucket list because it never seems the right time for a dozen reasons.
Don’t wait family and friends. Tomorrow isn’t promised for any of us.
Do it today!



4 thoughts on “The Gulf Coast of Florida 2016

  1. My Dear Lady Baroness,

    Don’t be sad to leave. You’ll be glad forever that you ventured out, and had a great time. Leaving was just the last part of glad……….

    Hope you are happy, with health on your side.

    As always, with gratitude for your friendship.

    Cordially, As Always,
    Your Brother

    • Leaving I left a piece of me there so going back soon.
      I’m happy despite health hurdles which I know you get.
      Love hearing from you my Groovy brother Dave.
      Hope you’re finding abundant reasons to smile often.
      Love ‘n prace to you my friend.
      Always your lady Barefoot sister in life. ~

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