Archive | August 5, 2015

Good… Good… Good Vibrations

Barefoot Baroness

Vibrations.  The good kind… there has been an energy field filled with such Good Vibrations that I can’t help but celebrate.
Good vibrations from those around me, from the events happening in my life, and those I love. Good vibrations seeming to spark one to another.
It’s a contagious thing. 
Some might even call it the great secret of life.
I don’t think it’s a secret. it’s simply something that needs to be applied. Practiced if you will. 
In our physical world there are different rates of vibrations, these all can have vastly different results and effects. In the physical world both negative and positive are a must for each other to create the machinations sought out by living. Vibrations of our physical world are vastly different from the vibrations on a spiritual plane. Having an awareness of the difference is important. Realizing this and applying it can create the difference between productive…

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