13th Hour Commitment & Fear


Committing to what I choose to call the Creative Lunacy” of NANOWRMO I decided to pack up and join Camp this year, last-minute. I had no intentions to do so this Spring……….. until about 24 hours ago now.

Funny in an odd kind of way where inspiration and motivation can come from, funny also in a very cool kind of way. I have a head start as I have been outlining and character building since hearing a music composition by a friend about 2 weeks ago.  A visual presented itself, inspired by the instrumental, a few paragraphs later a romance story was born. At the 13th hour I decided to commit to Camp NANOWRIMO.  And then I gulped.

30,000 words in 30 days.

It started out from a brief innocent question which I’m paraphrasing – ” have a listen to this song and see what visuals it might create?” Those who know me know that – one – I write to music,  two – that I love a good writing challenge. A fast free writing paragraph literally flowed out my fingers into a new draft. The working title is “Mesmerized” and takes place in a dense forest in the Pacific Northwest.

Today as I took the day to prep myself physically and mentally I had the gift of being involved in a discussion about fears that brought home to me that I know this feeling, fear. I have felt it before, and I know it will pass too. It reminded me of a post I wrote back in August called “Redefining Fear”

It seems apropos tonight as I prepare for Camp. And there’s another serendipitous connection made that I love.


My wish is that whatever may be causing someone fear in their life that they might find a way to redefine it.

If you’re going to be at Camp this year I wish EACH of my sister and brother campers  a happy month of creative lunacy!

Write on Campers. ~

copyright_editttaylor 2015

7 thoughts on “13th Hour Commitment & Fear

  1. Go for it, lil sis. You have what it takes and more. Let it flow from heart and inspiration. All that is you. So proud you took it on. It is in the trying that you achieve. Bear hugs ‘n Love.
    blessings big sis ~ maxi

    • Awe my dearest big sis. I can’t tell you just how much your words empower me.
      Here on Day 5 I’m finding my groove and going with it.
      I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a write as much as I am this one.
      I hope you and your girls are all doing well and that spring is smiling upon you with great kindness.
      Much love and blessings my dearest Maxi. ♡

      • Rah, rah, rah … that’s your cheering section, lil sis. Thrilled that you are enjoying your challenge.

        The girls have moved and I am in recovery of major surgery.

        I love you and I’m rootin’ for ya.
        blessings ~ big sis maxi

  2. If you need any visuals don’t be afraid to ask. If I don’t have them, but know where such a photo could be snapped I’ll gladly take a road trip for ya. Of course, I’d rather take one to ya 😀 SOME DAY!!!!! SOME FINE, FINE DAY

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