The Wonder of Being Winter Struck


I love the snow

The pristine sparkling dust that dances through the air

Softly falling to a soft down on the ground

Seemingly it soften the hard edges of a cold winter’s night

While all of God’s critters seek shelter, each of us become snowboun

It’s as quiet as a forest,  to my wonder and my delight


I love the snow.

Each flake like a diamond from the sky

Here inside tucked in by warmth, and with little sound

I’m mindful of the wonder that has struck with such spectra

It fills the room with an aura of romance and  nostalgia

I love the snow

And listening as the wind begins its lonesome song.

As each snowflake lights up my sight

They feel like candle light

I’ve never seen the snow so bright

As on this winter’s night




Random thoughts & photo inspired by a cold evening during Winter’s fierce first storm ~ Oregon’s High Desert  USA * November 19 2014

(photo-shop enhanced)


6 thoughts on “The Wonder of Being Winter Struck

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  2. Hey precious, lil sis, this is where we part the fluff. Watchin’ the flakes drift from the heavens is lovely but that’s where it ends for me. I do not like cold and snow.

    Hope you and life are well. I had a collision recently … with myself. It’s on the blog. Okay now. Love you.
    blessings and hugs ~ big sis maxi

    • My dearest big sis, I think that those few things we part the fluff on amplify those we mirror, something I quite treasure.
      Catching up time is indeed in order so please check your email dear Mai love. 🙂
      Bossy aren’t I? lol….
      Sending Merry Christmas wishes to you and to your girls. Much love always to you.

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