Oak Maple & Willow

Dear Fall leaves from my Oaks, Maples, and willows,

I love your glorious colors and textures in my yard.

When the sun reappears I promise to create huge piles of your collective beauty….

and then invite the entire neighborhood to your party

We’ll embrace the wonder of you with giggles as we inhale Mother Nature’s earthiness….

…..all while we wait for your bare branches to silhouette our skies.



11 thoughts on “Oak Maple & Willow

  1. Beautiful poem by the Barefoot Baroness.
    the generous giving of trees
    who cover the earth with a rich
    multicolored coat of leaves
    from spring and summer

    and now arms bare
    chest bared
    limbs bare

    they stand,
    they wait, standing, tall
    for the cold winds of winter
    whilst their leaf gifts
    regenerate and restore the earth

    • Thank you much Noel for the kind comment, but even more for the beauty you shared in your own poem. I have a great affinity for trees and all their parts.
      Really a lovely expression of that you share in your words.

    • Hello PJ!!
      Beautiful season Autumn is, in all God’s glory. So good to see you. I am a very neglectful blogger of late, and when I see an old friend it’s like putting on an old sweater. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello.
      Hope the snow is gentle on you. ~

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